The Sheep Go To Media College For A Day

September 29, 2021 in Columnists, News by RBN Staff

By Je Suis Spike for RBN


Those hard-of-thinking sheep who mindlessly re-bleat what the liberal press tell them are about to be introduced to words new to them to help defend themselves so as to remain immune to the logical, rational, scientifically-sound evidence and arguments they encounter every day from the informed, you know, us.  You should expect to hear the dimmer and most easily influenced among the sheep use the words below; the dimmer they are the more likely they are to argue, ironically, how educated they have become by remembering what the talking heads say to them while they sit, alone, in their mother’s basements.  (Come on, it’s what they say about those of us who’ve learned to question authority which seems to be interested in usurping our rights and amassing more power to themselves.)
The words they are about to learn include:
anomaly:  something that deviates from what is standard, normal, or expected.
As in “That larger than expected number of vaccinated people dying is an anomaly; the wolves at CNN told me so.”
aberration:  a departure from what is normal, usual, or expected, typically one that is unwelcome.
As in, “The fact that so many people who are vaccinated are dying of blood clots and other epithelial problems is an aberration; likely they were susceptible to blood clots already, MSNBC wolves told me.”
susceptible:  likely or liable to be influenced or harmed by a particular thing.
As in “ABC and NBC news wolves warned us that older people and those with co-morbidities* were statistically more susceptible to COVID and more likely to die in nearer proximity to getting shot than younger, healthy people who also got shot.  Just like how vaccine-deniers claim that COVID is killing primarily the older and sicker among the herd as does the flu.”
Of course it’s not just the sheep’s vocabulary that will be baaaaaa-dly used by the wolves.  The wolves will also teach them to say things like:  “No, a vaccination was never intended to prevent disease, but always to mediate disease to produce protection, not prevention.”
Oh, yes, expect to hear mediate:  bring about (a result such as a physiological effect)  “The wolves at CBS told us that the COVID vaccine would mediate the symptomatic response to COVID infection among the vaccinated, so that if a healthy person infects a vaccinated person with COVID, the vaccinated person won’t get as sick.”
co-morbidities:  “The wolves on TV said that co-morbidities contribute to the death of the vaccinated.  But the unvaccinated who die with COVID and cancer and kidney disease and liver disease and were hit by a truck while riding their motorcycle with dynamite strapped to their chests, while choking on something they were eating died only from COVID.”
Just as so many people who are educated beyond their ability to understand will stand, willfully ignorant, wearing blinders, on their narrow little slice of education with which they’ve been credentialed, so will the inculcated, miseducated sheep stand in line blind to the world, (you know, us), beckoning them to awaken and join us as they await their turn at embracing whom they believe to be the Eloi savior, but it is the Morlock slaughterer.
Of course, the Eloi, like sheep awaiting shearing or slaughter, have no idea that they could rebel or that there is a reason to consider rebelling; for them life is what it is and they do not consider what it might be.
Are you tiring of all of this?
I am,