The Texas Disaster Explained in Under 3 Minutes

February 25, 2021 in News, Video by RBN Staff

source:  patrioticviralnews

The mainstream and fake news media crafted phony narratives about the deadly Texas winter storm that caused power grids to fail, food shortages, and no drinkable water. What they don’t want everyday people to know about the Texas disaster can be learned in this 3-minute video romp that doesn’t pull any punches.

We all know that we suffer daily fake news blitzes and disinformation that lure our attention away from facts. That’s largely because when people have access to truthful information and apply logic about incidents such as the recent Arctic blast, they draw very different conclusions.

For instance, was the Texas storm an anomaly or have power outages plagued the state in previous years? Even a cursory online search proves this was not the first time Texans lost power due to weather-related events. This critical look at a crisis that didn’t get a federal response until the last few days or a visit from the White House until it was over points to alternative facts.

You know, the ones the political establishment and corporate elites don’t want you to know. And they certainly don’t want you to consider anything outside the tidy little think-box they created.

But take three minutes out of your day and get informed about the powerful forces behind the human suffering. Unless people start watching this and other videos before they get deleted, you and your loved ones remain uninformed and at risk.