US Sen. Adam Schiff’s CA. election challenger sees voting “GLITCH SWITCH”

March 15, 2024 in News by RBN Staff





California GLITCH SWITCH: Candidate Steve Garvey robbed of votes in real time, still advances to CA Senate elections in November


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California’s U.S. Senate primary race just concluded last week and in a deep blue state where Democratic voters outnumber Republicans 2-1, former L.A. Dodger star Steve Garvey ran against three Democrats and came in a close second to Democratic Congressman Adam Schiff. As per the Associated Press, the Schiff-Garvey matchup resulted in 38 percent of the expected votes counted Tuesday night.

However, a watchdog account on X, formerly Twitter, shared a very important observation during the live counting of votes. @MJTruthUltra opened the social media post with: “Every Californian needs to understand what just happened. You’re Redder thank you think” and proceeded to expose how Garvey got robbed of votes in real-time counting, “Steve Garvey was leading Adam Schiff with 1.8 million votes. And just like that, it was cut in half,” the post said. “This is called the Glitch Switch. And Adam Schiff got more votes in the end by a razor-thin margin. Almost statistically impossible.”

The final count was 1,247,723 or 33.2 percent for Schiff and 1,220,683 or 32.5 percent for Garvey.