The Plot To Destroy Our Children

June 17, 2024 in News by RBN Staff

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June 17, 2024

Last week, a conversation with a waitress disturbed me a lot. She told me that she was homeschooling her sixteen-year old son, who is autistic, because she was afraid that he would be subjected to “tranny” propaganda and encouraged to “transition” to being a woman. Even worse, he might be put in touch with “doctors” who would mutilate him by injecting him with hormones and even castrating him, all without his parents’ knowledge. You might think the waitress was exaggerating—we all know that public schools are bad, but can they be that bad? If she is right, the schools would be monstrously evil. They would be downright satanic.

She is indeed right. In what follows, I’ll discuss the “tranny” movement and what they are doing to our children. It’s a tale that will upset you, but you need to know about it, so we can do everything we can to stop it.

The tranny movement contends that some people think they are really men, but trapped in a female body, or really women, trapped in a male body. We are talking about “men” and “women” as people understand these terms in ordinary language. There are a few people who are born with abnormalities that make them hard to classify, but they aren’t what the tranny movement is primarily interested in.Brimelow, PeterBest Price: $6.98Buy New $11.95(as of 09:17 UTC – Details)

The trannies then take an odd step. They claim that if someone thinks intensely he is trapped in the wrong body, then he really is trapped in the wrong body. This doesn’t make sense. It actually shows that the person is more delusional than someone who just has this feeling occasionally. If someone thinks he is a cat or a dog and is obsessed by this thought, this doesn’t make him a cat or a dog. It just makes him crazy.

The trannies go further. If someone really is trapped in the wrong body, he should be helped to make changes to his body that will remove some of the characteristics of the body he rejects. For example, if a man thinks he is really a woman, he can be injected with estrogen and castrated. Of course, doing these things won’t make him a woman. A castrated man is a castrated man, not a woman. But the trannies say that if you don’t help the person make these changes, he might be unhappy.

Maybe he will. But it doesn’t make sense to try to change reality, which can’t be done, just because some people will be unhappy if you don’t. And what happens if the people who “transition” are still unhappy? What if they are sorry they tried to change and want to undo the transition? That has happened in many cases.

We haven’t reached the worst part yet, and this is the main topic of this week’s article. The trannies think that children can feel trapped in the wrong body and they should be encouraged to “transition.” The children are subjected to “sex education” classes in which they are taught this evil nonsense. If they show the slightest susceptibility to this indoctrination, they will be put in touch with “doctors” who will mutilate them. Children, as everybody knows, go in for fads. If a few people claim to have “gender dysphoria,” as it’s called, the contagion can spread, and soon many children will be pushed into actions that violate God’s law and the law of nature.

Parents have a duty to protect their children, but the diabolical teachers keep their actions secret. They don’t notify the parents and tell the children to keep what is done to them secret. If the parents protest, they can be marked down as guilty of a “hate crime” and have their children taken away from them.

Let’s look at some examples of these programs. According to a story in the Washington Post, “Some classes use the book ‘I Am Jazz,’ the story of a transgender girl. ‘I have a girl brain but a boy body,’ she says. ‘This is called transgender. I was born this way!’. . . A lesson meant for first grade called “Pink, Blue and Purple” comes from a curriculum called ‘Rights, Respect, Responsibility’ developed by the activist group Advocates for Youth. It tells students that gender is not a fixed attribute.

‘You might feel like you’re a boy even if you have body parts that some people might tell you are ‘girl’ parts,’ the teachers are told to say. ‘You might feel like a girl even if you have body parts that some people tell you are ‘boy’ parts. And you might not feel like you’re a boy or a girl, but you’re a little bit of both. No matter how you feel, you’re perfectly normal!’. . . In his kindergarten classroom, one teacher in western Massachusetts using ‘Rights, Respect, Responsibility’ introduces the idea of gender as part of an exploration of identity. . . He talks to students about anatomy but declines to classify various body parts as male or female. ‘We don’t say a penis belongs to a man,’ he said. It belongs to a human, he explains.

And he makes clear that even if a doctor proclaims at birth, ‘It’s a boy!’ that baby may not be a boy. ‘Someone who was born a boy may not feel they are a boy.’ See this.

“Dr.” Jessica Fish is one of the leading advocates of mutilating children. She openly calls for this:” “Transgender and gender diverse youth who have access to medical services that affirm their gender, things like access to puberty suppressants or puberty blockers, and who are able to participate in school activities that align with their gender identity, such as sports and bathroom usage, have better overall mental well being and mental health than transgender youth who are not able to access these services and supports,” said Dr. Jessica Fish, deputy director for Research and Evaluation with the UMD Prevention Research Center and co-author of the statement.

Puberty blockers, a reversible hormonal treatment that temporarily delays puberty, result in improved mental health outcomes for transgender youth, including reduced levels of depression, anxiety, and suicdality, as well as improved body image.”

I said that these programs are kept secret from parents, and unfortunately there is ample evidence for that. Let’s cite a “liberal establishment” source, the New York Times, January 23, 2023: “Jessica Bradshaw found out that her 15-year-old identified as transgender at school after she glimpsed a homework assignment with an unfamiliar name scrawled at the top.

When she asked about the name, the teenager acknowledged that, at his request, teachers and administrators at his high school in Southern California had for six months been letting him use the boy’s bathroom and calling him by male pronouns.

Mrs. Bradshaw was confused: Didn’t the school need her permission, or at least need to tell her?Nock, Albert JayBest Price: $3.53Buy New $8.00(as of 07:43 UTC – Details)

It did not, a counselor later explained, because the student did not want his parents to know. District and state policies instructed the school to respect his wishes.

‘There was never any word from anyone to let us know that on paper, and in the classroom, our daughter was our son,’ Mrs. Bradshaw said.

The Bradshaws have been startled to find themselves at odds with the school over their right to know about, and weigh in on, such a major development in their child’s life — a dispute that illustrates how school districts, which have long been a battleground in cultural conflicts over gender and sexuality, are now facing wrenching new tensions over how to accommodate transgender children.

Given those complexities, Mrs. Bradshaw said she resented the fact that the school had made her feel like a bad parent for wondering whether educators had put her teenager, a minor, on a path the school wasn’t qualified to oversee.

‘It felt like a parenting stab in the back from the school system,’ she said. ‘It should have been a decision we made as a family.’

The student, now 16, told The New York Times that his school had provided him with a space to be himself that he otherwise lacked. He had tried to come out to his parents before, he said, but they didn’t take it seriously, which is why he asked his school for support.

The public school that Mrs. Bradshaw’s son attends is one of many throughout the country that allow students to socially transition — change their name, pronouns, or gender expression — without parental consent. Districts have said they want parents to be involved but must follow federal and, in some cases, state guidance meant to protect students from discrimination and violations of their privacy.”

Let’s do everything we can to bring these monstrous programs to an end!