Wretched Way Out Weirdness and A Woke Color Agenda

July 26, 2023 in News by RBN Staff

source:  newswithviews

By Sidney Secular

July 26, 2023

Color revolutions, a relatively new phenomenon, can be defined as mainly non-violent mass protests and civil unrest aimed at removing leaders and ruling political parties from power in those nations not yet subservient to the whims and wishes of the hegemonic ruling Western elite. This is usually accomplished by resignations of leaders under pressure or, in the alternative, corrupted elections. The CIA and other allied undercover subversive intelligence agencies usually lead these efforts with the lapdog media in tow. Media propaganda and dissident  factions lead the charge by charging up the crowds on the desired “side.”

The term “color” associated with a particular disturbance derives from the colors of the flags and banners waved by the agitators whose presence en masse makes for colorful and memorable media coverage. The concept itself falls under the heading of Fourth Generation Warfare in which the citizens are weaponized rather than utilizing the military. One such successful revolution was the “Euromaidan Revolution” in Ukraine in 2014 which caused the overthrow of the pro-Russian President Viktor Yanukovych. This singular event was the primary trigger for the current Russian invasion of Ukraine.

Past color revolutions pale in comparison to the importance of the destructive and all-encompassing color revolution now taking place in the Western nations in the form of the “Pride” movement that began as a broad and leaderless crusade focused on LGBT issues. However, it has evolved into a movement consolidating all the “WOKE” issues under its “rainbow” banner for the purpose of political destabilization and the cultural makeover of the West. This “makeover” encompasses all the currently in vogue WOKE issues represented by Antifa, BLM, the critical and critical race theories, DEI, the cancel culture, book banning, destruction of cultural icons, unrestricted immigration, climate change, and all the current thrusts against the established order, i.e. civilization itself.

The banner of this “revolution” is a multicolored, multicultural rainbow “flag” recently displayed front and center at the White House, together with a spectrum of rainbow colors flashed on “the People’s House” at Christmas.  This “rainbow display” has evolved into a political emblem, rallying symbol, and a totem of religious and cult worship. As has been done in past military battles, the rainbow flag is displayed by the flag carriers at the head of the forces leading the assault on Western civilization with the infantile infantry, useful idiots and the usual dolts in tow. Pride activists are rebels without any remaining cause as there are no rights under the law in the West that gay and trans people don’t already have –  except the rights to destroy any who disagree with them and they are rapidly gaining those as well!

So what is the whining and rage all about? What do they want now that they have equal – or more than equal rights? They want forced control and domination by their abomination and the equivalent of celebrity status in order to lord it over the straights. All the power centers of our society have by now been conquered by this mindless mindset and they have the wherewithal to inject incredible amounts of funding into woke projects. All the excess funds of the top 1% to 2% now can be used for the moguls to virtue signal their funding of favored foundations and their favored tools of tyranny.

A large percentage of the LGBT devout have no children and will never have them. So, the only way to continue their cult is to hijack the minds and bodies of other people’s children. If you can turn society’s children into soldiers for the cause, it is very difficult for the leadership of that society to resist. The unnatural inclination of today’s wimpy adults is to bend to the whims of their children, not to lead but to plead for their indulgence. The problem is that today’s kids are not only increasingly ignorant and inexperienced, but also misinformed, propagandized and bullied. When you add to this situation the fact that they are also pushy and spoiled and frequently “spoiling” for a fight against parents and other knowledgeable adults, the results are both obvious and tragic. Our children are easily manipulated by the groomers and the result of all of the above is the fact that they are being used for fashionable but foul purposes. The public schools have governance of them for half the day and can –  and do! – indoctrinate them over and over in a series of supposedly “academic” courses. An unappreciated or under-appreciated undertow and the true endgame of the LGBT gender-bender agenda is to make the West infertile. If identity and biology are subjective and a matter of perception, then a moral compass is a social construct, and right and wrong becomes nothing more subjective guidelines differing according to the agenda involved. This facilitates the adoption of double standards where the law is twisted to favor Leftists and their subject minority groups. The Pride color revolution is a psy-op that can only lead to deconstruction of the West if it is not stopped in its tracks – and it is already very far along in its movement on those tracks!

The long germinating and degenerative impulses begun during the Enlightenment have culminated in a series of left wing revolutionary activities in Europe begun in the 1840s that were put down at that time but burst upon the scene again with a blast in the Russian Revolution of 1917. At that time an entire empire – the Russian Empire – came under the power of a Jewish globalist mindset that then festered in the West guided by the subversive activities of the Frankfurt School centered at Columbia University in New York City. This “infection” then spread to liberal oriented schools around the country and has since transmogrified into the educational establishment of today. One aspect of this insurrectionist activity was the movement towards heterogeneous societies and the realization of that concept with the acceptance and advancement of the ethos of multiculturalism. Conservatives, always following one step behind the libber trend, countered with the concept of “civic nationalism” which glossed over significant differences between the various races and religions with their different forms of acceptable behavior and standards. Naturally incompatible, competing and antagonistic entities were urged and expected to tolerate and get along with one another and the pious platitudes about constitutional government, freedom, and liberty were expected to be the solvent that kept everything running smoothly and solved disagreements. We were expected to grin and bear it, if, as time went on, only barely.

However, man is a not a solitary animal; we are more wolf than tiger. We live in tribes and clans and other societies, and by nature we prefer our own group, all things being equal. From mate to family, to clan, to tribe, to ethnic group (an extension of tribe) and building out to ethnic-based nation (not the artificial political state), the individual naturally identifies with a group with similar behaviors, physical features, proclivities, interests, goals, ideologies and, perhaps most important, histories! This is why the globalists wage a constant war on history itself as it tends to justify and validate our need to be “different.” But modern and confused Western religious groups having lost the understanding of the universality of the salvation of mankind by the sacrifice of God’s Son, Jesus Christ, today presents an erroneous understanding of the “brotherhood of man” and, in so doing, introduces split loyalties, crossed interests, and confusion. Of course, this results in mixed up people who see such acts as miscegenation as a means of removing all identifying differences among people. Thus, we men lose our individual and distinctive natures, becoming an amorphous mass amenable to the centralized power of New World Order authoritarianism. On the other hand, true Christianity advocates the inclusion of all men into Her Church without ignoring or negating our fundamental differences, but merely making them subservient to the service of a God Who claims love for all mankind. As God, He who has no “tribe” or “group,” and is therefore able to declare love for all of mankind without fear or favor; that is, He makes no demand that we all become “alike,” or “the same.” Thus the demand of globalists for an end to our natural differences becomes immediately suspect. It more than strongly suggests that these “globalists” do not seek our benefit but merely our obedience to their and not God’s will! And as God’s will is always for our good, this new “object of worship” (or rather, the old “object of worship!) is contrary to humanity’s benefit.

With leadership and reverential support from “reverends” of all currently suspect “religious denominations,” in the name of secularly worshipped “civil rights,” today legislation has all but abrogated the rights of individuals and communities, allowing federal judges and “boorocrats” to dictate: [1] how many low income (the government code for minority occupied) domiciles must be built or created in a community and [2] how many children of color must be brought into an established community or, in the alternative, how many “majority” children must be bussed away to create an artificial blend of incompatible elements. This legal population rearranging abrogates the individual’s ability to choose where and with whom he wants to live because government-created quotas invariably trump both individual liberty and quality of life. Added to this loss of freedom, people must now be extra careful in their choice of words, and especially the pronouns one uses for the permanently offended and those who willingly and knowingly reject reality itself, lest we be accused of “hate speech” an actual crime in many people’s minds and even in many of our present laws.

Meanwhile, media messaging induces psychological trauma through gaslighting and cognitive dissonance with white guilt gaming and blaming being the current weapons of choice. Communities disintegrate in the name of integration while liberal blacks now reject that same integration and demand a return to segregation, the only difference being that whites thus separated now must become the inferior party. Yet the fact is that ethnocentric and coherent systems of belief support the stability of a society and when these are removed there is what we have today –  chaos. Purely putative political postulations without consideration of cultural context produce opposing posturing, discordance and dissent, and thus disable communication in the public square. Commonly accepted belief systems and cultural myths provide emotional strength and comfort, fortifying the people to face sorrow, accept pain and to enjoy an essential social cohesion. Unique self-expressions within unique cultures allow the culture to grow in its particularly unique manner. Group altruism, a natural feature of socio-biological systems and useful for the survival of any homogeneous group is now forcefully focused on other cultures and peoples rejecting the biological brother. The future development of the quality of life of the peoples of the Western countries –  together with their flora and fauna as well – are threatened qualitatively and quantitatively by the rampant use of non-Western immigration – illegal and legal – a situation promoted by pseudo-Christian universalist dogma and the globalist establishment with the power of its media mouthpieces. These bar any criticism or attempts to undo this war on nationalism with the claims of “racisim” and xenophobia. Vague feelings of collective racial guilt from the critical race theory programming and the “Holocaustianity” religion pervade the cultural atmosphere. As a result, there arises a sort of apathetic masochism in which people will not defend or promote either their own people or their own interests, a matter that “greases the skids” for demographic replacement.

Once the culture mulchers get their foot in the door or inside the tent, it quickly all tends to go to hell as the invasion builds from innocuous and supposedly innocent beginnings to mind boggling, D-Day style levels. Let us look at “once-Great” Britain: few could have foreseen what would follow in the wake of the trickle of the relatively well-educated West Indians and Asians from the former British colonies into Britain itself that began in 1945. White Brits are already in the minority in the 1,976 year old city of London. Now the globalists have the audacity to say the British Isles have always been multiracial and they are getting away with it. It’s reaching the point at which many Brits regard their culture as worthless as they follow the insane fallacies of deconstructionism, moral relativism, pluralism, equality and Afrocentrism and all the modern “isms” that have been utilized to create and sustain actual schisms. The Brits now have voting ballots in 5 languages vice the 2 and sometimes 3 (and counting) we now have to put up with in the USA. Famously –  now infamous – British political leader Enoch Powell warned of the incoming flood in 1968 but he was ridiculed and vilified and his name was made anathema. The churches in England may be emptying, but not before their ersatz “reverends” have made people vulnerable to the paralytic sickness of pseudo-guilt. William Bennett, prominent conservative spokesman of the Reagan era was a typical civic nationalist who proclaimed that all we want are safe streets, good schools, strong families and a non-intrusive government. This ersatz leader put the cart before the horse. The only way to guarantee such outcomes is to have homogeneous neighborhoods with a common culture that existed “back in the day” as they say. The only way the native folk and their ways can be preserved is to avoid the dilution arising from foreign pollution.

In the US, it is ridiculous to believe a universalist creed and the Constitution is all you need to retain what guarantees the survival of our country! Conservatives need to get some horse sense instead of horsing around with attacks on other less perfect conservatives. The concept of E. Pluribus Unum was never intended to apply to anyone not part of Western Civilization (Europe) and once this concept was deliberately abandoned in 1965, the floodgates were opened and everything started going downhill. The “melting pot” – a false flag concept created by Israel Zangwell in his play of that name introduced in 1908 – could never absorb all those new diverse and perverse ingredients created by open borders and targeted immigration. The true and best way to create the desired culture lies between the exaggerated rugged individualism of classic capitalism and the situation in which the charitable – Christian – impulse fights against the utopian conceptions of the socialist and communist promise of a utopia while delivering hell itself. Civic virtue and volunteerism used to be so common that we didn’t have to rely on welfare schemes like social security. The welfare and viability of the community as a social entity has degraded and was eventually destroyed when cultural as well as national foreigners were allowed to partake of our generosity without contributing to our national needs or sharing our cultural values or even being forced to use our language. Today we have everything in more languages than developed during the era of the Tower of Babel.

Over the last 50 years or so, “legistraitors”  and socially active jurists have “progressively” restricted long-guaranteed freedoms in the name of “social justice.” This unconstitutional, illegal and immoral tyranny has stunted the ability of Americans to openly hold –  never mind demonstrate and celebrate! – our common affections and traditions, and, worse, to openly express our opinions either in speech or writing. People who are “outsiders” whether socially, culturally or economically – that is, non-Americans living among us – destroy our homogeneous communities because those same communities have, by government decree, provided subsidized housing and zoning modified to allow for more crowding in already urbanized neighborhoods and thus does the polyglot rot spread to new areas. Social interactions and civic participation designed to diminish these circumstances are often put forth as illegal on the basis of “civil rights.” Employers and admissions officers for public institutions are increasingly hamstrung by ethnic and gender quotas and goals, culminating in the current “diversity, equity, and inclusion” madness that results in accepting candidates of lesser and even poor quality in order to meet the “diversity guidelines”– also known as dictates. Educators must balance or choose between ethnic histories and studies, politically correct versions of history, and the true Western tradition originally found in America’s schools, to the point at which actual history as an academic track or subject is disappearing to avoid hurting feelings or stepping on toes – or more accurately, to fulfill the New World Order agenda. Western history is incoherent to most foreigners anyway and when you add the fact that the true history of Western civilization removes all the excuses non-Westerners use to explain their own failings, well, real history has got to go! What is taught winds up undermining Western values, criticizing Western accomplishments, and attacking the established order, producing an ongoing malaise, anomie, lack of spirit and direction, and eventually nihilism.

Social services are increasingly attuned to the needs of those hostile to America including immigrants, refugees, and non-English speakers who continually, over time, constitute an ever-larger segment of our society. Language differences and  difficulties are “accentuated” by trying to communicate with those that reject the nation’s language, insisting upon the language of their native country. This greatly hinders the resolution of problems with the delivery of products and services. The huge economic cost requiring an army of translators for an ever increasing number of languages and dialects is not commonly addressed for fear of  those doing so being labeled xenophobic. English is treated as a “choice” rather than a necessity and in many cities especially, it has become a secondary tongue, and actually is taught as a second language! Worse, this situation frequently occurs in areas where the use of English should be mandatory as, for example, in the practice of official government business. There are communities in the United States so overtaken by foreign language speakers that English is not to be found at all and native Americans can find themselves as cut off from their own culture as they would were they in Istanbul or Peking. This completely unnecessary situation results in conflict, confusion and the acceptance of inferior service along with feelings of injustice both warranted (by Americans) or unwarranted (by foreign speakers). Of course, such unwarranted “feelings” are the result of trumped up trifles forced upon native Americans by our elite rulers and their global and egalitarian dogmas.

True believers having a total lack of  any actual “true belief,” control our media, our institutions, and the founts of money for the fronts labeled “foundations,” all of which dominate our discourse from the last four decades of the 20th Century up to the present time. During this period anti-poverty programs have only produced more poverty because efforts to manipulate people’s finances never work but especially in these cases, based as they are on equalitarian dogma. The equalitarians reveled in the reality of the so-called “generation gap” prominent in the late 1950s and 1960s. Prominent anthropologist and apologist for the generation –  and every other kind of – gap, Margaret Mead told a group of young intellectuals at a meeting of the American Academy for the Advancement of Science that “there is nothing that your parents’ generation can teach you that is of any use to you” — so much for the value of tradition and the wisdom acquired during the maturation process. It must be remembered that the Chinese, hardly a scatter-brained race, always respected the old because they were old and therefore experienced in the vagaries of life!

Then there was the unisex movement which devolved into today’s gender-bender horrific and nightmarish subculture. A corollary of all of this is that a family consisting of male and female parents, with any extended family, is superfluous because the roles males and females fulfill in the family structure – the bedrock of civilization! –  are not only interchangeable  but represent an obsolete and repressive system. Heredity has been dismissed as have the differences between gender physiology, physiognomy, thought and behavior with the role of the environment elevated to having the most important impact in human development. We have been told that “nurture” rather than “nature” makes all the difference and that you could take a cave man and with proper care produce a Shakespeare. Thus, the genetic differences between races became superficial, inconsequential, and in fact, “social constructs.” As a result, the “human race” finds itself in a race to the bottom of the biological ladder.

An earlier result of the rethinking of reality with regards to humanity was that Earl Warren and his copycat comrades on the Supreme Court were able to insert revolutionary concepts into the Constitution without altering its revered text while we, as the People, just didn’t really understand what the now “living” Constitution meant, or at least meant now! The Constitution that had held sway over our institutions for 175 years was no more, thus allowing the Justices to revise every possible concept including liberty and freedom. So, in accord with the new dispensation, the Roman Catholic Bishop of the United States at the Ecumenical Council in Rome in 1963 pressed for and obtained adoption of a document stating that the proven qualitative differences between the races are to be ignored as contrary to the Church’s fundamental beliefs — and the leaders of the other Christian denominations adopted similar resolutions. After all, it all sounded so “Christian!”

Thus, the Church as well rejected reality in order to go with the flow while science itself was captured by the Left, enraptured with the new libber lunacy, rejecting fact and reality in order to embrace new agendas. Unsurprisingly, in 1969, the National Academy of Sciences declined to study the hereditary aspects of human quality stating that the conduct of such research would tend to heighten current social tensions to a very destructive degree. The fact that a necessary look at reality was “trumped” by the fact that that look might produce hurt feelings and more serious consequences apparently no longer mattered. As a result of this lack of intellectual backbone, everyone became in sync with the new sick conformity. The findings of E. O. Wilson in his book, “Sociobiology” published in 1975 were widely lambasted. Sociobiology is defined as the scientific study of the biological aspects of social behavior in animals. It brings up the overweening importance of heredity and the uncomfortable realities of race. A radical leftie dumped a pitcher of water on Wilson’s head at a scientific conference that year while shouting, “You’re all wet” but Wilson went on to have a storied career in telling the story of how biology governs behavior. For you cannot undo reality with ridicule or produce fact via fads.

But the left can’t tolerate any debate or disagreement on their politicized science –  or anything else, for that matter! They get both passionate and very disagreeable when any subject is broached by those who refuse to embrace their agenda. The mounting suppression of research together with the repression and victimization of researchers was examined by the late Roger Pearson in his book, “Race, Intelligence, and Bias in Academe”. The Orwellian state of the repression of unpopular ideas has only intensified over the last several decades until the point at which it has swerved into the field of law with actual crimes centered on undesired intellectual responses. It has reached a fevered pitch in many subjects, but none more brutal than what has been occasioned by the vaxxes associated with the COVID-19 catastrophe. The concept of the “global village”, is a harmless sounding metaphor for one huge agglomeration of controlled humans on a massive global plantation, something that is diametric to the very concept of a village. In such a “village”, there are no differences be they of color, race, or ethnicity and few, if any, hereditary differences in intelligence. Life is bland and as meaningless as the robotic, disposable people that inhabit it.  Everyone has a number like a tool or an inmate, and everything is reduced to mere numbers directing endless agendas, each more stultifying and soulless than the last. All the  differences, improvements and refinements crafted by nature and man’s intellect and talent over time as created by Nature’s God have been lost through mass miscegenation and chemical and spiritual assaults on mankind’s body and soul. Any remaining distinctions between individuals and groups will be blotted out, condemned as residues of social injustice while free inquiry and free expressions of views will cease. We are not quite at that point now, but at present they still have to pass through the meat grinder of government pre-approval.

The US was a leader in the adaptation of natural improvement using eugenics policies in the first half of the 20th Century when individual distinctions were appreciated. Our domesticated animal and plant varieties were established through a process of selection for quality and a lack of genetic issues. Sometimes, this desire for “improvement” led to a misuse of the understanding of better genes when we stopped thinking of ourselves and our fellow men as children of God and began to worship the World whose demands were at once both far less and far more than the demands of God our Father. We used eugenics to make our fellow man into just another animal and this has led to an omnipresent cognitive dissonance, creating a type of tunnel vision that demands not so much what is “better” but that which is “equal” even though equality itself in living things cannot be achieved. We have broken the cycle of improvement whether of our lives or our environment though we cover our sins against nature in the garb of Gaia-worship. But, in fact, because we couldn’t appreciate what was good and right in our fellow humans, preferring instead to create idols of chaos, we as a species are in the process of going down the tubes.

We also became accustomed to the concept of “the power of positive thinking” beginning with the writings of Dr. Norman Vincent Peale, and subsequently through the apostles and proponents of positive pop psychology such as Dr. Wayne Dyer as presented through TV programs and pulp paperbacks. But conversely, what about the power of negative thinking to produce physical and mental disease and disorder? Feeling hostile and depressed also shortens and reduces the quality of life. Popular movies and videos that consistently promote mindless violence, sexual perversion, and corrupted values have a pronounced negative effect on people’s outlooks, actions, and social interactions. There are over 700 studies on TV violence alone that show that the vile visuals presented there have a direct and major causal connection to our actual behavior. Could this be a factor in explaining much of the aberrant and increasingly violent behavior of the denizens not only of our urban ghettos but even many of our middle class youths? Bad black behavior is easily triggered by perceived slights and they have obtained the means by which to readily act on their impulses as they totally lack any interior moral “brakes.”

Of course, the media are experts in this tactic and repeated images of violence as seen from the Rodney King case made people angrier every time they viewed them, even years after the event. The media are experts in stoking racial animus by constantly harping on the manufactured meme of “hate crimes,” a matter that actually ignores the rampant nature of such crimes when the victim-perpetrator doesn’t meet the desired narrative! In order to correct that condition, there is a constant steam of fictionalized stories and scenarios together with concocted mini-dramas promoting contrived stories of oppression and discrimination suffered by the envy-ridden and insufferable minorities. And what about the repeated presentations of “The Holocaust” featured in literally thousands of books, movies and TV programs with the underlying negative theme of “never forgive and never forget” especially when the “victims” are purported to be the Jews. Kids are force fed this propaganda when they are forced by a Jewish run educational system to visit Holocaust museums. This unending propaganda produces pronounced negative feelings against the supposed “criminals” in all exposed to it. It fires up phony charges and campaigns against alleged “anti-Semites”, especially used to shelter Israel and Zionists from their bad behaviors (see Mossad agent Jeffrey Epstein). We need to liberate ourselves from the self-flagellation occasioned by the continuous guilt-inducing propaganda foisted upon us. However, this is unlikely to happen as the entire purpose for this propaganda is to intensify racial, ethnic and religious conflict and foster general discontent.

Generally speaking, much of the unhappiness, dysfunction, retarded development and discontent is the result of forcibly mixing groups in carefully created toxic situations. There is nothing wrong with small amounts of such “mixing” when the conditions allow but what is happening here is neither benign nor accidental. It is an intentional strategy to bring about the breakdown of the social order. One of the findings of socio-biological studies is that when more than one group of relatively equal sizes occupies a limited physical space, they do not simply “co-exist” but rather they compete for domination. This is as natural in the human world as in the natural world and it is the critical problem that if not alleviated will put America in the grave.