June 12, 2024 in News, Video by RBN Staff


By FallenWorldRisenChrist


Throughout recorded history, one common denominator encompasses all social and cultural cataclysmic events.

The reality which mankind have refused to admit does NOT alter the TRUTH that every platform of information and influence in Western European culture has been in the grip of an EVIL race who’s sole purpose is to destroy humanity.

In hiding behind ridiculously false claims of religious persecution while simultaneously projecting their own crimes upon the innocent, JEWS have successfully BRAINWASHED entire populations onto believing the most egregious falsehoods and perversions of history to conceal their own criminal infamy.

This genetic ABOMINABLE, REPROBATE SPECIES is responsible for more deaths and suffering, throughout recorded history, than all other causes COMBINED….!

But the truly shocking aspect to their sinister achievements is that so few of their targeted victims recognize the threat at all.

Contrary of demonstrative facts, these dupes of mass media hypnosis actually defend their executioners.

These pathetic fools are so cognitively incapacitated by the Satanic techniques of JEWISH media hypnosis, that no matter how many facts they are presented with, they are totally incapable of processing information for which they have been conditioned not to accept.

This JEWISH inflicted blindness carries within it the seed of a worldwide cataclysm of unprecedented proportions.
This myopic blind spot allows victims to see and acknowledge manufactured worldwide chaos around the perimeter of the hidden cause without ever coming close to focusing on the source.

But there is a further and equally diabolical method of control utilized by this JEWISH malevolence. And that is their exploitation of fear.

Fear of ridicule, of reprisal, of being cast out into poverty for speaking the forbidden TRUTH that exposes the JEWISH KABBAL AND THEIR BEAST SYSTEM for what and whom they are.

Did those who came before us who faced this EVIL, risk any less than we? Can we even begin to imagine the magnitude of horrors that this demonic parasitic race has inflicted on mankind throughout recorded history?

MY GOD…. take this EVIL from us. SAVE US…from these pshychopathic, malevolent, maniacs who have brainwashed human kind to believe that they are Gods CHOSEN PEOPLE with their LIES and DECEPTION.