States are getting rid of vehicle registration stickers and using license plate readers to track everyone

February 16, 2016 in News by RBN

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Beginning in 2017 Pennsylvania will become the third state in the country to do away with motor vehicle registration stickers. This ordinarily would be considered a good thing, but DHS/Police are using license plate readers (LPR’s) to spy on every motor vehicle!

Pennsylvania DOT Secretary Leslie Richards reveals the real reason states are getting rid of registration stickers.

“Law enforcement will be able to do a much wider capture of license plates than they could in the old-fashioned way where they had to physically look at and read them.”

Mission Critical Partners Inc., (MCP) boasts about spying on 24,500,000 motorists every year in southern Pennsylvania alone! More info. about MCP below.

New Jersey and Connecticut have also done away with registration stickers, Kurt Myers, deputy PennDOT secretary said.

Cost-cutting is not a viable reason to implement statewide spying.

A disturbingly new trend is emerging, where states claim to be saving taxpayers money by using spying tech.

Click here to read NJ’s LPR directive and here to read Connecticut’s. And finally, click here & here to read about Pennsylvania’s numerous LPR policies.

PennDOT (DHS) wants more than $2 million a year to create another surveillance state!

Richards, said they’re asking the state legislature to authorize grants of up to $2-2.5 million per year for several years to law enforcement agencies around the state. Click here, here & here to see a few examples of how DHS controls the DOT.

Pennsylvania’s juvenile delinquency department is spying on motorists!

The Pennsylvania Commission on Crime and Delinquency (PCCD) will also be asked to assist in the program, Richards said.

What is PCCD’s mission?

Who We Are:

“Whatever disrupts young lives and public safety—from violence to delinquency and from substance abuse to family conflict—is part of our prevention and justice agenda.”

Apparently the PCCD will be looking for family conflict in SUV’s and buses.

Don’t forget, since 2015 DOT’s across the country have been acquiring surveillance blimps!

“It is the first department of transportation in the country to use a blimp to monitor traffic” Colorado DOT spokeswoman Amy Ford said.

Since 2013, every Pennsylvania driver has had their facial biometrics entered into a police database. The name of the gov’t (DHS) database is euphemistically called the “Justice Network” or JNET.

“In 2013, JNET’s facial recognition technology was integrated with the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation’s (PennDOT) facial recognition system. PennDOT stores over 36 million driver’s license and identification photo images in a repository.”

Police State America is using private companies to track our every movement and our faces! When will people say ENOUGH is ENOUGH?

It appears DHS is using another ‘front company‘ called Mission Critical Partners Inc., (MCP) to get rid of vehicle registration stickers nationwide. Click here to read about another DHS front company called ‘Homeland Security Corp.’

Who is MCP?

MCP has close ties to DHS:
MCP is also behind another national spying program called Next Gen911. Next Gen911 or Smart911 have one thing in common, SURVEILLANCE.

“… Smart911 is a national system that provides citizens with the ability to create safety profiles online holding personal data that is automatically displayed to 9-1-1 only during emergency calls. Information can include children’s photos, medical conditions, disabilities, home addresses of cellphone callers, or other rescue-related information…”

Next Gen911 gives our homes a threat rating, based on pizza delivery phone calls and who our friends are.

‘The database goes through all public information for the call’s location — from arrest records to pizza deliveries — and gives the address a threat rating. Green means minimal threat, yellow a possible threat and red a major threat.’

“The RTCC system shows officers three pieces of data: the threat level, the criminal history of anyone living at the home and a list of known friends and family members. This list sometimes includes possible phone numbers and addresses of these associates.”

FCC Chairman says Congress should help fund Next Gen911 rollout, mapping (spying) and cybersecurity resources.

In recent years, the FCC has focused considerable attention on 911, including actions that are designed to bolster the rollout of text-to-911 service, improve the accuracy of location data associated with wireless 911 calls, FCC Chairman Wheeler said.

Unfortunately, there are numerous companies like General Dynamics, West Intrado, Verizon and NexLog working with DHS to create NextGen 911 surveillance in every state.

Next Gen911 Stakeholders List:
Welcome to Police State America, where total spying is now a cost-saving measure!

Surveillance really is, a highly effective form of social control. The knowledge of always being watched, changes our behavior and stifles dissent.