Winning the Word War

April 27, 2020 in Columnists, News by RBN Staff


By Je suis Spike, for RBN

When someone gets to re-define words, then that someone gets to determine who wins.

When running for office in 1992, then Governor Clinton employed a masterful use of obfuscation when he used the word “contributions” in place of the word he didn’t want to use, “taxes.”  As in, America can be better if only we have more contributions.  Well who can argue with that?  It’s important that we remember that words mean things and we must hold the leftists/liberals accountable when they refuse to acknowledge the truth and obscure the truth with wordplay.  Another example of re-defining things:  Instead of “baby in her mother’s womb,” they say, “unviable tissue mass,” or “products of conception.”  That’s why it’s okay to shred a baby to death in an abortion, because it’s just removing “unviable tissue mass,” like a lung that no longer works.

Words matter.  This is why I want us to say DemPanic in place of PanDemic.  Sure the W.H.O. declared a worldwide pandemic, inarguable, but it’s all because the Dems are in a panic that we are in LOCKDOWN in America.  They could feel President Trump riding easily to re-election and they refuse to allow it.

We need to change the wording used in the matter of “re-starting” the economy.  Right now, we keep hearing “open the economy” or “re-open the economy,” as though, like a garden hose that’s been bent over to stop the flow of water temporarily, it will resume full flow immediately when we unbend the hose.

It’s not that simple, of course; I know you know.

Allowing “them” to use the words they want in this matter, plays into the hands of those who are choking the economy now, such that when they take their foot off the throat of the economy, it should be expected to restart with no troubles.  Then, when the economy sputters and stalls in fits and starts, they will say that this incident, (the virus, or, we know more accurately, the RESPONSE to the virus), just exposed the weaknesses in “Trump’s economy.”  This would be just dishonest.  It would be like saying that the car that smashed through the store’s large display window exposed the underlying weakness in the window.  Or the land mine exposed the weakness of the boots of the man who stepped on it.

Please, let us speak in the terms we know to use which accurately reflect reality: the economy will be liberated from those who choked and squelched the free-market by hampering the forces that work together to make the economy serve us all; the demand was diminished by stay-at-home orders;* and the supply was dangerously disrupted by orders to close many industries important to the people’s quality of life.  In the case of hospitals shuttering so-called elective surgery, some will suffer – even perish – as the result of not being able to “elect” to undergo a colonoscopy, a mammogram or an important biopsy. 

The Americans’ economy was knowingly choked and squelched by Governors overstepping (peeing on?) the office they’ve been temporarily granted, but will be liberated by the people.


Thank you for reading this,

God blessed America,

Je suis Spike


Watch for the Governors, when they feel the heat, to admit that their orders never had the force of law, but were just suggestions.  Din’ch ya know?

Of course they had the force of the state behind them to intimidate the people into conducting themselves contrary to their own health, save the Sheriffs who actually know and respect the Constitution, unlike many of these Governors.