Sly UniParty Healthcare Vote Manuever…

May 4, 2017 in Government, News, U.S. News by D

You have to know the unwritten legislative rules of the UniParty as they have been evidenced for almost 15 years to understand the ruse.

♦ First, the reason a vote, any vote, is “announced”, and just doesn’t take place, is because it provides the controlled opposition time to frame their anti-(fill_in_the-blank) talking points.  This is by design.  When a legislative vote is “announced” it is a dog-whistle call out to the institutional lobbyists that the legislation will be rail-roaded and ultimately fail.

♦ Second, notice how “announced” legislation (remember ObamaCare is a tax) has not been “scored” by the Congressional Budget Office (CBO).   A vote without a score is a vote that again is intentionally set up to fail.  Meaning – the vote itself is an exercise for political consumption only.  Potemkin Village legislation, designed to give the illusion of doing something the electorate demand, while intentionally actually doing ‘the thing’ that K-street demands.

♦ Third, the legislation is sold by a system of Machiavellian-minded “leadership”, as a good thing optically for Allies.  Meaning – legislative leadership tell liaisons for vested interests, in this case both the White House and lobbyists are “interests”, to consider the vote a “win”.

Put another way, the vote itself is the “political ends”.  The vote is not the means to a legislative outcome that would customarily be considered the actual end goal.

This ObamaCare repeal and replace vote is a nothing-burger. It is 100% phoney legislation which will go no-where from here.

The UniParty is really good at this vote in-name-only which helps them retain optics with the viewing/voting electorate.  ‘Hey we voted’, yea us.

It’s all a legislative ruse.  Hundreds of millions have been poured into congress to purchase the original ObamaCare bill and all of the subsequent down-stream consequences therein.  The people who paid that money will not allow removal.  It’s really that simple.

Why does K-Street want ObamaCare to remain?  Because it was designed to fail and lead to an eventual bi-partisan (UniParty created) single-payer system.   What the Health Industry lobbyists -who sold the construct- do not want is private market healthcare.  [Substantive Aid for Comprehension Here]  Remember, lobbyists write the legislation, not congress:


Quarter One DC Lobbying: “The pharmaceutical and health products industry spent the most at $78 million, about $10 million more than it did during the same period in 2016 for a 14 percent increase.


Put it another way: If congress did not want ObamaCare to fail what would they be doing differently?

Everything is a well choreographed shell game designed to keep your eye on the fast moving legislative hands (shells), but there’s no pea underneath.  This is a vote for public consumption designed for political benefit.  ONLY.

The Trump White House doesn’t have a really strong legislative team, and their communications group is too weak to call out this issue to the larger electorate.  The scheme is too complex, by design, to be explained to voters.

Go to DC, or follow the participants very closely, and look behind the constructed Potemkin village and you’ll see there’s nothing there.   Think about the old con-artists who would seed gold flakes into mineral deposits in order to gain investors.  Same basic ruse.

Tomorrow the Democrat Party gets their turn at playing controlled opposition.  Today, tonight and tomorrow morning the previously written talking-points are distributed and the pantomime begins.   The goal of the legislative play, as in all the goals of all recent legislative plays, is to give you the impression there are two political parties.

If the bill advances, and only Trump’s bully pulpit will be the determining factor (upon McConnell) if it goes through the Senate, the bill will run through congress (from house through senate) and return to the origin looking identical to the original ObamaCare legislation it was intended to replace. Sometime mid-June.

Remember, the UniParty (paid by K-Street) in congress wants ObamaCare to remain, because the longer-term goal, by design, is for ObamaCare to strategically fail.

Unfortunately, there is no external guiding force behind the current legislation to create a different path or outcome.

BLOOMBERG – House Republicans plan to vote Thursday on their long-stalled Obamacare repeal measure, setting up a high-stakes test given the continuing doubts about whether they have enough votes to guarantee passage.

“We’re going to pass it,” House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy told reporters Wednesday evening, adding that “we have enough votes.”

The decision comes after several weeks of agonizing over how Republicans would deliver on seven years of promises to repeal Obamacare, as well as intense pressure from the White House to hold the vote. Even so, a number of GOP moderates remain opposed or undecided, adding significant suspense to the Thursday vote.

A key momentum shift came Wednesday morning, when Representative Fred Upton reversed his earlier opposition and embraced the bill after a meeting with President Donald Trump. He told reporters that he would vote for the measure once a new amendment he helped devise is added that would boost funding for people with pre-existing conditions.