They Torture Logic to Justify Human Torture

March 16, 2016 in Columnists, News by RBN Staff

by Je Suis Spike

Except They Never Admit It’s Torture, But “Enhanced Interrogation”

We, the people, that is to say the decent among the people, do not oppose torture because we favor terror or terrorists.  I do not claim the following to be a comprehensive list, far from it, as all decent people have their own reasons but, once and for all, we are against torture because:  Despite their failings, some of which are, admittedly, much greater than others, all human beings are created in the image of God and it seems rather unwise to torture someone with that in mind, vengeance belonging to God; no collection of human beings, (which is all government is), is “perfect enough” to discern which behaviors can be said to deserve torture and which don’t deserve torture.  In other words, governments which practice torture will eventually increase the number and types of offenses for which torture is used and, accordingly, will eventually end up torturing people, such as those who listen to- and read articles at- RepublicBroadcasting.Org who merely disagree with those governments and no government is perfect; though not unusual, (meaning rare), because the heart of man is desperately wicked, torture is cruel and, consequently, disavowed by the founders of this nation in The Bill of Rights; “our way of life,” as partially defined in the Bill of Rights, being what we are defending, we defy the tortured, illogical justifications made by our corrupt government that to protect decency we must practice the indecency of the hateful; when a statist, power-loving “intellectual heavyweight” such as DICK Cheney cannot understand what torture is, saying that waterboarding is “enhanced interrogation,” and not torture, quite in disagreement with a former Naval Special Forces Operative (one Jesse Ventura) who has undergone waterboarding (start at 1:45) in preparation for withstanding it if captured by an enemy, it becomes painfully obvious that a corrupt government will define what torture is- and is not- only for the purpose of preserving, protecting and defending a corrupt government.  (At the link above the former Frogman, essentially a combat specialty now designated “SEAL,” Ventura, claims he can, by waterboarding Cheney, make Cheney admit to committing a horrendous crime he did not actually commit); and last, but certainly not least, though we cannot know His ways, for His ways are higher than ours, we prefer to trust the Creator of all life for our security, joining Him with His ways in protecting our friends, family and neighbors, rather than trusting the highly imperfect works of our hands which follow the highly imperfect vain imaginations of our hearts and minds without His direction.  We would do well to trust in the Lord and lean not on our own understanding as individuals and as nation-states.


Regardless why they’re here and why they’re doing what they’re doing, the terrorists are here and they have come to lie, murder and destroy.  So how do we prepare for these terrorists?  Here we find one of the many ways in which President Bush failed us.  Yes, we expect failure from men like President Obama and women like Hillary Clinton, both wicked beyond description.  But President Bush claims to be a Christian, and maybe he is.  But, then he is an idiot.  President Bush, when the terror attacks of September 11, 2001 took place, should have taken to the airwaves to tell Americans to arm themselves.  Instead he said “go shopping,” and he proceeded to a mosque to worship with Muslims, telling us what is either a lie or evidence of a supremely immature Christian, that he worships the same God Muslims do.  After telling us that we should bear arms in defense of ourselves, our loved ones and other innocents, he should have then assured the people (you know, us, in whom the just power is rightfully deposited by our Creator) that we can carry a gun in a pocket without fear of legal jeopardy, for the government has no more rightful authority to tell us that we cannot carry a gun in a pocket than that we cannot carry a knife or a fork or a spoon or a hard-boiled egg in our pockets.  Assuring us that government will not punish us for carrying a gun, more people would be inclined to prove correct Heinlein who said that, “An armed society is a polite society.”  And we would have the benefit of stopping terrorists early in their intended slaughter-fests such as happened in Texas at the Draw the Prophet Muhammad contest, when two would-be terrorists were shot dead before they killed anybody, instead of allowing the wanton slaughter of the unarmed as happened in San Bernadino when disarmed, yes disarmed, people were mowed down, unable to protect themselves.  So what does this look like, this assurance by government that the people can keep and bear arms without fear of government?


This is NOT to be accomplished by the people bowing down to the government and getting prior permission from their governors, OH HELL NO!  But it should happen by the Governors of our several nation-states (now numbering 50) announcing, very publicly, that “this state recognizes the superiority of the rights of the people over any powers of the states, including even the just powers of the states” and, consequently, announce that “no person will be prosecuted or in any way harassed for merely carrying on their persons the ability to defend themselves.”  After all, the founders very famously said that, “…the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.”  How simple is that? Concealed carry permits ARE infringement, not liberty, in that it is made illegal to carry a gun concealed without permission from government.  The Governors who give revocable permission, making people pay a fee, agree to behave only in accordance with what government says is allowed behavior, bow before extant legislatures and bureaucrats to exercise a right are enemies of the God who gives the actual rights.   They should be ashamed of themselves.


Je Suis Spike