Will Fulton County DA Trump Persecutor Fani Willis Be Indicted?

January 16, 2024 in News by RBN Staff

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By: Devvy Kidd

January 15, 2024

“To argue with a person who has renounced the use of reason is like administering medicine to the dead.”  —Thomas Paine

That would be The Unreachables in this country, who no matter how much actual evidence to the contrary, simply continue to hate Donald Trump.  They celebrate each time one of the corrupt, partisan judges presiding over one of the bogus indictments against Trump ignore the law.

Last week new blasting headlines featuring low intelligence diva, Big Fani Willis, Fulton County, GA DA persecuting Trump burned up the Internet.  A grand jury returned a RICO indictment against Trump and 18 others in her county.  That grand jury either has zero ability to process and fully understand the charges or they were all Democrat Unreachables.  Big Fani celebrated.

Meanwhile back at the ranch, Big Fani apparently has been doing some pillow talk as well as coordinated planning with liar, cheat, China’s water boy, fake president, Joe Biden and his handlers in the Red White House to “get Trump”.

BREAKING: Filing Accuses Fulton County DA Fani Willis of Having ‘Improper’ Romantic Relationship with Top Trump Prosecutor – Seeks to Disqualify Fani Willis From RICO Case, Jan. 8, 2024: “The filing claims Nathan Wade, the special prosecutor hired to go after Trump, paid for luxury vacations he took with Fani Willis to Napa Valley and a cruise in the Caribbean – and used money from Fulton County to pay for their out-of-town escapades.

“County records show that Wade, who has played a prominent role in the election interference case, has been paid nearly $654,000 in legal fees since January 2022. The DA authorizes his compensation.” the Atlanta Journal-Constitution reported.

“The motion claims “sources close to both the special prosecutor and the district attorney have confirmed they had an ongoing, personal relationship.”

Fulton County DA Fani Willis Subpoenaed to Testify in Divorce Case Following Allegations of Affair with Special Prosecutor and Boyfriend She Appointed to Go After Trump, Jan. 10, 2024

Georgia Senate Republican Leaders File Complaint Against Fani Willis, Call For Investigation, Oct. 9, 2023  //  Private Emails Reveal Fani Willis Wants to Jail Trump and His Top Allies Charged in Bogus RICO Case, Dec. 7, 2023 //  UPDATE: Fani Willis’ Buffoon Lover Boy Met with White House to Plot Trump Georgia Indictments – Then Billed the State for the Hours Exposing Biden Regime to Plot to Indict Trump (VIDEO), Jan. 9. 2024

SMOKING GUN: Record Reveals Fani Willis Visited the Biden White House Just DAYS After Georgia Grand Jury Recommended Indictments in Garbage Trump RICO Case, Jan. 9, 2024  //  Fani Willis’s Top Trump Prosecutor and Alleged Lover Nathan Wade Met with Biden White House Counsel Before Trump RICO Indictment, Jan. 9, 2024

But popular Georgia Governor, Brian Kemp, who hates Donald Trump with a passion determined several months ago there was no reason to open an investigation into Big Fani’s dirty crusade to destroy Donald Trump.  Kemp has nothing to be proud of as his state violated federal election law on Nov. 3, 2020, allowing Biden to steal the election.  Fani Willis Prosecutors Gunning For Trump Secretly Met with January 6 Committee Investigators, Jan. 11, 2024

Kemp is a Republican.  Their SOS (Secty of State), Brad Raffensperger, is another corrupt Republican also dirty as a baby’s diaper.  No question Trump won Georgia but those two poltroons with their conspiracy theories Trump lost to Biden in that stolen election also affected the outcome of U.S. Senate and U.S. House federal candidates.  Georgia Senate Proposes Bill To Remove Raffensperger From State Board Of Elections And Confirms Boards Authority To Investigate The Secretary Of State, Jan. 13, 2024

So, what say you now, governor?  Big Fani has stepped in her own huge pile of steaming feces and it’s going to land in your lap.  Courageous state senator, Colton Moore [R] went after Big Fani and HIS own party members (alleged Republicans) went after Senator Moore:  Georgia Republicans Suspend State Senator Who Wanted to Impeach Fani Willis, Sept. 29, 2023.  If I lived in a district of one of those RINO’s, I’d do everything to throw his/her arse out during their upcoming primary.  

My Dec. 26, 2023 column, Will Trump’s Attorney’s Stop the Second Steal in Nov. 2024?  is a must read as it begins some of the backstory with more of the truth emerging.

One of the links I provided is “Explosive Revelation: Fani Willis Linked To Massive Election Fraud And Money Laundering RICO Enterprise!” dated August 31, 2023.  The very next day, Sept. 1, 2023, Gov. Kemp announced no investigation into Big Fani and her criminal activities.  Chris Gleason is the author of the above article which isn’t filled with his opinion but proof: “In a shocking turn of events, a bombshell investigation has uncovered jaw-dropping connections between Fani Willis and a sprawling web of election fraud and money laundering activities…

“In the lead up to the 2022 midterm elections, my team uncovered a massive money laundering network of campaign finance contributions being made via ActBlue. One of the top beneficiaries of this money laundering RICO enterprise was none other than Georgia Senator Raphael Warnock. The Gateway Pundit was the first news organization to cover the massive money laundering network that financed the Raphael Warnock campaign.

“As our investigation progressed, we expanded our efforts into other states such as Missouri, Maryland, Wisconsin, Arizona, and then into every single state.

“Working with the Epoch Times investigative journalist Steven Kovac, we made a stunning find. Many of the top ActBlue “Contributors” never made the individual contributions. Many of these “Not Employed Individual Contributors” were the victims of a highly sophisticated money laundering scheme.  The scheme was further exposed when I provided the data to James O’Keefe and his people at O’Keefe Media Group who captured many unwitting “Money Laundering Smurfs” in Maryland.

“This massive ongoing money laundering operation involves wire fraud, evasion of campaign finance limits, structuring of financial transactions, tax fraud, non profit fraud, identity theft, and elder abuse.  The RICO operation is still in operation today. Using the identities of unwitting elderly, and other democrat voters, this massive RICO money laundering enterprise is the fuel for the entire election fraud RICO operation.


“The criminal money laundering enterprise operates at the Federal, state and local levels. The first local elected official identified as part of this ongoing money laundering operation was Alvin Bragg.

Alvin Bragg, another ass-kissing junkyard dog for the Democrat/Communist Party USA, is the Manhattan District Attorney who spearheaded the bogus indictment against Trump in March 2023.

What Gleason, working with Steven Kovac, an investigative journalist for the Epoch Times, uncovered – and I have no doubt there’s more coming, could land Big Fani in prison.  Here’s more from the Gleason article above:

“Should the people of Wisconsin be concerned about the purchase of a Wisconsin Supreme Court seat via a massive nationwide money laundering scheme using the stolen identities of the elderly?  How many other judges and courts have been compromised nationwide at the Federal, State and local levels?

“THEY SAY “FOLLOW THE MONEY” SO WE DID…The information on Fani Willis campaign contributions was obtained directly from the State of Georgia campaign finance database “HERE“.

Big Fani’s allegations of election interference by Trump and the other 18 defendants is prosecutorial misconduct.  It’s the State of Georgia that violated federal election law regarding federal candidates and counting of ballots.  I don’t live in GA but the Atlanta Journal Constipation (aka Atlanta Journal-Constitution or AJC) is another “news” paper that constantly peddles conspiracy theories, i.e., Trump tried to overturn the election.  Wrong.  You can’t overturn an election based on fraud and violating federal election law.  An election is simply void.

Searching for this column, I find the AJC has been concentrating on Big Fani and her sexual relationship with Nathan Wade whom she hired to oversee the persecution of Trump and was paid huge sums of moola.  Zip, zero, zilch regarding bringing a RICO indictment against Big Fani based on the evidence already obtained and made public August 31, 2023.  But, unfortunately for Big Fani, this isn’t going away.

Trump Georgia Legal Watch – Violating Prosecutorial Rules And Legal Ethics And Mixing That With Romance And Money In A Criminal RICO Case Should Be Grounds For A Dismissal, Jan. 9, 2024

About face:  Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp calls Fani Willis accusations ‘deeply troubling’ and hints at probe, Jan. 13, 2024 (Ah, you might say that, guv, and oh by the way, do voters know you’ve crawled into bed with the Communist Chinese Party?  Globalist Kemp Promoting Georgia As Welcoming Home For CCP Companies, June 3, 2023)  WEF:  Kemp.

Kemp speaks on panel at World Economic Forum, Jan. 1, 2023 – Dirty rotten players, every last damn one of them:  “Børge Brende, president of the World Economic Forum, led the conversation with Kemp and panelists U.S. Sens. Kyrsten Sinema (AZ-I), Chris Coons, (DE-D), Joe Manchin (WV- D);  U.S. Reps. Maria Elvira Salazar (FL-R) and Mikie Sherrill (NJ-D); and J.B. Pritzker, governor of Illinois.”

What can the people of Georgia do?

I am quite familiar with Ty Clevenger and his efforts on several issues.  Attorney Clevenger: Concerned Citizens Need Not Wait for Politicians to Prosecute Fani Willis and Her Lover Nathan Wade – There May Be Other Options, Jan. 11, 2024

“According to Attorney Ty Clevenger, if elected prosecutors in Georgia are too squeamish or biased to go after Fulton County, Georgia District Attorney Fani Willis or her lover Nathan Wade, there are other options.

“A private citizen can ask a superior court judge to sign an arrest warrant or he/she could take the case directly before a grand jury.  Clevenger explained the scenario in a trio of tweets.”  Rest at link.  Might I suggest a dozen or so GOP County Chapters get all their members to pursue the path Clevenger outlines?  Network with each other and bury (metaphorically speaking) a selected superior court judge with signatures.

Georgia’s Attorney General Christopher Carr is also a Republican.  If your WEF governor, Brian Kemp continues to be squishy (weighing voter reaction for his next election run), this might be a possibility.  I’m not a lawyer and have no legal training, but I can read.

The mission of the GA AG is to serve the people of the State of Georgia and “in the interests of the state”.  By law and as is in most states, they cannot represent private individuals.  HOWEVER:  The Fulton County DA’s office receives grants from the state and unconstitutional federal grants.  It’s done through Big Fani’s Grants & Governmental Affairs division.  Politely (by the thousands) tell AG Christopher Carr to open a criminal investigation into big Fani’s involvement in money laundering (“Explosive Revelation: Fani Willis Linked To Massive Election Fraud And Money Laundering RICO Enterprise!”).  Tell him to get those investigative journalists/reporters in a meeting with him so they can lay out actual evidence.

I do believe that might be what Jordan is going after Breaking: House Judiciary Committee Launches Investigation into Fani Willis’s Love Interest and Legal Associate Nathan Wade — On His Politically Motivated Prosecution of Donald Trump, Jan. 12, 2024.  This involves potential misuse of federal funds.  The U.S. Dept. of Justice is corrupt and weaponized against Trump and patriotic Americans.  The most we can expect from yet another committee hearing is blasting Big Fani’s corruption across this country.  That her ONLY mission is to “get Trump” while ruining so many lives.

And, dear Big Fani:  What goes around comes around.  Judge Schedules Hearing on Allegations of DA Fani Willis’ ‘Improper Use of Funds’ and ‘Scandalous’ Affair with Trump Investigation Prosecutor, Jan. 14, 2024 (Fulton County Superior Court Judge)