Video: More Anti-White Hate

March 2, 2023 in News, Video by RBN Staff


via: National Vanguard



QUESTION: “What are White people superior at?”


• “Violence”
• “Genocide”
• “Fear”
• “Ignorance”
• “Being dicks”
• “Destruction of humanness”
• “Lying, stealing, and cheating”

Hatred of White people is truly America’s pastime.

Watch these freaks rattle off the anti-White blood libel that’s been sown into their psyche by the Anti-White Industrial Complex.

No hesitation, no fear.

And definitely no consequences.

Now change the question from White people to Jewish, Black, Asian, Latino, or anything other than “White people,” but keep the answers the same…

The video is removed, accounts are banned, jobs are lost, the ADL and a litany of other ethnic interest groups are activated, the FBI investigates, and politicians from both parties post performative condemnations of “hate speech.”

Just last week, Rasmussen published one of the most eye-opening polls in the history of the United States. There were two headline-worthy revelations:

• Half of America’s Black population believes it’s NOT okay to be White

• Only 67% of America’s White population strongly agrees that it’s okay to be White

A grand total of three — I repeat: three — media outlets covered the Rasmussen poll. Not one of those outlets reported the results as indicative of popular anti-White sentiment, instead inexplicably framing the results as somehow being “anti-woke.”

No one in media wanted to touch this poll because it’s far too eye-opening for a White population that the media works so diligently to keep asleep.

Also last week, Scott Adams, the creator of the Dilbert comic strip, reacted to the Rasmussen poll during a YouTube stream. Adams concluded that the half of Blacks who don’t think it’s permissible for White people to exist are a hate group, and advised White people to “get the Hell away” from them.

And can you guess how many media outlets are covering Scott Adams’ “racist tirade” of “unhinged hate speech” and the subsequent cancellation of Dilbert by hundreds of newspapers?

All of them.

The results are too lengthy to inventory.

They’re not covering the Rasmussen poll Adams was reacting to, of course, they’re simply covering “White Man Bad” and “White Man Cancelled” as they always do.

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Source: Keep NH Granite