[VIDEO] ‘Miss Universe’ Host Steve Harvey Does Biggest (and Best) Eye-Roll After Reading ‘Climate Change’ Question

December 12, 2019 in News by RBN Staff


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Oh, Steve Harvey has done it now…he’s will surely feel the wrath of hell from the Climate Change cult for this (amazing) move.

During his hosting of the “Ms. Universe” Pagent, Harvey was unable to disguise his contempt over fake “climate change” when he was asking one of the contestants a question on the topic.

The incident happened during the question portion of the contest.

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Harvey was asking Miss South Africa a question. He said, “Are leaders of today doing enough to protect future generations from climate change? If not, what more should they be doing?”

And just as Harvey moved the mic towards the Miss South Africa he gave the biggest eye-roll you’ve ever seen!

You can watch the video below: