November 10, 2020 in News by RBN Staff

source:  ifapray

Father, continue to reveal fraud and corruption in the election processes.

In the video, you see an example from a race in 2019 of how computer decrementing works. Matt Bevin, the KY incumbent Gov, a Republican that lost ballot counts as the numbers were being updated. When ballots are being counted, the numbers should never decrement. Additionally, the numeric values are updated as an atomic operation, dispelling any argument that the numbers were presented mid-update. The screen on CNN doesn’t update until the entire feed has been loaded into memory. The [D] contender votes were incremented by 520, the exact count of votes decremented from Matt Bevin.

This video also includes a current interview with attorney Sidney Powell about The Hammer and Scorecard, which may be key to election fraud in 2020.

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Are you surprised by this fraud caught on camera?