World War III and the Imminent Collapse of the US Dollar

July 19, 2022 in News, Video by RBN Staff


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By Alexandra Bruce
Forbidden Knowledge TV

World War III and the Imminent Collapse of the US Dollar


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Thierry on Twitter wrote: “Everybody who touches Zelinksy resigns.”

Which is interesting.

After failing the UK at every opportunity to serve Globalist interests, Boris Johnson resigns as prime minister, to which the Russian Kremlin expressed, “Good riddance.”

Italian prime minister, Mario Draghi, who helped deliver Italian weapons to Ukraine and rallied support for Ukraine’s entry into the EU announced his resignation.

Last month, Estonian prime minister, Kaja Kallas expelled the populist center-left Center Party, claiming that she needed to form a new government to support Ukraine in their war against Russia and on Thursday, Kallas officially resigned as a formality to form a new government, which she has already reached a consensus between the center-right Reform Party, the Social Democrats and the Conservative Fatherland Party, to form a new three-party government to support Ukraine.

And Sri Lanka’s president, Gotabaya Rajapaksa, who supported the Ukraine, despite sanctions crippling his own nation, emailed in his resignation after fleeing the country.

Beyond resignations and beyond meet-and-greets with Ukraine’s puppet president, Zelinskyy, we have also just seen the assassination of popular anti-Globalist leader, Shinzo Abe and the dramatic loss of confidence expressed by the people towards Macron, Trudeau and Biden.

What is happening, here?

On Celia Farber’s The Truth Barrier, Catherine Austin Fitts explains that, “We are seeing a clean-out or political castration of leaders – Draghi, Johnson, Biden, Macron, Abe.

“Their political capital is exhausted and/or they will not push the next wave aggressively.

“Mr Global is looking to bring in a whole new round of fresh, meaner leadership.”

The next wave is total collapse and it’s not easy to find people willing to be the fall guy for the destruction of a nation. It takes a special type of person, which might explain why California governor, Gavin Newsom visited the White House right after Joe Biden was shuffled off to Israel to mumble about the Holocaust.

Biden is even unsettling to the stupid and this entire operation requires stupidity.

So things are going to keep getting stranger but it probably won’t last much longer, because the global financial reset is not imminent. Sri Lanka was just the beginning and it looks like South Africa could be next, followed by everyone.

The fiat fractional reserve banking scheme has been robbing the people blind for decades but eventually, all the money runs out and the financial are all saying it’s this year.

The dollar has just reached parity with the euro and fudging the numbers will no longer work. They have only one solution left. And that’s war.

War has often been used to save failing fiat currencies and having no other options, the psychotic bureaucrats in charge will go to war with Russia, which will only hasten the financial collapse of the West.

If it comes to World War III, then it will be the final death blow, making way for a new system, which means that, unless you’re holding onto real money, you will soon be broke, because all that paper in our wallets and numbers on our screens is going to soon be worthless.

Reprinted with the author’s permission.