The Republic Renegade Round Table with The Rebel and the Renegade


The Rebel Mad Man-

Mike Gaddy

Career in the Intelligence field, Founder of Bill of Rights Arkansas, Former Vice President of the American Foundation for Accountability of Prisoners of War and Missing in Action, Student, teacher and public speaker on the subject of the US Constitution, Bill of Rights and America’s Founding Era for 3 decades.

The Renegade-

Richard Kary

Founder of Revision Media and an astute observer of the social engineering which encompasses our society.  Having identified and resisted many of the dogmatic, ideological control mechanisms since an early age, Richard has traveled from technological and underground music culture through research of the philosophical, psychological and metaphysical disciplines.  Richard has previously interviewed a number of noteworthy guests on his broadcasts, including among others Ole Dammegard, Dr. James Fetzer, Daniel Friberg, Max Igan, Willem Felderhof, Alex Newman and Scott Tips.  Humanity must achieve a merging of scientific and metaphysic to progress any further.  The preservation of knowledge is of the utmost concern, on behalf of both those among this epoch as well as for those who shall come after.


Steven Douglas Whitener

Former whistle-blower regarding a hazardous waste treatment facility run by Aqua Tech Inc in South Carolina. In 1990
the illegal activities at the facility led to its closing and it was listed as an EPA super-fund site in late 1991. For his efforts at exposing the wrongdoing Steven was rewarded by Aqua Tech with lungs full of hydrogen chloride gas which left him permanently injured. He did not speak publicly again about these events until 2017.




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