*** Trump is Facing SEVEN Upcoming Trials! ***

July 27, 2023 in Columnists, News by RBN Staff


Source: Real History Chan by Mike King


Slimes Caption: Former President Donald J. Trump and his allies have signaled that they intend to try to turn his overlapping legal woes into a referendum on the criminal justice system.
JULY 27, 2023

NY Times: Trump’s Legal Woes Mount as Trial Dates and Campaign Calendar Collide

The Republican front-runner is facing a growing tangle of criminal and civil trials that will overlap with next year’s presidential primaries.


The stage has been set for a made-for-TV multi-ring circus to begin unfolding later this year and flowing into the next — just as Normiedom will be getting interested in the next QFS (Quadrennial Freak Show) of the presidential election season. The article gives us a sneak peak of the coming blockbusters:

“As former President Donald J. Trump campaigns for the White House while multiple criminal prosecutions against him play out, at least one thing is clear: He cannot be in two places at once.

Generally, criminal defendants must be present in the courtroom during their trials. Not only will that force Mr. Trump to step away from the campaign trail, possibly for weeks at a time, but the judges overseeing his trials must also jostle for position in sequencing dates. The collision course is raising extraordinary — and unprecedented — questions about the logistical, legal and political challenges of various trials unfolding against the backdrop of a presidential campaign.”

Here’s what’s coming:

* October 2023: A fraud trial (over lying to lenders) in New York
* January 2024: Defamation trial on whether he defamed E. Jean Carroll
* January 2024: Fraud trial accusing the Trump Family of enticing people to invest in scams.

Because those cases are civil, Trump could choose not to attend the trials.

* March 2024: Charged with falsifying records related to paying off “Stormy” Daniels (New York)
* Late 2023 / Early 2024: The “sensitive documents” case (Florida)
* 2024 (expected): The January 6th “insurrection” (Federal)
* 2024 (expected): Efforts to reverse Trump’s election loss in Georgia.

Poor persecuted Trump! How can he ever survive such a barrage? (rolling eyes) Relax, boys and girls.

As the “Editorial Board” of The Anti-New York Times has been saying since the early weeks of the Mueller Investigation of 2017 (months before Q even came onto the scene) — and never once wavering since —  Trump WAS NEVER in any legal danger then — IS NOT in any legal danger now — and WILL NOT be in any legal danger in the future. The movie (soap opera) and its many actors are following the Q script written by the White Hats — and the coming courtroom, election season, blow-back climax will be epic.




Image posted by both Q and Trump

The whiny Back Seat “Are We There Yet” Chorus needs to understand that there are important legal and social reasons for all of the delays, complicated scripting and endless head-spinning scenes involved in “The Movie.”
Why the farcical courtroom trials? How will the coming cases benefit Trump and ruin the Deep State? It was all spelled out in my original 2018 pamphlet (amended in 2020)Q Anon: The Storm (banned by Amazon):

Excerpted From Pages 87-91

The NSA has all the evidence need to take down the Cabal.
* The evidence needs to be “cleaned” — that is, slowly introduced under the cover of other investigations so that it is no longer un-actionable evidence.
* The coup is a slow-motion process — not an “overnight” event. Many Federal Judges need
to be appointed and FBI & DOJ criminals slowly purged and replaced with patriots.
* “Plants” such as General Mike Flynn and former Trump campaign manager Paul Manafort were placed under fake investigation so that some of the evidence could be laundered and placed into play.
Attorney General Jeff Sessions only pretended to be weak and incompetent. This allowed him to clean out traitors in the FBI and DOJ and conduct his own investigations into Democrat voter fraud, the Clinton Foundation, child-sex trafficking and other crimes in peace and quiet.
* Deep State operatives in government and media will initiate attempts to impeach and remove Trump from office – but they will not succeed.
* Everything must be done slowly, methodically and legally so as not to shock the dormant and brainwashed American public all at once. “They must see it for themselves.”


How exactly does one “wash the fruit of the poisoned tree” — or, as Q has rhetorically asked on at least three occasions: “How do you introduce evidence legally?”  Answer: Through stunts such as all of those “raids” on the homes of Trump and his allies — and soon, TRIALS. What the bewildered boobs of the overlapping tyrannical kingdom-cults of Normiedom and Libtardia would never accept as legitimate coming from a Trump post, a video ad or a Tucker Carlson expose — they would HAVE TO accept if it is revealed in a courtroom and admitted by the demigod in the black robe. That, as Trump himself is now telling us, is what’s coming. Have a look at his recent Truth Social posts. The Donald is clearly having fun with this!



Trump (Q+) references his own post on the Q board.


Trump references one of Q’s best known sayings.
Trump is clearly telling us that he is indeed “Q+” and that the White Hats are about to finish off the Deep State Globalists. The frequent Andrew Jackson symbolism and the constant threats of retribution and annihilation that both he and his “right hand man” Dan Scavino have been posting are the stuff of straight-up “gangster” — but in a righteous way.
If I had a shekel for every time that President Trump (and he is still the President) said that our elections are rigged, I could buy and sell the stinking Rothschilds! Trump and the White Hats “have it all” and “caught them all.” And the coming series of both civil and criminal “free publicity” trials — which will make him a sympathetic figure in the eyes of all but the most extreme Marxists and “far right” Black Pill addicts — will present his lawyers with the opportunity to introduce evidence in a manner which none can dismiss as “politically motivated.”

As Q said — soon after the disappointing Election Theft of 2020 — It had to be this way.” And indeed it all did —  the feigned powerlessness, the pretended chumminess with enemies, the Covid lockdown, the election sting, January 6th , the staged debacle that is the fake presidency of an imposter “Joe Biden, the raids, the stock market crash– and whatever other unavoidable hardships, scares and surprises that the White Hat scriptwriters of our secret military government have in store for us in 2024. We are, after all, in a war.

We close with a 35-second video linked to the image below — in which Trump virtually confirms the fact that his three-term presidency has only been “paused.” Have a quick listen to what he says about “The Pause” and why it was absolutely necessary — then come back for closing commentary by the Boobuss Brothers, St. Sugar and myself.




Boobus Americanus 1: I read in the New York Times today that Trump is facing as many as six trials in the coming year — three of them criminal!

Boobus Americanus 2: And yet, for some odd reason, his enemies can never get anything to stick to him. 
St. Sugar: The Boss is under the guidance and protection of the mosst formidable earthly power that ever exissted, Boobuss — the frickin’ US military with all of itss special forcess and intell assetss.

Editor: As Q said from the very beginning, in 2017: “The only way is the military.”