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August 27, 2021 in Columnists, News by RBN Staff


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By: Roger Landry (TLB)

Good-day to all and welcome to another episode of the EPI Town Crier. Once again I sit down with good friend and patriot John Stadtmiller of The National Intel Report on RBN … This week centers on the word AWAKE, and its increasingly common use in America today, as more people become aware of the tyranny ruling them.

Once again John and I discuss what boils down to the fate of humanity. Will we survive what many scientists are clearly stating is a killer vaccine? Will we passively stand by and watch as humanities future fades to black. People across the globe have had enough, and are standing up to push back. The biggest problem facing us all going forward is … just how much damage is already choreographed by what many scientists are now calling a mechanism of genocide.

With all we now know about these jabs, why are they even being used at all ??? Why were other trial vaccines that caused FAR LESS (magnitudes) death and health ruination, pulled off the market never to be seen again? And why, with all we know and can see happening all around us … are these jabs being forced on an uninformed and fearful population ???

Yea, let’s talk …


Show Talking Points:

  • Tyranny Down Under

  • Australian politicians & Pedophilia

  • Law suits in World Court

  • American’s are slow to react

  • A tsunami is on the way

  • Mandatory vaccine for US Military

  • Biden mandates Vax for all govt. workers

  • Pfizer vaccine approved … but …

  • Vaccines pulled for far less deaths than COVID vaccines

  • Autism & Vaccines (Thimerosal)

  • Autism issue programmed away from view

  • Sterilization and euthanization of humanity

  • COVID-19 Gene Therapy

  • Autism as high as 1 in 38 children …

  • Autism serves an agenda

  • RFK Jr. steps up to defend humanity

  • Fire Captain in LA is PISSED about Vaccine Mandates

  • Suing Governments in World Court ain’t easy

  • The eminent demise of a majority of humanity

  • COVID-19 Vaccine is genocide

  • UK to force all young (as young as 2) children to wear masks

  • Push come to shove … Vaccines losing support

  • Illinois Governor: All teachers mandated Vaccination

  • COVID Jabs DON’T Protect against infection or transmission

  • Biden asks Business and Unions to mandate vaccines …WTF

  • This is about CONTROL !!!

  • TLB was talking about these issues 12 years ago

  • I am desperate to see more Awake people

  • UK to vaccinate children without parental consent

  • The Elite are hiding … where is Bill Gates

  • Cuomo being sacrificed by Democrats to distract

  • 12,000 more COVID (not) deaths in Cuomo’s nursing homes

  • Media needs to wake up or shut up … Truth is coming out

  • Don’t lie to me, on any level

  • No more credibility … no more eye to eye contact

  • The dumbing down of America is almost complete

  • 55% (or more) of Americans Unvaccinated and they are PISSED

  • BLM & Antifa used to divide us … it didn’t work

  • Elite pissed because No violence from We The People

  • Australian truck drivers lining up Aug. 31st national protest

  • Panic button from Elite … we are waking up & upset

  • You can mess with me … DON’T mess with our kids

  • In UK a large majority of Delta deaths are …Vaccinated

  • People die WITH COVID-19, not FROM COVID-19

  • The Elite should have shut down the internet … OOOPPS


Listen to my latest discussion with John as we cover these and other vital points effecting all our lives today … guaranteed NOT to bore !!!


The National Intel Report with John Stadtmiller

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