World Economic Forum Panelist Boasts the Globalists Are Working on Tracking Where You Shop, What You Eat, Where You Travel and How You Travel (VIDEO)

March 1, 2023 in News by RBN Staff

source:  gatewaypundit

J. Michael Evans, Canadian Alibaba Group President

Canadian Alibaba President J. Michael Evans bragged at the recent Global Economic Forum that the globalists are working on a tracking system that monitors where you shop, what you eat, how you travel and where you travel. The Tech Giants and government may be doing that already.

It’s time to wake up, people.
What happens after the data collection stage is where it really gets scary.

The Gateway Pundit has been tracked, banned, censored, smeared, suspended, removed from, and frequently lied about because we disagreed with the Fauci lockdowns, the WHO COVID mortality rates, the wet market nonsense, the vaccines, vaccines for children, the effectiveness of HCQ and Ivermectin, masking, manufactured mortality numbers, vaccine mandates, etc.

Then they tried to eliminate us from society.

Guess what comes after the WEF consumer monitoring?

Via Dr. Simon Goddek.

The Canadian Alibaba Group president J. Michael Evans boasts at the World Economic Forum about developing an individual carbon footprint tracker to monitor what you buy, what you eat, and where/how you travel.

That individual carbon footprint tracker, however, most likely won’t apply to corporate jets, yachts, or emissions from homes greater than 5,000 sq ft.

This growing obsession with ‘tracking people’ is worrisome and needs to stop!