Top 10 reasons why Hillary Clinton will DESTROY America!

May 11, 2016 in News by RBN Staff

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1) Hillary Clinton has collected over $100 million in bribes from foreign countries and ruthless dictators. She will pay them back by betraying America’s interests.

2) Hillary Clinton is a Monsanto puppet who wants to shove toxic GMOs down the throats of all Americans.

3) She’s also a vaccine holocaust denialist who thinks vaccines never harm any children.

4) Hillary Clinton would continue the disastrous economic policies of the Obama regime that have devastated low-income Americans and caused massive unemployment.

5) All her talk about supporting poor people is just political posturing. In reality, she just wants more power as a member of the political elite, while keeping the poor trapped in a cycle of government dependence.

6) Hillary Clinton would expand America’s surveillance police state while targeting conservatives with punitive IRS audits or even criminal prosecution.

7) Hillary Clinton is beholden to the financial interests of the criminal banksters like Goldman Sachs.

8) Hillary Clinton viciously attacked all the women who accused her husband Bill of sexually abusing them. She was an “enabler” of a serial rapist, yet she somehow claims to stand up for women’s rights.

9) Hillary Clinton is part of the same class of criminal political elitists that the Bush family belongs to: A cabal of arrogant, dictatorial power freaks who only see voters as pawns to be manipulated and abused.

10) She’s a friend of Big Pharma and the mass psychiatric drugging of the population. This form of “chemical dumbing down” is what causes some people to vote Democrat on election day.

A vote for Hillary Clinton is a vote to destroy America!

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