The New Domestic War on Terror is Coming

source: by Glenn Greenwald The last two weeks have ushered in a wave of new domestic police powers and rhetoric in the name of fighting “terrorism” that are carbon copies of many
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Joe Biden FAILING Beyond Everyone’s Imagination! He WONT LAST LONG At This Rate.. Disaster..


Beware the experts who want lockdowns to go on forever

  Source: NY POST | By Karol Markowicz Now that the COVID-19 vaccines are here, it’s time to celebrate the beginning of the end of this plague, right? Not so fast. The media
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Articles of Impeachment Filed Against Biden by GOP Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene

  BREAKING Rep. @mtgreenee : 'I just filed Articles of Impeachment on President Joe Biden' — Sara A. Carter (@SaraCarterDC) January 21, 2021   Source: The Epoch Times   Newly-elected Rep. Marjorie
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D.C. National Guardsmen Kicked to the Curb

    Headlines with a Voice D.C. National Guardsmen Kicked to the Curb…    

Tucker: None of Biden’s actions help law abiding Americans

    419,030 views •Jan 21, 2021 Fox News –    6.78M subscribers Tucker Carlson examines the new president’s top priorities on his first full day in office. #FoxNews #Tucker

Democrats Launch Their Assault on Red State America

source:  paulcraigroberts January 12, 2021 Democrats Launch Their Assault on Red State America Civil War Heats Up Paul Craig Roberts The opening salvo against red state America is the article
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Biden doesn’t wear mask at Lincoln Memorial hours after mandating masks be worn at all federal property

source:  patriots4life    Joe Biden’s very first executive order as president of the United States requires Americans to wear face masks on federal property. However, it appears that President Biden
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Tucker Carlson: Biden’s Unity Message ‘Doesn’t Mean Every Single American

source:  libertysword By Liberty Sword  – January 21, 2021 During Wednesday’s episode of FNC’s “Tucker Carlson Tonight,” host Tucker Carlson argued President Joe Biden’s pleas for unity during his inauguration speech should
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COVID “CASE”DEMIC: Thread Chronicles The Year’s History Of The Propaganda & Fraud

  Source: Thread Reader | Dr. Simon ツ   1/ One year of destroyed economies, social isolation & deep social splits calls for an anniversary ⬇️thread ⬇️ to celebrate the RT-qPCR manuscript
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Denzel Washington: The Only Hollywood Star Telling the Truth About Race | Larry Elder

  Larry Elder with Epoch Times According to Larry Elder, Denzel Washington is the only person in Hollywood speaking the truth about race relations in America. He may not be
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Right On Cue For Biden, WHO Admits High-Cycle PCR Tests Produce COVID False Positives

  Source: Zero Hedge   Were the ‘conspiracy theorists’ just proven right about the “fake rescue plan” for COVID? Did the ‘science-deniers’ just get confirmation that it was political after all? The short answer
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You won’t see this on mainstream….many NG had their backs turned as JB went by….

      You won’t see this on mainstream….many NG had their backs turned as JB went by… — PaulsWalls16 (@PaulsWalls2) January 20, 2021  

So what do we do now? By James O’Keefe

  Source: Project Veritas   “Turning and turning in the widening gyre    The falcon cannot hear the falconer; Things fall apart; the centre cannot hold; Mere anarchy is loosed upon
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In fractured country, Left determined it will define ‘unity’ and punish dissenters

  Source: One News Now Comparing our country’s post-election political climate to an emboldened Nazi regime is a provocative claim but the Left won’t stop openly stating it intends to
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Oregon Private Property Seizures – Telecom Corruption – Gates’ Land Grabs – and MORE…

  Source: The Liberty Beacon   Oregon Considering Bill for Seizure of Private Property by Governor January 18, 2021 1 Oregon Considering Bill for Emergency Seizure of Private Property Governor Brown
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    WASHINGTON, D.C. – Today, The Empowerment Alliance spokesman Ian Prior released the following statement following President Joe Biden signing the Executive Order to end the Keystone XL Pipeline
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California Halts Use of Moderna Covid Vaccine Batch Due to ‘Higher-Than-Usual Number of Adverse Events’

source:  needtoknownews January 20, 2021 Ron Paul Institute and ABC 0 Vaccination super station in San Diego, Youtube A vaccination super station in San Diego was the site of an “unusually high
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RNA ‘Vaccines’ Are GMO Implants, Not Vaccines

source:  needtoknownews January 19, 2021 David Martin 1 Pixabay 15 US Code, § 41  Deceptive labeling law from the Federal Trade Commission Act that relates to advertising requires that a product or
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EXCLUSIVE: I’ve Been BANNED From Owning A Firearm, A Warning Of What’s To Come For All Conservative Americans

  Source: by Laura Loomer For years, Big Tech has used me as Patient Zero in their test case in mass de-platforming by eliminating my ability to reach the public because
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