Why the US Armed Services Cannot Recruit

July 12, 2023 in News by RBN Staff

source:  lewrockwell



July 12, 2023

Despite the drone of hostile propaganda against Russia, China, and Iran, The US armed forces cannot recruit.  All sorts of false reasons are offered.  For example, the American job market is too good, only 25% of Americans are fit enough to pass enlistment standards, which keep falling, and so on.

The real reason for recruitment failure is the recruitment message to the white heterosexual males, essentially from the “racist” South who have always been the backbone of the military services:

Join the military and be discriminated against.  You will be required to take classes to learn that you have white privilege, that you are racist, misogynist, homophobic, transphobic.  You will not be promoted.  The US military has too many white officers.  Your officers will be blacks, feminists, homosexuals, and transgendered freaks who have been taught to hate heterosexual white males as vicious and violent exploiters, and they will take their learned hatreds out on you.  You will be psychologically tortured and made unsure of yourself. In fact, you and your despicable kind in the civilian population are the main enemy as seen by US Armed Forces.

Judicial Watch obtained 478 pages of instructional materials used by the US Air Force to deracinate and to destroy the confidence of white male heterosexuals.

The US is far advanced in self-destruction.  Russia and China will not need to resort to war in order to get rid of America.  The woke US military, woke presstitutes, woke universities, woke public schools, woke entertainment, and woke Democrats are rapidly destroying America for them.