VICTORY: 9th Circuit Court Gives Trump Green Light to Deport 300,000 Illegal Immigrants

September 15, 2020 in News by RBN Staff


Source: National File

The ruling confirms the administration’s authority to remove protected status for illegal immigrants from El Salvador, Sudan, Haiti, and Nicaragua



President Trump stands before a plaque commemorating the 200th mile of wall completed on June 23, 2020

The 9th Circuit U.S. Court of Appeals has ruled that President Donald Trump has the legal authority to remove the Temporary Protected Status (TPS) of some 300,000 illegal immigrants from El Salvador, Haiti, Nicaragua, and Sudan, enabling them to be deported by immigration officials.

The court’s ruling came by a 2-1 decision, and struck down an attempt by a lower court to block President Trump’s action against TPS.

Illegal immigrants from the nations listed in the case will have a grace period to find a way to legally remain in the United States according to Reuters, but the 9th Circuit Court’s ruling still makes it significantly more difficult for illegal immigrants from those countries to avoid deportation.

The left-wing American Civil Liberties Union had indicated that it will fight the court’s decision by appealing to another court, possibly even the Supreme Court.

All of the nations from which the estimated 300,000 affected illegal immigrants hail boast extremely high violent crime and poverty rates.

The case marks another victory in recent months for the Trump administration on immigration policy.

In August, President Trump succeeded in pressuring the federally-owned Tennessee Valley Authority Corporation to halt planned layoffs and subsequent replacement of American workers with foreign labor:

President Donald Trump fired the chairman of the Tennessee Valley Authority on Monday, citing the federally owned corporation’s decision to outsource a fifth of its jobs to foreign nationals, and the fact that CEO Jeff Lyash is “ridiculously overpaid.”

“Let this serve as a warning to any federally appointed board: If you betray American workers, then you will hear two simple words: ‘You’re fired,’” Trump said Monday, speaking about TVA chair Jeff Lyash.

On Thursday, the Knoxville News Sentinel reported that Lyash and TVA interim chairman John Ryder had met with administration officials at the White house and pledged to reverse course on prioritizing cheap foreign labor over the American working class.

Within a week, TVA CEO Jeff Lyash had personally apologized to the President for the outsourcing.

In a statement, Lyash acknowledged that “We were wrong in not fully understanding the impact on our employees, especially during the pandemic,” and pledged to “take immediate actions to address this situation.”

In April, the United States suspended the federal H1B visa lottery program, coinciding with rigorous reporting on the issue by Fox News host Tucker Carlson.