“The Terminal List” — Was the Hollywood Hit Series Starring Chris Pratt Influenced by Current Events Within the Department of Defense?

August 4, 2022 in News by RBN Staff

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By Guest Author William P. Anton
Published August 4, 2022 at 8:15am

“Sir, after the first dose, I had a brain aneurysm, and I fear the second one could kill me.”

The commander listened to his concerns, but despite his senior rank felt powerless to go against the Department of Defense policy.  “I’m sorry, but we’re just following orders. Unless you finish the series, you risk losing your job and could be dishonorably discharged…I’m afraid that’s the only way.” And so, Steve, a healthy middle-aged father with close to two decades of honorable service and near retirement, reluctantly received the second dose to save his job and provide for his family.  The pounding headache the next day, he was told, is normal.  He tried to sleep it off, but it was unrelenting. The visual distortions, numbness in his extremities, and vertigo alarmed him, but the pain in his head soon became excruciating.  His wife finally convinced him to go to the ER.  The physicians, initially bewildered and visibly concerned, ran a series of tests and quickly brought in the on call neurologist.  “Steve, you need an emergency surgery to stop the bleeding and relieve the pressure in your brain. If not, you will die.”

Hundreds of miles away, Johnathan had to take a break after climbing the stairs.  Out of breath, he fought back tears of frustration.  The 29-year-old formerly sponsored athlete was now unable to walk up an incline without his heart racing and muscles quickly fatiguing.  Something was not right.  The pain and tightness in his chest were foreign to him.  Maybe with time, he thought, these symptoms will go away; unfortunately, they only worsened as the days and weeks passed.  “Am I going to be able to carry my newborn daughter?  Am I going to be able to fend off this debilitating brain fog and focus on the rigorous flight training to fly fighter aircraft” he asked himself?  Johnathan had a tough decision ahead of him and a long road to recovery while he sought answers, but he knew his limits under these new circumstances.  His commander was taken aback when Johnathan informed him that he could no longer attend pilot training.  “Johnathan, this is a once in a lifetime opportunity.” “I know sir, but my old self has died, and I can’t get him back…I need to focus on my recovery.  My lifelong dream to fly fighters has been taken from me. I wish I never got those shots.”

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While the above may sound like a vignette to the hit series, The Terminal List staring Chris Pratt, it is sadly not a Hollywood fiction, but the reality of many of our brave men and women in uniform.

 Similar to the plot line in The Terminal List, the DoD is injecting an experimental Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) drug into its members, often without their informed consent.  Both Steve and Johnathan, whose names and personal details were changed to protect their identity, were vaccinated against COVID-19 using EUA injections.  They are slowly recovering from their injuries sustained under a policy which forced them to get this EUA injection because it mandated the vaccination of every member of the military. And often without regard to pe-existing medical conditions or other legitimate reasons as to why they should not receive these largely controversial shots.

The DoD policy, signed by Secretary Lloyd Austin on August 24, 2021, states that in ensuring full vaccination of the force, the DoD “will only use COVID-19 vaccines that receive full licensure from the FDA.” However, both Steve and Johnathan were vaccinated using EUA injections to comply with “ambitious timelines” set forth in the SECDEF’s order.  After their injuries, both received what is referred to as a Line of a Duty Determination (LOD) due to these injuries sustained while on military status.  In both cases the LODs listed the vaccine as the cause to their diagnoses and injuries. As a result, these two military members are severely injured and may be unfit for future continued military service.

Their stories are just two of over one hundred collected via a grass roots effort by a fighter pilot within the DoD using the alias William P. Anton who is seeking to bring awareness to this growing issue. William believes these stories will finally open the eyes of members of Congress to the ongoing dangers of these EUA injections being mandated in violation of 21 U.S.C. § 360bbb-3 and 10 U.S.C. § 1107a.William P. Anton, like several within the military, fear reprisal but know the truth desperately needs to be heard.  Much like plot of The Terminal List; EUA drugs, good intentions, money, betrayal, deception, military orders, split loyalties, and an air of conspiracy, all intertwine to bring forth true stories that are adversely impacting the US military through casualties no one cares to, or is so far, willing to acknowledge.

These casualties, to name a few, include that of Major Tony McCartney.  Major McCartney was a healthy and active member of the Air Combat Command who was ready to leave the Air Force voluntarily rather than receive the EUA shots.  Despite having separation papers in hand, his separation was held hostage by the Commander of Air Combat Command until he completed the two dose series.  Unaware of any other options, Tony complied under threat of a dishonorable discharge after receiving a Letter of Reprimand (LOR).  Now he suffers from chest pains associated with pericarditis along with myalgia, ongoing neurological issues, and bilateral tinnitus.

Another shocking testimony is that of a service member in her 30’s who suffered from four strokes within hours of injection: three in her occipital lobe, and one in her brain stem.  She is now unable to work due to ongoing visual distortions and balance issues.  Many of these tragedies unfolded within hours, days, or weeks of vaccination. In one squadron alone came the heartbreaking news from a commander that all three of their pregnant Marines lost their babies to miscarriage or stillbirth after mandatory vaccination. Several reports were also received from officer candidates. These young, healthy ROTC cadets were unable to complete training for health reasons due to the injections.  Not only did the military lose out on these young promising officers, the vaccine mandate and subsequent injuries are only furthering the challenge of recruiting talented military personnel. Currently, the military is facing the toughest retention and recruitment challenges in over 20 years and the DoD refuses to see or admit that the vaccine mandate is a contributing factor.

The service members coming forward, from nearly all branches, backgrounds, and demographics include dozens of fighter pilots battling heart issues, vertigo, bilateral tinnitus, and migraines.   Each was grounded from flight status pending a full diagnosis and waiver process by their respective commands.  Most wish to remain anonymous due to fear of being permanently grounded if their injuries become known to their flight doctors.  Several injuries are from highly trained special forces members who wish to remain in the shadows; concerned their operational status will be pulled, but now suffer from chronic fatigue, pericarditis, and shortness of breath.  Pararescuemen, Navy divers, Green Berets, Marines; all highly trained; all unable to perform their duties due to the risk of jeopardizing their team members during strenuous missions.

These testimonies are the desperate pleas of service members whose claims are continuously ignored by their commands and callously dismissed by medical personnel. These injured service members need to be heard.  They deserve to be heard. The report compiled by William P. Anton currently sits in the hands of dozens of members of the Senate and House of Representatives. Yet the response from Congress, by and large, has been silence. Many of our representatives who proclaim to care about our military have known about these injuries for months and have done little to help. You can see the report here.  You can also call or write to ask your representatives why they remain silent as our service members suffer after dedicating their lives to defend this nation while those with congressional oversight leave them defenseless.

Until Congress steps in, the only reprieve for these service members lay within the judicial system, which thus far has consistently ruled in favor of the service members who object to the vaccines on moral and religious grounds.

The Navy and Air Force are under an injunction with the Army, Marines, and Coast Guard not far behind in their own legal proceedings.  But not all arguments are solely based on first amendment rights. Other lawsuits attack the legality of the order along with the “Bait and Switch” of “Comirnaty labeled” vials which conveniently exclude the legal language of “full licensure from the FDA.” But each lawsuit has one commonality: they all attack the so-called compelling government interest which, according to Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin, is “to defend this Nation,” requiring “a healthy and ready force” to do so.

However, an analytical look at the numbers shows a reality that runs counter to Secretary Austin’s objective. Prior to September 2021, and nearly 18 months into the pandemic, the military lost 26 service members to “COVID related deaths.”  Oddly, only after the military ramped up vaccination campaigns and mandates, did the military see a majority of its COVID related deaths. As of July 2022, that stood at “95 COVID related deaths.”  Inquiring minds should ask if these 76 deaths have any correlation with the “95 COVID related deaths.”  They should also inquire as to why, since the military vaccine mandate began, that the Military Case Fatality Rate increased 54% while the US Case Fatality Rate fell 43% for the same period.

While tragic, these “COVID related deaths” pale in comparison to the 518 suicides in the military.  Yet the suicides are likely eclipsed by vaccine injuries within the majority of a young and healthy military demographic. Even more troubling than these hundreds, if not thousands of injuries being overlooked, or hidden, is the untold damage being done to the health of our service members due to a lack of any long term safety data that the manufacturers wished to keep hidden hidden for 75 years.  More medical journals are beginning to report adverse effects of COVID-19 vaccines   and subject matter experts are providing sworn testimony to the same. But for many in our military it is too late, the damage is done. The injuries collected within this report beg the question:  what would the number of injuries, or even vaccine-induced deaths look like if the entire DoD were required to truthfully report them?  These are the questions that Congressional oversight must ask, the courts must discover, and is the transparency the American public deserve.

Across each branch, hundreds of thousands of service members stand to be discharged for being in noncompliance with the mandates. The DoD has continuously downplayed these numbers while refusing to acknowledge the health risks the vaccines pose, and the detrimental impact to military end strength and national security.  However, by comparing the DoD end strength numbers to the DOD’s vaccination data, the total number of service members that are either unvaccinated or partially vaccinated equates to an upwards of 350,000, many of whom are now facing discharge for noncompliance.  For perspective, during WWII, the United States lost 405,399 service members to combat, disease, or mishap.  Of the more than 16 million that served, about 2.5% of those service members did not come home.  Currently, the military is pursuing the discharge of nearly five times that percentage for the 2.3 million service members in the ongoing purge by the DoD. Even the DoD’s own data shows those in noncompliance as high as 13% within Army National Guard. Under Secretary Lloyd Austin’s policies, we are likely to discharge military members at a higher rate to the COVID vaccine mandate policies, a so called “policy casualty,” than to our combat casualties in WWII.

Despite these pending “policy casualties” to the military, Secretary Austin still demands a fully vaccinated force.  This, ironically, as Navy warships remain docked and unable to deploy due to COVID outbreaks among crews with 100% vaccination rates.The impending question the DoD must address is this: Since the injections do not prevent infection, do not prevent transmission, are potentially causing more harm through under reported injuries, and likely contributing to the largest recruitment and retention issues in decades, then how is this policy preserving the health and readiness of  our military.  The clear answer is that Secretary Austin’s policy is in fact achieving the opposite, and it must be abandoned; quickly.

William P. Anton is a fighter pilot with over 2,000 hours in fighter aircraft with numerous combat deployments.

The opinions expressed here are that of the author.  These opinions, along the statements provided by the injured service members, do not reflect the official policy of the Department of Defense nor their respective service branch.