We May Never Return to Normal

April 11, 2020 in News by RBN Staff

source: www.henrymakow.com
by Henry Makow PhD

Millions of people 
may not eat today 
because billionaires 
like Bill Gates 
want to impose
their tyranny
on humanity. 
To regain freedom of movement, Americans may need a certificate of vaccination. Only these people will be allowed to attend mass events, like NFL games. Presumably, only these people will be able to work and support their families.
In Mexico, I was hoping to escape the mass lunacy sweeping the planet. But yesterday, the local police cordoned off the main square. Mexico has mandated a month-long “health emergency.”   Only “essential” businesses will remain open.
Apparently jobs are not deemed “essential,” although the worker may think otherwise.
Public spaces have been closed. Our town square — the heart of every Mexican community — was cordoned off by police. The church — its spiritual center — is inaccessible. This is where the shops, restaurants and dozens of craft stalls are located.
Hundreds have been deprived of their livelihood in this town alone. The blind beggar will not eat. The man with the accordion will get no tips. Even the stray dogs will suffer.
Schools, restaurants and mines in Mexico have shut down. Borders have closed. This is a body blow to the Mexican economy. Easter is an especially busy time for tourism in this Catholic country.
The reason for this madness? 1,890 cases of the Coronavirus ( i.e. seasonal flu) in all of Mexico.  634 people have recovered and 79 have supposedly died in a country of almost 130 million people.