The Unholy Sacrament of the Damned Vaccine

March 8, 2021 in Columnists, News, Video by RBN Staff


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As someone who follows the Way of Jesus Christ, and therefore is libertarian in that I entirely agree that human freedom and liberty is reflected in the ability to make choices, I in no ways present myself as someone who has the right to compel anyone to do anything or not to do anything; I am specifically discussing the “vaccines,” currently manufactured by Pfizer, Moderna and Johnson and Johnson that have been administered to tens of millions of Americans, in addition to many throughout the world. Articles posted on by Bill Sardi (whose site also contains accessible copies of his recent writing posted to, but one cannot copy any text and share, only email entire links) and from Robert F. Kennedy’s Children’s Health Defense website, (which recently posted this article on adverse events) along with many others discuss not only potential but likely dangers to those who take the vaccine (see here).

What I find extremely disturbing from both a medical and ethical perspective is Children’s Health Defense revelations is in the article on Johnson and Johnson’s vaccine, it noted in a “letter submitted to the FDA a year ago by the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops, which expressed concern about the development of COVID-19 vaccines reliant on ‘ethically problematic’ cell lines,” for using the tissue of a healthy 18 month old aborted fetus, modified “To produce a continuous cell line of this type—what is called an ‘immortalized’ cell line—scientists must artificially manipulate the original cells, which otherwise would have finite lifespans. This is accomplished by introducing chemical exposures or rendering them cancerous. Because this manipulation introduces genetic changes into the cells, ‘cell populations and cellular mechanisms are altered.’”

Yet if one looks to the legacy media—sources of information that are viewed by millions—one finds stories such as these (perusing the titles and watching a few seconds will give the general idea):

Dancing for joy: Canadian celebrates Covid-19 vaccination with Bhangra dance on frozen lake | AFP

Dolly Parton Urges People To Get Vaccinated Through Song As She Gets Her First Shot

Watch: Women In Elderly Disguises Caught Trying To Get Covid Vaccine | NBC News NOW

Relief and Joy: Phase 1b COVID-19 vaccinations begin at UI Health Care

My COVID-19 Vaccination Story: Dr. Burnett-Bowie

Sir Elton John and Sir Michael Caine appear in NHS video urging people to get vaccinated

The Queen Says Covid Vaccine ‘Didn’t Hurt At All’ and Urges Others To Get The Jab.

Thousands waiting for hours in line for COVID-19 vaccine

Long Lines in Florida to Get COVID-19 Vaccine

Dozens of senior citizens set up camp overnight outside the Fort Myers Stars Complex in Florida to mark their number in line to get the COVID-19 vaccine.

Long Lines And Overwhelming Demand For Covid Vaccine | NBC Nightly News

People wait in line for hours for chance at COVID-19 vaccine in Downtown Dallas

I think just the titles and viewing a few seconds of the above videos, which I fear are representative of the manipulations by the misanthropic oligarchs and the attitudes of the vast majority of the population are worrying indeed. To me, many Americans view receiving the vaccine as something more special than winning the lottery—or any possible “dream come true,” which I find terribly sad.

In addition, I find ironic is that for those who trust in God (and again, this is one’s personal choice; I intend not to compel anyone in such a private, highly personal choice) now is the time of Lent. On the Catholic website Lifesite News, this story appeared recently: “Lenten penances this year expand beyond atoning for our own sins to those of the world.” On the Catholic site The Remnant, this article, “Indoctrinated to be Inoculated” is worthy of consideration, in which the author, Greg Maresca wisely writes:

The resolve that vaccination is somehow a social responsibility is not a self-evident truth.  No matter how noble, it is limited.  As immunity builds, the risk of infection drops.  Herd immunity certainly fits as we stampede into hysteria too easily. The ends do not justify immoral or unethical means.

A dishonest press and rampant censorship by social media regarding the inexpensive, safe and effective therapies like ivermectin, colchicine, fluvoxamine and hydroxychloroquine could have prevented many from dying.

The cure should never be more invasive than the disease.

When a vaccine to protect us from Leftism is developed, I will consider.

Similarly, for the Orthodox faithful, Orthodox Reflections posted this article, “Saving the World from the Fear of Death,” the author observes:

After more than a week in a rehab facility, the last thing we expected was to see Dad looking worse. The doctor thought that a few weeks in the facility would help our 83-year-old Dad improve after surgery. He’d been in this rehab facility before, but that was pre-COVID and things had been different. For the past week, Dad had been in complete isolation for safety, of course. No visitors, no leaving the room. Just hours of sleeping or watching television. We had come into town to “visit” him by standing outside his closed window and talking to him on his cell phone. He looked worse than we had ever seen him. It was all we could do to keep from crying.

Despite testing negative for COVID multiple times in the hospital, Dad had been sentenced to solitary confinement as you can never be too careful. If it saves one life, after all… During his isolation, Dad had developed a tremor so bad that he could barely hold his phone. He slumped in his wheelchair, disoriented and sullen. He had trouble remembering simple details. His eyes were dull and sunken. While we were outside talking to him, a worker came into his room with lunch. It was in a Styrofoam takeout container instead of on a plate because COVID. She was totally hidden in PPE, saying nothing to Dad as she dropped the food and hastily retreated because COVID. With trembling hands, Dad managed to lift the lid and show us the pile of slop underneath. He couldn’t remember the last time he ate. He said he wasn’t hungry and the food was garbage anyway…

They are withering away and dying in solitude. To “protect” the elderly, governments have taken away everything that makes life worth living to begin with. Nor is it even just the elderly who are suffering from enforced isolation. Public “health” authorities in one area of Canada issued guidelines to parents instructing them to keep children whose classmate tested positive for COVID-19 isolated in a separate room from all other family members for 14 days. Healthy, young parents are locking up their own kids in isolation for two weeks because some government bureaucrat told them to. It is hard to tell what is more insane–the fact that some parents are actually doing this or the fact that they tell others about it on social media.

Again, I reiterate that each individual must decide whether or not to receive the COVID vaccines; but I regret the major impetus driving any decision is not only peer pressure and legacy media propaganda, but fear—the fear of death. And several relatives and friends have chosen to get vaccinated—neighbors too—and all I can do, if they listen, should they suffer an adverse nonfatal event is to let them know about Resveratrol, Zinc, and the vitamins A and D, as Bill Sardi has written on this site, to mitigate the toxicity.

My own position is not to be so frightened of death, which is inevitable, but to love God, the Holy Trinity of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit, and the ever blessed Virgin Mary as our intercessor, and to work as diligently as possible to transform myself for the better, to become closer to God in this holy time of the year with the promise of Life Eternal. For those who are Christians, may God grant you strength and wisdom to make the right decision; it cannot hurt to pray to Him for His guidance, and His love, comes what may.