Beyond the Official Narrative with Richard Kary

Show Time:

Monday-Friday 12pm-1pm CST

Call-in Number:

(Toll Free: 800-313-9443)




The Host

Richard Kary is the host of Beyond the Official Narrative, founder of Revision Media and an astute observer of the social engineering which encompasses our society.  Having identified and resisted many of the dogmatic, ideological control mechanisms since an early age, Richard has traveled from technological and underground music culture through research of the philosophical, psychological and metaphysical disciplines.  Richard has previously interviewed a number of noteworthy guests on his broadcasts, including among others Ole Dammegard, Dr. James Fetzer, Daniel Friberg, Max Igan, Willem Felderhof, Alex Newman and Scott Tips.  Humanity must achieve a merging of scientific and metaphysic to progress any further.  The preservation of knowledge is of the utmost concern, on behalf of both those among this epoch as well as for those who shall come after.

The Show

With all the motives which exist, many of which are subversive as to their true intent, agendas may always conflict with one another.  Individuals may, in time, connect with others who share similar intentions, debating the issues, without battling each other – consolidating our energies.

The Beyond the Official Narrative broadcast aims to provide an independent news and talk radio show for people maintaining sovereignty through exchange of information, perspectives and ideas.

The primary motive of this broadcast is to connect like-minded individuals, the motives of whom are in the best interests of the people.  We must assist each other in seeing through the facade of how things are presented for us to perceive at face value.  Empowerment is energy which perceives and comprehends this reality beyond the official narrative of propaganda which we are presented with each day.  Consciousness is a tool which hardly occurs naturally in this so-called “modern” world.  Otherwise repressed continuously by outside forces, it is a tool which must be developed.




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