Video: Rabbi Justifies Slaughter of Palestinian Kids, Says Those Opposed are Antisemitic Bigots

March 29, 2024 in News, Video by RBN Staff



‘We will never be able to forgive them for MAKING us kill their children,’ the Rabbi said of the Palestinians.

Last Updated on March 19, 2024

A Jewish Rabbi who joined Candace Owens on her podcast justified the mass slaughter of Palestinian children and said that those who are opposed to the mass murder of civilians in Gaza are antisemitic bigots.

Candace Owens was joined on the Monday broadcast of the Candace Owen Podcast by Rabbi Michael Barclay, who recently authored a hit piece against Owens in which he labeled her an antisemite, among other things, including a “Jew-hating bigot.” Owens described the hit piece as “the most libelous piece ever written about me,” and it came as a direct result of Owens’ public questioning of disproportionate Jewish influence and control over American politics, entertainment, and more.

Owens hosted Barclay for a nearly 2-hour podcast interview in which Barclay continued to repeatedly accuse Owens of antisemitism, before justifying the mass murder of Palestinian children by Israeli forces in Gaza.

“Do you think it is sad when an innocent Palestinian child dies?” Owens asked.

“Candace, I cry every day, and it’s not just for Israel,” Barclay replied. “And this is one of the things you clearly don’t understand…I cry for what’s going on in Israel. I cry just as much for what we are forced to do,” he went on, before quoting former Israeli Prime Minister and socialist Golda Meir.

“Golda Meir had a great quote,” said Barclay. “She said ‘One day we may be able to forgive them for killing Israeli children. We will never be able to forgive them for making us kill their children’.”

“So what about my statement of saying that I also cry for Palestinian children is wrong to you?” Owens asked, adding that the Rabbi apparently “also admit[s] it is sad when Palestinian children die.”

“It’s painful,” Barclay replied. “But it is not, in any way, shape, or form morally equivalent to October 7th. That is the antisemitic bigotry!”

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