The Speech President Trump Needs to Give

March 4, 2020 in Columnists, News by RBN Staff


Official portrait of President Donald J. Trump, Friday, October 6, 2017. (Official White House photo by Shealah Craighead)


By Je suis Spike for RBN

The times that try men’s resolve occur too often. And, yes, the resolve of women, also.

Now, as always, is a time for truth. The truth can only help us, always, and now as much as ever, it will set us free to do what is best not only for Americans but all humanity.

What is best for humanity, as is what is best for Americans, is what provides us the opportunity for good health, safe food, clean water, clean air, and the freedom to move goods and services across borders.

This is the promise of private property and free enterprise. When we can own property as individuals, we have incentive to keep our property clean, safe, and productive. And when free enterprise prevails, we can use our property to help ourselves while we help others.

What is best for humanity is rarely one thing, but a compilation of things: freedom, the ability to behave as benefits yourself and, therefore, as benefits others, such as building a better rat trap will bring wealth to yourself and, in doing so, relieve us of more rats and diseases they carry. [Or even discovering a new use for a rat trap benefits us.] It’s a simple example, but illustrates the principle that, in working to better ourselves and our own lives, we can make better many portions of the world, both small great. A better water filter brings wealth to its creator and those who build it, those who distribute it, and those who sell it, all the while benefitting those who use it.
The coronavirus, designated COVID-19, is a focus of the world’s attention at this time. I know that it is a serious concern, I have been informed by very knowledgeable people. Also, I know that it is true that there are some in the press who are less interested in the truth than in a scary story, a story that keeps you tuned into them so that they can make money off of the advertisers on their programs. The news wasn’t always a for-profit enterprise; there was a time that the networks expected to lose money on the news, but gain credibility and ratings for their networks by having the news reported by truthful and knowledgeable people. This no longer true, so we need to be aware that the virus may not pose as great a threat at the fake news media might lead you to believe.

[There might be new use for those better rat traps.]

And in dealing with the coronavirus, we may see borders being throttled, restricting travelers, some trade, but hopefully not restricting truth.

It is understood that this virus is more virulent than the ordinary flu that seasonally afflicts people, and appears a greater threat to human lives. [As Spring approaches the northern hemisphere, though, the people’s resistance will be built up and the threat should be greatly mitigated.]

So let us not be fearful, but truthful, as we work together to do the best we can for all humanity.

The American economy, which, when healthy benefits the world economy, is at a great place now, record low unemployment, workforce employment nearly as high as possible- some of the good numbers are without precedent; there is record low unemployment among American women, among Black Americans, among all those who are called minority and we celebrate what good comes from a less restricted and booming economy, as my deregulating had made it boom.

[Let me interject, if I may, that Americans are never a minority within our borders and just as a virus doesn’t discriminate, so should we be careful not to discriminate unfairly.]

The economy is in great shape, not because of the machinations of government and the Federal Reserve, but maybe in spite of them.

If the economy does slow due to the many efforts made to stop the spread of the coronavirus, remember, we are at a strong point, maybe the strongest in world history, and we are, therefore, better able to sustain such a hit as such a slowdown may cause. Do not let the fake press be an additional reason for the economy to slow; don’t let their fear-mongering and hype defeat you and beat you.

We are winning and when this viral event is over we will continue to win.

To paraphrase President Reagan, in this present crisis, government could be a part of the solution, but can also be a part of the problem, if government gets to thinking that it can cure all things and begins to regulate and attempt to control all human behavior.

And, FDR speaks to us also, if I may paraphrase him: The greatest fear we face is fear, itself. [Do not let the fake news media exacerbate the fear.]

God has blessed America,

Je suis Spike