“You Loosed What Inside of Human Bodies!?”

May 3, 2024 in News by RBN Staff


Source: Rumble

by Alexandra Bruce | ForbiddenknowledgeTV.net

I have not been running enough of the work of Sabrina Wallace aka Psinergy, who has been instrumental in unraveling the Wireless Body Area Network (WBAN) component of the Death Shot.

Sabrina has now determined that the nanotechnology in the COVID jabs “Reproduces itself, grabs up the components of your body to do it, then, after reproducing itself, creates its own neural networks, no different than your body does. That’s bad enough. Then, it can give commands to itself, because it’s got it’s own neural networks.”

She continues, “So, it starts upgrading different nodes of itself – then, it creates its own AI internally, on its own. Every single one of you that thinks you need the 5G, no. It’s inside. Thus, the foundries with DARPA, ten years ago…

“You jabbed people with f*ing nano that not only recreates itself but makes its own neural nets and its own artificial intelligence that is specific to the human on the inside?

“It’s in the molecular communication routing…I warned people that this is about turning humans into something else. Initially, I thought, ‘Arm into a fish flipper.’ Oh, no! No… 

“You put a reproducing xenobot inside people that transfects? No, it doesn’t. You’re load-balancing the Body Area Networks. And worse than anything, it builds its own neural networks and then it builds its own AI. Tissue scaffolding, Resurfaces your cells and keeps going. 

“No wonder these people were growing these huge masses but they wouldn’t work right. DNA was faulty, so the human dies and the mass ejects itself…

“You had better tell people now. I mean, like today. And those of you that have been so busy ignoring all of this, how are you going to stop the nano from exponentiating its own AI – on the inside. Inter-body is not available to the f*in’ 5G. Cybersecurity.

“DARPA Foundries ten years ago. It’s all there. You know what your problem is? Those molecules are driven by AI the whole time – Body Sensory Networks, Wireless Sensory Networks. That’s machine-to-machine. No humans involved. No human encryption, nothing. Pure AI…

“They don’t want the regular internet, they’ve got the Internet of Bodies. But they didn’t need the bodies for a faster backbone. They needed the bodies to produce all that stuff. And worse.”

Sabrina is disgusted by the insiders who have failed to disclose that those white rubbery clots aren’t just antenna for WBAN signals, they’re also running loose, building AI inside the bodies of millions of people.