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Source: Fear And Blood

First off, vaccines were created for us to be safe from a certain type of disease or virus, right?

Well, not for the experimental COVID-19 vaccines which governments around the world are making mandatory to almost every one of their citizens, and recently, Austria has joined that list.

Austria has recently approved mandatory COVID vaccination making it the first country in Europe to do so.

Austria’s parliament orders all adults to take the vaccines starting next month except for pregnant women and those with a medical exemption.


A 137-33 vote in favor of compulsory COVID-19 inoculations as to the Freedom Party (FPOe) only voted against the legislation and calls it a medical tyranny.

It does not really make sense, how come a research vaccine became mandatory for daily living? For the record, more shreds of evidence prove that these vaccines have inconsistency and the science behind the jab has been long-forgotten.

France 24 reported:

To date, 72 percent of Austrian residents have been fully vaccinated against the coronavirus — in line with the European Union-wide average of just more than 70 percent but several percentage points below regional neighbors such as Italy and France.

Under the new law, after an initial “introductory phase” those holding out against the jab can face fines of up to 3,600 euros ($4,084) from mid-March.

The government initially wanted to cover everyone aged 14 and older, but now the measure only applies to adults, except pregnant women and those with a medical exemption.

This is such a big violation of the Nuremberg Code and these 137 Austrian politicians are held responsible.

ABC News reported:

Health Minister Wolfgang Mueckstein, speaking in parliament Thursday afternoon, called the measure a “big, and, for the first time, also lasting step” in Austria’s fight against the pandemic.

“This is how we can manage to escape the cycle of opening and closing, of lockdowns,” he said, noting that it’s about fighting not just omicron, but any future variants that might emerge. “That is why this law is so urgently needed right now.”

The Austrian government first announced the plan for a universal vaccine mandate at the same time it imposed a since-lifted lockdown in November, and amid concern that Austria’s vaccination rate was comparatively low for Western Europe. As of Thursday, about 72% of the population of 8.9 million was considered fully vaccinated.

The measure passed easily in parliament after a fierce debate. Chancellor Karl Nehammer’s governing coalition, made up of his conservative Austrian People’s Party and the Greens, worked with two of the three opposition parties in parliament on the plan. The far-right Freedom Party vehemently opposed it.

“I’m appalled, I’m stunned, I’m shaken and I’m shocked,” said Freedom Party leader Herbert Kickl, calling the law “nothing more than a huge blow to the freedoms of Austrians.”

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