Congress Says “No” To War With Iran

May 31, 2018 in News by RBN

Congress Says “No” To War With Iran

By Chuck Baldwin
May 31, 2018

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Following up on my column last week, Perpetual War: A Racket For Politicians, Bankers, And War Profiteers, I wrote this on my Facebook page on Monday, Memorial Day:

If we truly want to support our troops and honor our men and women in uniform, we would stop requiring them to have their limbs blown off, their bodies paralyzed, their eyes blinded, their minds destroyed and their lives lost for wars that have NOTHING to do with protecting America and EVERYTHING to do with enriching globalists, bankers, politicians, and war profiteers. We would stop using them for political nation-building, regime change and drug dealing. We would stop using them as global cops. And we would especially stop using them to fight perpetual wars of aggression for Zionist Israel.

Short of the above, all of the hype about “supporting our troops” is just so much hot air. No! It’s even worse than that: It’s pure propaganda for the sake of benefiting the merciless, murderous war merchants and heads of state who profit off of the sacrifices of their country’s sons and daughters, fathers and mothers, brothers and sisters and husbands and wives.

The best way to “support our troops” is to BRING THEM HOME.

Sadly, since World War II and the advent of the United Nations and Zionist State of Israel, the United States has turned into a militaristic, warmongering, arms-running, New World Order-building piranha state. The United States spends more money on its military than at least the next eight countries combined. We have become the world’s policeman who is charged with 1) enforcing the dictates of the United Nations, 2) enforcing the globalist agenda of the New World Order elite, and 3) enforcing the demands of Rothschild’s Zionist bankers. Furthermore, the United States is the single largest weapons and munitions dealer in the world. Over one hundred countries (along with a host of subversive anti-government terror groups) are given or sold the most sophisticated weaponry in the U.S. arsenal. (Yet, many congressmen who see absolutely nothing wrong with supplying some of the most extremist and violent terror groups in the world with modern U.S.-made weapons—including machine guns, shoulder-fired rocket launchers, high-grade explosives, etc.—are trying to prohibit U.S. citizens from owning a simple semi-automatic rifle here at home.)

In last week’s column, I said this:

Much like Woodrow Wilson, who won re-election on the promise to keep America out of war, so, too, did Donald Trump. And just like Wilson, no sooner had Trump won the election than he began beating the drums of war. Wilson took the U.S. into the First World War. Trump is making all of the overtures of taking us into the Third World War.

It is more than obvious that Trump is itching for a war with Iran and Syria. And Defense Secretary James Mattis knows it. Why else would he tell the graduates of the Air Force Academy that “they will see battle soon.”

I am personally convinced the reason for Trump’s maniacal lust for war with Iran is due to the fact that more than any President before him, Trump is totally and thoroughly bought and paid for by Rothschild’s Talmudic Zionists. This one fact alone is probably why the globalist elite put Trump in office. Don’t be fooled by the far left’s rabid opposition to Trump. Never forget that the global elite control both sides of the political aisle—and both sides of the political debate. You have to keep your eye on the main goal of the globalists: perpetual war for the Rothschild bankers. As long as a U.S. president stays true to THAT course, it matters not to the globalists how much bellicose rhetoric a president might bloviate on a host of other—and to the Rothschilds, lesser—issues.

I’ll say it straight out: Donald Trump is a puppet for the Zionist Rothschild banking syndicate, and everything Trump is doing economically and militarily (especially in the Middle East) is in direct submission to the Rothschild Zionists. (Please watch that video from the Blackstone Intelligence Network. 37 minutes in length.)

Much like G.W. Bush, Donald Trump has filled his inner circle with warmongers such as Mike Pompeo, Mike Pence, James Mattis, John Bolton, Nikki Haley, and “Bloody” Gina Haspel, et al. This is a WAR CABINET if ever there was one.

Trump’s withdrawal of the Iranian treaty (which Iran had KEPT its promises to) was the first step to an attack against Tehran. Israel has been attacking Iranian positions in Syria almost non-stop from the moment Trump withdrew from the treaty as a preliminary military staging strategy ahead of the main event: a full-scale attack by the United States on Iran. Please remember that the Iranians are in Syria legally, as they were invited by the Syrian government to help rid the country of U.S.-backed ISIS terrorists. America, on the other hand, has built several military bases in Syria illegally, as the government in Damascus has given NO authorization for the U.S. to bring troops into its country. The Syrian government considers the presence of U.S. troops and military bases an act of invasion. And indeed it is. Can one imagine what would happen if Syria started sending military troops to and building military bases in the United States?

But presidents have absolutely no constitutional authority to go to war with countries without the authorization of Congress. And the authorization given President G.W. Bush by Congress following the 9/11 attacks does NOT apply to the way presidents of both parties have been waging wars against a variety of Middle Eastern countries in the seventeen years following that 2001 authorization. In other words, all of these bombings, military incursions, missile launches, drone attacks, etc., that both Barack Obama and Donald Trump have ordered are blatantly illegal, immoral and unconstitutional.

Sadly, however, the cowardly, spineless, jellyfish congressmen in Washington, D.C., of both parties have shown almost zero interest in regaining their constitutional authority over America’s war efforts—until NOW.

With almost no announcement or media attention, the U.S. Congress a week ago Tuesday voted unanimously to pass the 2019 National Defense Authorization Act that included an amendment prohibiting President Trump from attacking Iran.