Trump, Pence, McConnell, And Washington Establishment Vs. Judge Roy Moore

September 21, 2017 in News by RBN Staff


Source: Chuck Baldwin


By now everyone should know that President Donald Trump, Vice President Mike Pence, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, and the entire Washington establishment, including virtually every professional lobbyist, are doing everything they can to defeat conservative constitutionalist Judge Roy Moore for the U.S. Senate in Alabama. They are all rallying around the quintessential neocon RINO New World Order toady Luther Strange.

I’ve known Roy Moore since he was a circuit court judge in Etowah County (Gadsden), Alabama. I saw the wooden Ten Commandments plaque in the Etowah County Courthouse (that Roy had personally carved himself) before he took it with him to Montgomery when he was elected as the Alabama Supreme Court Chief Justice. I was with him when, at the behest of the ACLU and SPLC, a circuit court judge in Montgomery told him to remove the wooden plaque, which he refused to do. I was with him when, as Alabama Chief Justice, a federal judge ordered him to remove a Ten Commandments monument that he had placed in the capitol rotunda, which he again refused to do. I was with him during the trial when Alabama Attorney General Bill Pryor prosecuted Judge Moore for refusing to remove the monument. I knew the Alabama governor, Fob James, who had initially appointed Pryor as attorney general. Fob told me personally that Pryor’s commitment to support Judge Moore was a litmus test to receiving the appointment.

It is an absolute fact that Fob James would have never appointed Pryor had Pryor not promised Fob that he would support Judge Moore’s right to post the Ten Commandments. Pryor promised Fob that he would support Roy Moore “all the way.” Pryor lied. But he didn’t just lie: Pryor was the chief prosecutor against Roy Moore. Pryor is a lying two-faced double-crossing Judas Iscariot. And Bill Pryor got his 30 pieces of silver for betraying Governor James and Judge Moore in the form of an appointment to the federal bench by the wretched and evil G.W. Bush–and many conservative Christians still believe that Bill Pryor (and G.W. Bush) is a “good Christian.” BARF!

Fob James had lion-like courage and was a staunch ally of Roy Moore. I stood behind Governor James when he held a press conference and told the nation that he would use the Alabama National Guard and state police if he had to do so in order to protect Judge Moore’s Ten Commandments plaque should any federal police agency try to enforce an order from a George H. W. Bush federal judge demanding that Judge Moore take it down.

Governor James was defeated for reelection by a Democrat in 1998. The establishment Republicans had forced Fob into a primary election against one of their toadies. Fob won that primary election, but the contest depleted his financial resources, and he lost the general election. In 2002, G.W. Bush’s chief political strategist Karl Rove was sent to Alabama to support a Republican lackey for governor who would roll over and leave Judge Moore to the mercy of the wolves. Rove succeeded. With a supporting governor out of the way, Rove helped orchestrate the prosecution, conviction, and removal from office of Judge Moore in 2003. Again, this was all done with the approbation (if not direction) of the “good Christian” G.W. Bush. And guess who is back in Alabama today trying to again defeat Judge Roy Moore? You guessed it: Karl Rove.

The point is, the Washington establishment has been doing everything it can to destroy Judge Roy Moore from as far back as the G.W. Bush administration and from federal judges appointed by Bush, Sr. Yes, Judge Moore’s biggest enemies have been establishment Republicans.

Now Judge Moore is running for the U.S. Senate from the State of Alabama against a neocon RINO establishment New World Order toady: Luther Strange. And once again, the President of the United States, the Vice President of the United States, the Majority Leader of the United States, and virtually the entire Washington establishment are doing everything they can to defeat this great American statesman: Judge Roy Moore.

Judge Moore is a graduate of West Point. He served as a company commander with the Military Police Corps in Vietnam. He was so respected by the men he led that they nicknamed him “Captain America.” He was a cowboy for a while. He has a black belt in martial arts. He went to law school and got his law degree. He was elected circuit court judge and twice elected Alabama Supreme Court Chief Justice. He is a faithful husband, father, and grandfather. He is a Christian in the truest sense of the word–not just at election time. He is a constitutionalist. He has large portions of it memorized. He takes his oaths to the Constitution seriously. He is a man’s man. He is tough as nails. At the same time, he is as kind and gentle a man as one will ever find. He said “No” to unlawful demands to remove his Ten Commandments plaques and monuments at least three times on constitutional principles. He knows how to lose everything for doing what is right. Roy Moore knows how to fight, and he is nobody’s toady.

Here are a couple of columns I wrote about the Washington establishment’s attacks on Roy Moore back in 2003 when it all happened:

Bill Pryor’s Shocking Comments During Roy Moore’s “Trial”

Bill Pryor Got His Judas Money

If Donald Trump was remotely serious about draining the swamp in Washington, D.C., he would know that Roy Moore is EXACTLY the kind of man that needs to be in the U.S. Senate. But it is obvious that Donald Trump didn’t mean a word he said about draining the swamp or about much of anything else, for that matter.  

Even more than his evil establishment predecessor G.W. Bush, Trump is bringing the entire weight of the White House against Judge Roy Moore. Trump wants another establishment lackey in the U.S. Senate so badly that both he and his vice president are personally travelling to Alabama this week to help defeat Judge Moore.

Think about it: here is a man, Roy Moore, who must be regarded as one of the most courageous men of the 20th and now 21st centuries. Here is a man who has actually read and truly understands the U.S. Constitution. Here is a man who has proven that he is willing to take on the establishment elite. And the man who said he wanted to drain the swamp in D.C., Donald Trump, is doing everything he can to DEFEAT Roy Moore and help elect another swamp creature.

Ladies and gentlemen, the Trump White House, Mitch McConnell, and the entire Washington establishment are doing everything they can to DEFEAT Judge Roy Moore.

Don’t tell me Donald Trump is a conservative; don’t tell me Trump cares about the Constitution; don’t tell me Trump wants to drain the swamp; don’t tell me Trump is an “outsider”; don’t tell me Trump is “anti-establishment.” Bull Manure! Donald Trump is just another establishment toady who masqueraded as an anti-establishment outsider in order to get elected. There is NO WAY in this world a true anti-establishment outsider, a true conservative, or a true constitutionalist could support the neocon RINO globalist Luther Strange and oppose the conservative constitutionalist American hero Roy Moore. NO WAY! NOW WAY! NO WAY!

This runoff election between Roy Moore and Luther Strange will take place next Tuesday, September 26. The winner will take on a Democrat in the general election. But this is considered a safe Republican seat, so whoever wins the Republican runoff next Tuesday will doubtless be the next U.S. Senator from Alabama. This person is filling the seat left vacant by Trump’s appointment of Jeff Sessions as America’s attorney general.

To date, Roy Moore enjoys a fair lead in the polls over Luther Strange. But, again, President Trump and Vice President Pence are scheduled to campaign for Strange this week. Mitch McConnell has already spent millions of dollars trying to defeat Moore and is still shelling it out (mostly in the form of blatantly untrue attack ads against Judge Moore). And get this: virtually the entire Trump team in Alabama is supporting ROY MOORE. But now Trump himself is going to Alabama to support LUTHER STRANGE.

I’m telling you, folks. Donald Trump has taken conservatives–and Christians–for a royal ride. It’s time for Christians and conservatives to snap out of the hypnotic trance Trump has put them in and start taking a good hard look at reality: Donald Trump campaigned (masqueraded) as an anti-establishment outsider. But since becoming President, he has done nothing but cater to the establishment. He has expanded the Warfare State for the establishment; he has increased federal spending for the establishment; he has filled his administration with establishment insiders; he has backed down on DACA for the establishment; he supports replacing Obamacare with an establishment-backed GOP health care bill that is just as bad OR WORSE than Obamacare; and his massive efforts to defeat Judge Roy Moore and support the establishment toady Luther Strange absolutely prove how disingenuous Trump was during the campaign.

We need to be praying for the people of the State of Alabama. They know Roy Moore. They thought they knew Donald Trump. Now, their discernment, understanding, and convictions are being put to the test in the most serious manner possible. The people who are supporting Roy Moore also supported Donald Trump. Now, Trump is coming back to the State of Alabama to support Moore’s neocon opponent. How the people of Alabama are going to digest all of this is anybody’s guess right now.

But I know Roy Moore personally. Unlike Donald Trump, he is the REAL DEAL.

On the day following the U.S. Supreme Court’s refusal to hear Judge Moore’s case–thus paving the way for his removal from office (which took place nine days later)–I wrote a column that ended with these words:

The bright side of all this gloominess is that, like Daniel of old, no matter how much treachery is brought against Roy Moore, God is still with him! The greater the attacks become, the stronger he becomes! Beyond that, the door that God allows to be closed to Roy Moore today will only serve to open an even larger and more influential door tomorrow.

I wrote that on November 4, 2003. See the column here:

The Supreme Court Closed The Door On Judge Moore, But God Will Open Another One!

Well, the tomorrow I predicted for Roy Moore is here. And I know God is with him yet today. I pray the people of Alabama will be too.

P.S. I recently brought a message that was taken from Psalm 11 entitled “If The Foundations Be Destroyed, What Can The Righteous Do?” In this message, I list 25 foundational principles that have either already been destroyed or are currently being destroyed–and what Christians should be doing about it. The current attacks against Judge Roy Moore make this message all the more relevant.

Find my DVD message “If The Foundations Be Destroyed, What Can The Righteous Do?” here:

“If The Foundations Be Destroyed, What Can The Righteous Do?” 

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And please pray for Roy Moore and his family.


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