State of Emergency in Munich as Police Begin Citywide Hunt for Terrorists

July 22, 2016 in News by Slad

 Munich shooting refugees

Source: Sputnik

Train stations were evacuated across Munich and authorities have halted all bus, train, and tram lines due to concern that additional acts of terror may be plotted.

UPDATE: Police confirm that at least 9 people are dead from the shooting attack reports RIA news.

​​​Initial reports indicated that one of the suspected Munich shooters killed himself although these reports were countered by a later statement by police indicating that the three suspected shooters fled and are still on the loose. Officials caution that they have not determined who was behind Friday’s deadly mall shooting in Munich that has left at least six dead and several others wounded. Officials are scouring the city of Munich looking for potential terror suspects who may have been involved in Friday’s attack. The attack comes in the same week as the Daesh-inspired strike on a train in Wuerzberg, Germany that left several injured. That attack was carried out by a 17-year-old Afghan refugee who yelled “Allahu Akbar” while swinging the axe at unsuspecting passengers.  

Germany has accepted over 2 million refugees since the Syrian crisis began, a position that has led to a resurgence of far-right nationalist groups that have called for bans and violence against Muslims. German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s approval ratings have also plummeted to historic lows amid the societal culture shock resulting from this policy.

Munich Police say that there are no indications that the mall attackers have a tie to an Islamic terror organization and initial video posted on social media shows a man on the roof shooting and saying that “I am a German.” Today is the five-year anniversary of the fatal terror attack carried out by an ultra-right White Supremacist in Norway.

Police initially confirmed that at least five are dead as a result of the attack. The attackers come from the area of Munich and there are believed to be three perpetrators who are still at large who were using a long gun. The German police Twitter account says six people are dead in conflict with a statement released by their spokesperson.