Wesley Clark Admits Allies Created Islamic State

March 13, 2015 in News by The Manimal

Source: Political Outcast

Video was recently posted of Wesley Clark on CNN admitting that the Islamic State was the result of funding terrorists.

Here is the video. I recommend that you watch and listen to Wesley Clark explain the origins of ISIS.

I’m not great at taking dictation, but here is what I got from Wesley Clark:

ISIS got started with funding from friends and allies because, as people will tell you in the region, if you want someone who will fight to the death against Hezbollah, you don’t put up a recruiting poster and say, “Sign up with us; we’re going to make a better world.” You go after zealots. You go after these religious fundamentalists. That’s who fights Hezbollah. It’s like a Frankenstein.

Yes, it is like a Frankenstein that destroys the countryside that was built in order to kill some bothersome alley cat. What an intelligent plan! I’m no fan of Hezbollah, but they haven’t done anything near the damage that ISIS has caused. Furthermore, we don’t have any evidence that ISIS has even devoted much attention or resources to fighting Hezbollah.

Do you think our allies (obviously, Clark is referring to Saudi Arabia) did all this without our government’s full knowledge and consent? Don’t be absurd. Our support for the Saudis encouraged their support of terrorists in Syria that we now know as ISIS. After all, the strategy that Wesley Clark describes is exactly like U.S. policy going back at least as far as our sponsoring zealots in Afghanistan in the 80s to fight the Soviets.

And now Obama is using the death and destruction caused by our interventions, including his and Hillary’s war crimes in Libya, to demand authorization for yet more death and destruction through more intervention.

The bloodshed is sickening, but the fact that our government gets away with openly turning places into worse hellholes than they were before, and then gets empowered by the chaos (“never let an emergency go to waste”) is even more disgusting. The strategy our government is using to aggrandize itself and spread bloodshed and terrorism across the Middle East could not be more obvious. Wesley Clark openly admits it! Other newspapers have reported on it.

As I wrote before, “Radical Islamic Anti-Christian Expulsion Is 100% Made in America—a U.S. Government Creation.” I should have called the ISIS surge a “Frankenstein.” Then I could claim that Wesley Clark was really quoting me.

Creating this monster was in the interests of the political class in the United States. It allows them to push war and the aggrandizements that come with war. It allows them to sweep away talk of the budget or trying to reduce our debt load. It gives them a continued military focus that will allow them to continue to find ways to militarize domestic law enforcement on the home front. If they can provoke some ISIS terrorists to successfully launch a terrorist attack within our borders, it will provide justification for a whole new level of police state.

ISIS may be evil and homicidal, but they are not our problem. The United States Federal Government under its current leadership (including Republican cheerleaders for overseas slaughter, like John McCain) is our problem. It is a much nearer threat.