A World Gone Mad – Racing to Ruin

March 6, 2017 in News by RBN


A World Gone Mad - Racing to Ruin

On February 28th following Donald Trump’s Address to the Joint Session of Congress, Sean Hannity interviewed Transportation Secretary Elaine Chao.  Chao’s area of focus on the Trump speech was obviously infrastructure and in particular, Public-Private Partnerships for the building of infrastructure.  When Hannity asked Chao to elaborate on the plan for Public-Private Capital, Chao tipped her hand.

She said “so basically we allow forei….”  then she caught herself.  She continued and then said “I’m not saying foreign”.  But she was in fact saying foreign.. and the rest of it is Foreign Direct Investment.  And she is a representative and a conduit for Public-Private Partnerships with the Communist Chinese for their money – which in fact was extracted from this country following Black Monday in 1987.

In 1990, George H.W. Bush initiated the rush to the finish for the New World Order.  One of the pieces of legislation that he signed – sponsored by Edward Kennedy was the Immigration Act of 1990.  This legislation established the visa programs that are now being used to flood our labor markets with foreign labor.  One of the new types of visas provided a mechanism for Foreign Direct Investment though the EB-5 visa program.   It is the EB-5 visa program that Elaine Chao was referencing indirectly with her slip of the lip.

On Judicial Watch, there is an article about one Chinese national who took government money and invested it in several different countries using the EB-5 visa program here – but also in a couple of other countries as well.  Foreign Direct Investment is a global strategy for integrated investment into the critical infrastructure of other countries to create global interdependency – or as I call it using an IT term, the deadly embrace.  There is no way to decouple without fatal consequences.

The Judicial Watch article gives the impression that the EB-5 program is for individual investors and not part of a government strategy but that would be wrong.  In fact, governments all over the world are setting up front companies (aka shell companies) to engage in foreign investment to establish footholds (aka beachheads) in other countries.

I’ve covered this topic ad nauseam concerning inland ports (aka intermodal commerce zones, Trojan Triangles, special economic zones, workforce development zones, hubzones, enterprise zones, etc. etc.) but I have to say it one more time…   These zones are international zones because they are always located at transportation hubs and at least under Idaho Law, a new layer of governing authority was created for them.

An Intermodal Commerce Authority is a Port Authority.  They were given dominion over the zone with their own seal, the ability to create debt through bond issuance with no limitations that they serve the interests of the people in the state where they reside.  They are like a foreign parasitic infection within our state.  And they raise money by selling American citizenship through the EB-5 visa program and what is purchased with that money is control over our critical infrastructure.  And make no mistake, there are expectations for repayment – not to ourselves but to the Port Authority – private groups given the gift of the Authority while the citizens of the state are sold down the river.

The CORE in Meridian, Idaho is one such foreign parasitic infection.  The CORE is intended to be a medical research park.  They are dipping from at least four different federal troughs rural health, education (workforce development), NIH medical research (ISU Pharma), transportation 911 – hospital emergency in addition to the foreign money which in 2010 was from the Communist Chinese as revealed by the Idaho Statesman.

It’s not an accident that the Idaho Fusion Center is located in Meridian, Idaho.  If you noticed, Elaine Chao mentioned that the word “infrastructure” doesn’t just include roads and bridges.  It includes energy, broadband, water, etc.  So what they are talking about is “critical infrastructure” which is the designated infrastructure that Homescam Security is supposed to protect.  The flaw in the logic they present to you is that the Port Authority is a separate “governing” entity and if you look at the fusion center diagram, it includes connections to a central control hub for central control of our critical infrastructure.

In 1990 when all of this started, it was with two ideas in mind… security and modernization.  When the technology firms took over the design, it became a Gold Rush and our public officials got Gold Fever.  At every point of failure where they’ve found fool’s gold instead of the real thing, they’ve just doubled down.   What our politicians are funding with your tax dollars are their own investments – if not in this country, then in some other country because as I described above this is a global strategy – building systems of the deadly embrace.  What they are building is the global interconnected police state.  There is no upside in it for your children and grandchildren.  Please… take the time to understand what they’ve done and what they are continuing to build.  We are about to go though another gold rush borrowing foreign money to build infrastructure and systems that will enslave you and your family.  The entire global system is logically fatally flawed.  It can’t work and it won’t work except if the goal is ruination of our nation – in which case, it’s going to be a galactic success.