Bill Gates is Lying to You on Vaccine Patent Program

April 29, 2021 in News, Video by RBN Staff

source:  patrioticviralnews

Left-wing keyboard warriors can flood social media with glowing remarks about their savior Bill Gates all they want. But that level of liberal idiocy won’t change the fact the co-founder of Microsoft is a greedy capitalist working to keep people around the world sick and desperate for the Covid vaccine.

This fact-based investigative video report puts a laser focus on Gates’ nefarious vaccination activities. It seems the hero of socialist Democrats continues to protect his lucrative patents even though hundreds of millions of people are living in fear of COVID and dying from the virus.

When asked whether releasing his intellectual property rights over vaccines would protect people in developing countries, Gates flies into a tangent. He fails to explain why expanding access to the methods and materials necessary to stop the global pandemic wouldn’t help. Instead, he takes viewers on a word salad romp that makes your head spin.


But the journalist conducting this thorough review of Gates’ soapbox speech and his actions is like a dog that won’t let go of a new bone. The analysis and indisputable evidence presented to counter Gates’ lies throws unprecedented shade on him. When it’s all said and done, Bill Gates has been exposed as an opportunist billionaire cashing in on the suffering and death of people in more than 100 countries.

If you ever had a suspicion something was off about Bill Gates or concerns about his enormous vaccine power, this video will prove you right. And if the fake news media was able to conceal the facts from you, this report will drag them into the light.