University of Georgia Coed Laken Riley’s Death on You Joe Biden

February 26, 2024 in News by RBN Staff

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By Frosty Wooldridge

February 26, 2024

For the past three years and two months, senile, decrepit and incompetent Joe Biden has invited 11 million illegal aliens to jump our borders—among them—Islamic terrorists, criminals, sex traffickers, drug cartel distributors, millions of fentanyl pills, perverts, mentally ill people, rapists and murderers from all over the world. Biden has transported them to cities across America to make our country the drug/criminal/terrorist destination-nation du jour.

Laken Riley, a 22 year old University of Georgia student, suffered a beating death by one of Joe Biden’s illegal alien criminals named Jose Ibarra from Venezuela. Police caught and arrested him for a major crime in “Sanctuary City” New York City a year ago, but let him go where he committed another crime, let him go, and then, off to Georgia where he killed Laken Riley.

Who killed Laken Riley? Answer: Joe Biden, New York Governor Kathy Hochul and NYC Mayor Eric Adams. All of them complicit in inviting and allowing criminal illegal aliens to travel with immunity throughout America. Not only that, those officials pay for all those criminals’ transport, housing, food and more. Excuse me: YOUR tax dollars pay!

We’re not talking about a “first time” event with the killing of Ms. Riley. Illegal aliens are now killing and raping women as they see our laws are not being enforced. Another killing occurred in Iowa.

Murder of Mollie Tibbets: “University of Iowa student Mollie Cecilia Tibbetts disappeared while jogging near her home in Brooklyn, Iowa. A month later, police identified 24-year-old Cristhian Bahena Rivera as a suspect in connection with the disappearance; surveillance footage showed Rivera’s car following Tibbetts on her jog. Rivera led police to the body of Tibbetts in a Poweshiek County cornfield on August 21. He was charged with first-degree murder. He is an illegal alien.”

Both those women lost their lives because of incompetent, corrupt and unethical mayors, governors, et al. Do they care? Answer: not a twit. Will they ever face charges for those American deaths they made happen?

It’s all on Joe Biden.

What about the incredibly incompetent withdrawal from Afghanistan? What about Joe Biden’s incompetence killing 13 of our military personnel? Who was responsible for the sheer stupidity and incompetence of that event? Answer: Joe Biden and General Milley. Were either of them charged or held responsible? Answer: nope!

What happens, and it WILL HAPPEN, when the Islamic terrorists create another 9/11 in America? It could be dozens of minor 9/11’s where terrorist cut Americans’ heads off like they did in the streets of London. Or, it could be major act of taking out a power substation that feeds electricity into a big city. Without power, a big city would be thrown into chaos, death and mayhem. Or, any smart terrorist could poison the water supplies of a city.

That would all be on Joe Biden. He is the source, the reason and the power behind this invasion of our country. If anyone should be impeached immediately, it’s him. Most of our U.S. Congress should be impeached with him. Our country faces a cataclysmic future because of this invasion.

America Devolving Before Our Eyes

What about 100,000 kids from 14 to 25 dying from fentanyl and other drug overdoses, annually, for the past three years of Biden’s invasion of America by drug cartels? Who’s going to pay for those deaths?

Answer: not Biden.

Ironically, 38 percent of brainless Democrats want him to add another four years onto his presidency—-when he can’t put four coherent sentences together without a teleprompter. That same 38 percent want Biden’s handlers to continue directing America over a cliff. How stupid is it to give Ukraine over $100,000,000,000.00 worth of military equipment, but let our borders be overrun? Yet, those mindless democrats want Biden in for another four years—-so he can really finish America off!

How smart is it that $163,000,000,000.00 of our tax dollars, annually, are paying for those criminal border jumpers?

So, what happens when, not if, one of your family dies at the hands of terrorists or random illegals killing your daughter or son like Kate Steinle, Riley or Tibbets? What if your family is celebrating at Christmas when some Islamic couple kills your whole group like in San Bernardino, California? How do you replace your loved ones? How do you cry enough tears? How do you recover from the insanity, stupidity and senility of Joe Biden’s actions that got your loved ones killed?

Why are there “Sanctuary Cities” and “Sanctuary States”? Why are there THAT many stupid leaders? Why are we making America the “sacrificial lamb” of the 21st century trying to save the refugees of the world? Have you not seen Europe? It’s a friggin’ nightmare over there. They’ve got immigrants/terrorists/freeloaders/Islamic zealots destroying everything built up by Europeans over the centuries.

What happens when America features “No Go Zones” like Europe? What happens when the next 9/11 hits? Where will we escape? How will you mourn your dead family members?

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