July 18, 2021 in News, Video by RBN Staff



Fox News’ Tucker Carlson made an enormous reveal on his prime-time show on July 14, 2021, which should shake the very foundations of the United States electoral system. There were UNDENIABLY  ballots scanned multiple times in meaningful numbers in Fulton County, Georgia. President Donald Trump reportedly lost Georgia by a total of 11,779 votes, Carlson reported that this amounted to a combined total of 4,165 duplicated votes.

Double-Scanning Footage CONFIRMED

The controversy of duplicated or repeat scans is now official confirmed. Tucker told his audience,

“So here’s what we know tonight, factually. At least 36 batches of mail-in ballots from the November election were double counted in Fulton County. That’s a total of more than 4,000 votes. Those numbers come from a group called Voter GA which along with Bob Cheeley sued to get them.

The final tally from the double counts we know about amounts to more than 3,300 votes for Joe Biden and 865 votes for Donald Trump.”

Carlson continued, pointing out that even the liberal AJC seems to agree with the assessment, “Now before you dismiss Bob Cheeley and Voter GA as dishonest partisan actors, keep in mind that the strongly left of center “Atlanta Journal Constitution” appears to agree with this at least in outline. The newspaper reviewed the available digital ballot images independently and concluded that hundreds of ballots were improperly duplicated.”

According to Carlson, “The county claims that any errors were caught in previous recounts. The problem is that neither one of those claims is true. Surveillance footage obtained by Voter GA appears to show large numbers of ballots being scanned multiple times.”

“The question is, how many times were those ballots counted? Was each vote counted more than once? Fulton County won’t answer that question.”

Vote Count Documentation Was Falsified

Even more disturbing is new evidence uncovered by VoterGA which indicates that Voter tally sheets were Falsified.

“Now one way to know the answer would be to check what are called audit tally sheets. Tellingly for months after the presidential election, Fulton County failed to provide more than a hundred thousand of those tally sheets including 50,000 of them for mail-in ballots.

When Voter GA finally forced Fulton County to turn over the tally sheets, the conclusion was stunning. Here’s what the audit found, quote: “Seven falsified audit tally sheets containing fabricated vote totals. For example, a batch containing 59 actual ballot images for Joe Biden and 42 for Donald Trump was reported as a hundred for Biden and zero for Trump. The seven batches of ballot images with 554 votes for Joe Biden, 140 votes for Donald Trump and 11 votes for Joe Jorgensen had tally sheets in the audit falsified to show 850 votes for Biden, zero votes for Trump, and zero votes for Jorgensen.”

Mail-In Ballots That Were Never Folded Into Envelopes

“We’ve obtained photographs showing what went on during the recount process for mail-in ballots in Fulton County. These pictures were taken by a whistleblower who participated in the recount. She said she noticed something odd as she did. None of the ballots that she saw had any creases on them. You can see the stacks of unfolded ballots on your screen now.

That’s strange because of course, mail-in ballots need to be bent in order to be mailed in. These ballots clearly had never been inside an envelope. And then the whistleblower noticed something else, all of the ballots, the whistleblower tells us have been filled out by a printer, not by hand and many of them supported the exact same candidates — Democrats including Joe Biden.”

Illegal Votes After Change Of Address

“And then there’s this. An elections expert called Mark Davis analyzed data from the Post Office. He found that nearly 35,000 Georgia voters moved out of their county of residence more than a month prior to Election Day. They were ineligible to vote, and yet they did. They still voted in their old county. That is illegal. It’s not a small thing, violating election law is something we should care about.”

The Ultimate Reveal Is Coming

No matter, how the information revealed by VoterGA and Tucker Carlson is interpreted it leads to a single logical conclusion: The results of the 2020 Election in Fulton County, Georgia were manipulated in sufficient numbers to impact the election ON ITS OWN. If the same practices were employed in even a single similarly populated county in similar numbers, the Presidential Election results from the Peach State are invalid. Additional audits must be carried out immediately and if the results are found to be the same as Fulton County, then the illegal installation of Joseph R. Biden, Jr. to the Presidency MUST be reversed through impeachment.

The absolute ultimate reveal of all will be if the ongoing audits discover irrefutable evidence that Donald J. Trump won the 2020 Election. If Congress and the Democrats fail to act, it will reveal the United States to be a failed state, the Government