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March 14, 2022 in News by RBN Staff


By Roger Landry | TLBTalk Radio

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Commentary by your Host: Roger Landry (TLB)

Hello to all and welcome to episode #8 of TLBTalk Radio … Before we get started today I would like to once again, say thanks RBN for the platform, to Sam, the show producer, and to Annie at Shake and Wake Radio for show replays on Thursdays. They are both a significant part of the weekly success and proliferation of this shows message … As is usual the message I bring to you today is not entertainment, nor is it guesses, or remote possibilities … most is either in your face reality, recorded history, or an inevitability depending on our course of action. So ‘Down To Business’ !!!

On today’s show we will discuss American history going back as far as the end of WWII, but focusing on a timeline from Bush Sr. until the present. We will discuss the planned and choreographed take-down of America in order to facilitate Global Governance, the New World Order, the Great Reset, NO this is not a new concept or talking point. We will discuss the mechanisms used to get us here, as well as the (supposed) American Presidents who knowingly facilitated this tyranny … and those who bucked or derailed it, even if only temporarily.

Today America resides in a very precarious place, controlled by those who do not serve We The People, but instead serve those whose goals encompass and personify what was described in the last paragraph … Global Governance … Can you say treason? But if you do, who will listen …

Please listen up as recent history and its hidden agenda explode on Americans in a fashion and with abject tyranny like we have never seen before … and it accelerates. This is not a show that can tell all, not in just one hour. But today we will get a great start in understanding … What the Hell is Happening to America !!!


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*It’s time to discuss America … how the hell we got here … and where we are heading. Life Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness in America today is but a dream of days gone by, and we better wake up to this or it will surely never return … & DON’T CALL ME UNPATRIOTIC !!!

*Bring America (the worlds cowboys) to its knees so Global Governance (New World Order) could become reality …

Image from July 2017

*America has been on a choreographed path of self destruction … Globalization … since the Bush Sr. years.

*This finally went into overdrive in the Obama Years … it was all about Hope & Change … but the hope part took a distant back seat with ever decreasing attention or focus.

*He weakened our military, screwed up our healthcare system (Obamacare), weakened our economy, messed with our children’s education system, and brought Programmed Ignorance into overdrive … and that was just for starters.

*Obama was supposed to be followed by Hillary to complete what he started, bringing America to its knees for the global elitists …

*They underestimated the peoples dislike for Hillary, and their like for Donald trump … Trump was NOT supposed to happen and four years were spent doing everything possible to destroy him (via our own government … who was supposed to be working for him) an abundance of tyranny from within the (another whole show).

*That failing they absolutely needed to ensure Trump was NOT re-elected come hook or crook … IT DID! Joe-Bob in the white-house is the result and where the scenario goes into hyper-drive !!!

*Anyone who believes Joe-Bob is running America … probably voted for him (meant to be a joke). It is abundantly clear that he is not capable of running his household (Hunter) never-mind a the worlds most complicated and commanding nation.

*What the Elite have with Joe-Bob is the perfect mechanism (puppet) to accomplish what was already supposed to be all but done if Hated Hillary had actually won … completing the destruction of America put into high speed by Obama.

So let’s go over some of #46 Joe-Bob’s accomplishments.

*As commander in chief he has overseen the “Trans” formation of our military.

*He has mandated a killer vaccine to all who serve in the military decimating the ranks.

*He has pulled out of Afghanistan leaving Americans and military equipment behind while blindsiding and pissing off our most trusting allies

*He took us from energy independence to having to rely on the likes of Russia, Iran and Saudi Arabia (OPEC) for what we could have produced ourselves … Reducing America (him) to begging (we got the middle finger) for their increased production to meet our needs.

*He forced destructive mandates against a jab that has already proven to do far more harm than any possible good causing the decimation of our healthcare system, and far too many government workers and workers in the private sector employed by woke companies.

*His mandates are also responsible for massive supply-chain disruptions

*His spending programs are responsible for inflation that has surpassed a 40 year high with the reported level at 8% … but the real number is actually well into the double digits.

*He has backed and promoted voting laws and regulations that would make our founders weep. Laws that would enhance illegals voting, mail in fraud, etc…, etc…, etc…

*He is allowing concerned parents to be classified as domestic terrorists by the DOJ because of their concerns for their children, and the massively biased and racially motivated crap being stuffed down their children’s throats (Critical Race Theory, CRT).

And that is just the short list … THE VERY SHORT LIST

Today the following is far closer to reality than at any point in modern American history:

  • We are poorer as citizens while the oligarchs are richer, and that accelerates

  • Parents fear tyrannical imposition on their rights to be parents …

  • America is over 31 TRILLION dollars in dept, and that number is screaming up

  • Our allies no longer trust us as far as they can see us, and I don’t blame them

  • We are far less feared by our enemies, making us far more vulnerable

  • We are energy dependent once again, at a time when it does the most harm

  • Our health as a nation is tanking, while destructive vaccinations are still in use

  • Or freedom is at the whim of a Progressive elite, who actually run America

  • Our First Amendment rights are just about extinct, and getting worse daily

And AGAIN that is just the short list … THE VERY SHORT LIST

*All of the above in about 2 years … will America survive another 2 years … or will the mission of the Global Elite finally come to fruition … will America finally be brought to her knees allowing a true global government … The Great reset … The New World Order ??? !!!


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