US Supreme Court Hands Corrupt Justice (sic) Department a Knock Down Blow

July 1, 2024 in News by RBN Staff

source:  lewrockwell


July 1, 2024

The Supreme Court has ruled that law provides no basis for the obstruction charge brought against a January 6 protester who defended in court against the Justice (sic) Department’s false charges. But of course merrick garland had no interest in any facts. “Vengence is mine,” saith lord garland. “No it is not,” saith the U.S. Supreme Court. See here.

The US Department of Justice (sic) has, to date, framed and imprisoned 1,000 patriotic Americans who exercised their Constitutional Rights. Those who could not afford to defend themselves or did not trust a Democrat Washington judge and jury and pled guilty to reduced charges, were charged with unlawful entry or some other such false charge. But those who defended themselves from the false charges were charged with obstructing and impending an official proceeding which carries a 20-year prison sentence. In other words, the offenses that Trump supporters were charged depended on whether they self-incriminated or went to trial. Those who defended themselves received longer sentences. So much for “justice” in America.

Those who chose a trial did not have a “jury of their peers.” They were judged by a lynch mob egged on by America’s whore media, such as the Washington Post, long regarded as a CIA asset.Sowell, ThomasBest Price: $23.50Buy New $28.97(as of 11:50 UTC – Details)

In America conviction is swift and is seldom on the basis of evidence, but correction of wrongful conviction is very rare and a long time in arriving if it does.

One wrongly convicted defendant who went to trial and was rewarded with long-term imprisonment for his trust in the “criminal justice (sic) system” managed to get his case before the US Supreme Court. The Court has ruled that the wrongly convicted American patriot was improperly charged for obstruction and for impeding an official proceeding. In other words, the U.S. Justice (sic) Department reasoned that this person, by attending a rally for the President of the United States, impeded a vote count. It is extraordinary that the Justice (sic) Department did not have to produce any evidence of this one protester’s magical power to prevent a counting of votes. .

The absurdity of the charge should have severely embarrassed Biden, the Justice (sic) Department, the prosecutor, the judge, the jury, the media, and the law schools and bar associations, but as they are all Democrats and know neither shame nor embarrassment, vengeance took the place of justice. The motto on the Justice (sic) Department building is false advertising. The new motto should read something like this: “Look upon my works and my punishment of those who resist official explanations.”

The US Supreme Court’s much delayed intervention means that the other approximately 350 patriotic Americans who were falsely “convicted,” like Nikolai Bukharin in Stalin’s infamous show trials, can expect their wrongful convictions to be reopened.

The same false charge has been brought against President Trump by the corrupt special counsel jack smith, who has been caught and exposed lying to the judge, thus putting his false prosecution of Trump on hold. The notion that the President of the United States, which Trump was at the time, obstructed justice is absurd. The charge is proof of how utterly corrupt American law in the hands of merrick garland now is.

America no longer has a rule of law. In America law is a weapon in the hands of tyrannical government and is wielded against the American people.

A majority of the American people, whether or not they like Trump, are now convinced that the corrupt Biden Regime has weaponized law, suppressed truth, and can no longer be supported. The Democrats themselves are looking for a different presidential candidate, but the main problem is the total absence of any integrity and any American values in the Democrat party. The Democrats are the party of immigrant-invaders and sexual perverts. I would add Israel, but Republicans also are in Israel’s pocket. How can America be a democracy when the government does not represent citizens?

Once the “obstruction” charge collapses, the larger number of plea bargains, which normally in my understanding can’t be challenged, will be. The videos, initially suppressed but eventually released by House Republicans, show that there was no “invasion of the Capitol.” The police opened the doors and escorted the protesters abound the Capitol. The alleged “insurrectionists” did no damage and assaulted no police officers. The only violence was committed by a black policeman who shot and murdered a female US war veteran who was not confronting or even facing him. He shot her from her rear. She was murdered to give the event a patina of violence so that “the seriousness of the attack on the Capitol” could be implanted in the whore media. The murderer escaped investigation and accountability. He escaped, because it was important to the orchestrated event that the situation was so dangerous that the police had to use deadly force. The whore media, of course, went along with it.

Imagine the frustration of American voters who reelected a President only to see his reelection stolen from him with vote counting in blue cities stopped in the middle of the night while boxes of invalid ballots were delivered so that when counting resumed Biden was magically ahead. Imagine the frustration that the abundant evidence of a stolen election was denied by a media that constantly repeated with one voice without any investigation that “there was no vote fraud.” Imagine the frustration over experts who produced factual evidence of a stolen election being prosecuted. A media that totally rejects facts and truth is nothing but a propaganda machine for tyranny. The whore media have continually told the American people that the agenda is independent of the facts–and some Americans still listen to and read the media’s lies.

When I witnessed Americans tolerate such an obvious theft of a presidential election, I wondered if there remained in the American population any resistance to imposed tyranny.

We will see what happens next time. Will, as even Democrats are predicting, Biden, who polls show has no chance of winning, withdraw and be replaced with a different candidate that the whore media can claim leads Trump, a necessary lie for the intended election theft to be believed? Democrat governments in Michigan and Arizona have institutionalized the election theft techniques used in 2020 and 2022. As I understand, they have also made it impossible to challenge their vote count. In other words, they can announce whatever they want and it is unchallengeable.

What will the American population do when it is faced with the theft of a third national election in a row? Will they rise up, or will they again accept the theft because opposition is dangerous, embarrassing to America’s reputation, and a bother from scrolling one’s cell phone?Tennant, Dominic BnonnBest Price: $9.31Buy New $14.98(as of 10:02 UTC – Details)

Let us look now at the Washington Post’s report of the Supreme Court decision. It begins with a photograph labeled “A violent mob breaches the U.S. Capitol in Washington on Jan. 6, 2021, disrupting the certification of Joe Biden’s 2020 election victory. (John Minchillo/AP).” No such thing happened. Here is the Post presenting official narrative as factual reporting. The photograph itself shows the total absence of violence.

The subheading in the Washington Post’s propaganda alleges Trump supporters role “in the 2021 attack on the U.S. Capitol.” As all the released videos show, there was no such attack except by police and federal agents attempting to orchestrate an attack.

The Washington Post concludes with attorney general merrick garland saying that the US Supreme Court’s decision is not a “body blow” to his false prosecutions. So here we have an attorney general stopped by the Supreme Court for stretching and misapplying law and he declares it is of no consequence and doesn’t affect his 1,000 wrongful prosecutions. If merrick garland had any integrity, any shame, he would resign.

What does this tell us about the intelligence and integrity of the Washington Post writers, Ann E. Marimow and Devlin Barrett?

Compare them to Julian Assange, and you are looking at two non-entities, people without distinction who will never have distinction other than being members of the American whore media who lie for their living.

The question before us is: How did America get a Justice (sic) Department whose every statement is a lie, whose every prosecution is false, who is totally opposed to American freedom and the U.S. Constitution? How could this happen? Where were the law schools? Where were the bar associations? Where was the media? Where were the American people?

Everyone failed, and now we have tyranny.

I wouldn’t be surprised if merrick 
garland, one of America’s worst enemies, tried to indict the Supreme Court for “obstructing justice in the prosecution of Donald Trump.”

How did America become a cesspool of lies, injustice, and evil? The answer is that “we the people” failed ourselves and our country. Consequently, we have lost our liberties and our country. Is there sufficient determination to get our country back?