World Events Are Not Pre-Planned? – Watch This From David Icke.

February 16, 2024 in News, Video by RBN Staff


Source: The Exposé


There are still some people who believe that now the “covid” era is all over, everything is back to normal, whatever that may be, and the battle has been won. That is not true. “We are right in the middle of a fantastic agenda to enslave the entirety of humanity” according to David Icke, and this is an agenda that has been planned for a long time and therefore “it’s not going away unless we make it so” he says. The planned agenda is much bigger than “Covid” which was a “massive operation, hoax, to advance this agenda very quickly in the last two years or so” explained David in 2022.

David Icke has been warning us all of these plans that were coming for over thirty four years, and despite the ridicule and abuse he endured, toured not only the UK but countries worldwide and has written many books detailing the plans that have been put in place to end human freedom.

These days, many more people are receptive to what David Icke has to say and vast numbers of people acknowledge that he has been vindicated by the happenings of the ‘Covid’ era. His own predictions have now been seen in current events and planned future events that we have been warned about are perceived as being very likely to become reality.

David Icke not only has spoken of his own predictions but also those of others that support his own. In the video below, David discusses the predictions of Dr Richard Day from 1969, which were recently covered here at the Expose – Astonishing Predictions Part 1Part 2Part 3. David Icke said in 2022 that these predictions give an example of how long it has not only been planned, but “planned down to the fine detail”

“Everything is in place and nobody can stop us now,” Dr Richard Day.

The “Astonishing predictions”

David begins by saying “Paediatrician, Dr Richard Day was a big Rockefeller insider and “an executive of Planned Parenthood a Rockefeller operation that began life in the Eugenics movement,” and even Bill Gates, a “Rockefeller gofer” said his father ran Planned Parenthood at one time.”

This is the Gates family that is extremely close to the Rockefellers, Bill Gates is a Rockefeller gofer, the same Rockefeller family that created the World Health Organisation (WHO) and now has Bill Gates run it for them.

To the end that we have not only clearly seen in the last two years, but with this planned treaty between the World Health Organisation and member countries, the next stage is that the WHO becomes a full blown global health dictatorship.

What this means is that anything that the WHO says goes, and must be adhered to by the member states. No one knows why Dr Richard Day said what he did, but David Icke says that he for one is grateful as he revealed so much that is what is happening now.

Click on the Link below to watch the video of David Icke’s views on the astonishing predictions of Dr Richard Day.

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