The White House Siege: Occupation starts Sept. 17, 2020

September 8, 2020 in Columnists, News by RBN Staff


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OPINION: Directive calls for nationwide mass protest Sept. 5

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Source: Liberty Under Fire By Harold Pease, Ph.D.

Anarchists Call for NATIONWIDE MASS PROTEST September 5

Some have believed our “protests” resulting in burning cities are spontaneous, but recent data shows them instead to be planned and coordinated. Two new ones have been directed for September.

The message sent out by the Canadian far-left group, Adbusters, as “Tactical Briefing #1” calling all Americans to rise up and take the presidency from Trump, lays out two important preplanned pre-election events and dates. The first is happening now. “Stay in the streets in August [and] build for a united nationwide mass protest Saturday, Sept. 5 [and] demand Trump/Pence out now!” The second, called the “White House Siege,” follows, beginning on Constitution Day, Sept. 17, when “tens of thousands of our fellow citizens lay siege to the White House” for 50 days, ending election day Nov. 3 (The White House Siege,

We hope neither event happens. That we have made known their plans beforehand does not mean that they may not change them, but such is unlikely since all Big Tech platforms — Google, Facebook, YouTube and Twitter — have advertised these events.

What should concern constitutionalists, other than the conspiratorial aspects of what has all the color of another coup to oust an elected president, is that the second event, the White House Siege, henceforth obliterates Constitution Day, previously honored for decades by Americans. This was the day ending the Constitutional Convention, having created and voted affirmatively for the most restrictive government constitution in world history — the most important event and, perhaps, date in U.S. History.

The Adbusters flyers do not address this issue, only that Sept. 17 was chosen because it is the 10th anniversary of Occupy Wall Street at NYC’s Zuccotti Park, which they planned and executed. This revered and celebrated day will be effectively replaced by the biggest event in U.S. history to remove a seated president and, if not removed before Nov. 3, to tamper with the outcome of the election.

Given the damage that they did with that event, we must take their new threat as an escalation of disruption and very serious. How a Canadian far-left group, Adbusters, a foreign entity, can get away with two attempts to influence U.S. domestic policy, one under President Barack Obama and the other under Donald Trump, without some penalty to Canada was not explained then or now.

One might observe that the White House was already attacked last May, St. John’s Church set afire, and Lafayette Park then occupied. It is true the group that led that charge was Refuse Fascism, an organization said to be “an agitating tentacle of the Democratic Party” (Siege of the White House Starts On September 17, YouTube). Trump drove them out of the area and had a photo opp thereafter with him holding a raised Bible in front of the desecrated church.

Do you think these protests are spontaneous? Andy Zee, of NOFASCISTUSA, put that idea to rest when he said, “Think about what it is going to cost to conduct occupy type protests all across the county and especially in Washington DC.” He then added, “Let the people who are anguishing right now about a Trump/Pence administration. Let all those who are seething with anger and rage, who are starting to organize and think about life under a fascist regime, know that they are not alone and there actually is a plan, a way to stop this” (Ibid).

So, who funds the cost of this revolution? The flyers do not say, but the above-cited YouTube video identifies the Alliance for Global Justice as “an organizer and fiscal sponsor for Refuse Fascism, which is in turn funded by George Soros through the Tides Foundation,” which, with Adbusters, is conducting the White House Siege.

This should not surprise us as George Soros, at a Davos, Switzerland, World Economic Forum in 2018 with other New World Order revolutionaries,, said, “Clearly I consider the Trump administration a danger to the world that will disappear in 2020” (“Donald Trump and the Davos Connection,” From the Editors Desk, World Economic Forum, Annual Meeting January 21-24, 2020, Davos-Klosters, Remnant TV by Michael J. Matt).

The ploy of the revolutionaries is to define Trump as a fascist.

“Just as the German people could not have stopped their genocidal fascist program without driving out Hitler and the Nazi regime, we must act with all our resolve to drive this regime — a 21st-century fascist regime led by a demented bully with his finger on the nuclear trigger — out of power” (video “Siege of the White House,” YouTube). But to intelligent Americans, Trump shows no signs similar to the Nazi regime. Anarchists burning cities, beating those who disagree and accosting police seem far more akin to this description. In fact, the Refuse Fascism sign is the same as that of fascism in Germany, the raised extended arm and open hand.

America was not ready for the kind of revolution the left envisioned in 2010, nor strong enough last May in front of the White House, but it must be perceived as close for the Canadian group to call all hate-Trumpers from all parts of the nation to rise in unison with instructions to, “Stay in the streets in August [and] build for united nationwide mass protest Saturday, Sept. 5 [and] demand Trump/Pence out now!,” this to follow 12 days later when all gather in D.C. for the White House Siege lasting 50 days. Their flyer says, “Are you ready for revolution? We are too.”

Harold W. Pease, Ph.D., is a syndicated columnist and an expert on the United States Constitution. He has dedicated his career to studying the writings of the Founding Fathers and applying that knowledge to current events. He taught history and political science from this perspective for more than 30 years at Taft College. To read more of his weekly articles, visit Opinions expressed are those of the author.