Obama Invokes the Chesterton Prophecies to Destroy America

September 27, 2013 in Columnists, Dave Hodges by The Manimal

By Dave Hodges
Republic Broadcasting Network

While the nation is looking at mostly economic threats which serve to threaten its well-being, there is a growing and insidious threat that has escalated to a level of danger that is largely going ignored.

Yes, there are very real economic threats that the American people should indeed be monitoring such as the current banking holiday in Panama. At this very moment, the people of Panama cannot access any money in their banking accounts or ATM’s. Account holders are being told they will have access to their money on October 1st. This raises the possibility of it happening here. Additionally, in the US, there is the threat of another major false flag operation coming up in mid-October as there is also a planned bank cyber attack drill scheduled for October 16th-17th and again on the 23rd-24th. We should be concerned because these drills carry all the necessary elements to promulgate a false flag attack upon our banking system. And, of course, many are beginning to pay attention to the false flag potential of Grid-EX II on November 13th. These are all situations in which it is important for everyone to be prepared, but the American people are ignoring a major danger which is growing exponentially right before our eyes.

Look to the Left and Get Hit By a Right

There is an insidious threat to national security which has virtually disappeared from the front pages and that topic is immigration. Congress has not passed important legislation, but that has not stopped the President from continually issuing a series of dictatorial edicts which are increasingly granting amnesty to a rapidly growing number of illegal immigrants. For this illegal alien President, the motto, “inch by inch it is a cinch,” applies to his immigration policy.

Obama’s ultimate immigration goal

Congress hasn’t passed immigration legislation, but that hasn’t stopped President Obama from issuing directives that grant amnesty to illegal immigrants. While Obama waits for Congress to eventually succumb and declare amnesty for all illegal aliens, he is using his executive powers to exclude various groups from deportation.

The Obama administration issued a policy informing immigration agents to try not to arrest and deport illegal immigrant parents of minor children in a move that adds to the categories of people the administration is trying not to deport. ICE has already been forced to release hardened criminals who should have been deported and now they are running free in America. Presently, anyone coming in from our Southern border can gain entrance if they say they fear for their safety because of the drug cartels. This excuse cannot be challenged and acts as a de facto visa to the United States.

The net effect of Obama’s piecemeal approach to declaring amnesty for all illegal aliens is that the President is legitimizing the efforts of people who are breaking our laws and getting to stay in the country and enjoy many of the benefits supposedly reserved for a citizen.

Border States Under Siege From the Drug Cartels

I live in Arizona where very large segments of the central corridor of the State are under the control of the Mexican drug cartels. The citizens of Pinal County, which is adjacent to metropolitan Phoenix, are under siege by these former Mexican army soldiers turned drug runners. Their penchant for violence is well documented. For example, Pinal County Deputy Louie Puroll was ambushed and shot as he tracked six drug smugglers near Casa Grande, Arizona. In the Phoenix suburb of Chandler, Arizona, a drug cartel rival was beheaded. Citizens have been terrorized and many of these have been victims of crime from the cartels. In a drug cartel related activity, Phoenix leads the country in kidnappings most of which are related to the sex slave and labor slave trafficking practices of the Zeta drug cartel gang.

The lawlessness resulting from the influx of the drug cartel thugs is so bad that former Arizona State Representative, Jack Harper (R), once proposed state legislation to form a militia, trained by the State to interdict these thugs and subsequently turn them back. Harper’s bill was defeated after undue pressure was applied by the Department of Homeland Security (DHS). Meanwhile, as we all know, DHS has acquired over two billion rounds of ammunition and 2700 armored personnel carriers. Meanwhile, in the nation’s capital,

Some areas in Arizona are off limits to its citizens

Meanwhile, Homeland Security has posted traveler advisory signs throughout Arizona’s Pinal and Pima Counties advising against traveling and camping in these areas due to the “human smuggling, drug transport and violent actions” by foreign criminal elements occupying these embattled areas.

What does the future hold for a country that refuses to protect its citizens from foreign intrusion by criminal elements?

America’s future may have been foretold in G. K. Chesterton’s, The Flying Inn (1914). The book provides present day Americans with an opportunity to understand what is happening to their loss of culture and of national sovereignty. The book consists of a “fictional” account of how England had been stripped of its cultural identity. The book was written at the end of the British imperialistic period of dominance in which England had collapsed under the sheer weight of attempting to maintain its vast empire.

In the book, Chesterton maintains that England lost far more than its preeminent position as the world’s sole super power. He postulated that England had lost its national soul through the unintended integration of its culture with more “barbaric cultures” that it had previously conquered.

The protagonist in The Flying Inn, Dalroy, proclaimed that great nations have frequently followed a similar pattern of progressive and complete self-destruction:

1. The great nation declares victory over the barbarians.

2. The great nation begins to enjoy the fruits of cheap labor by employing the barbarians that it had conquered.

3. The barbarians become so enmeshed into the great nation, that an alliance with barbarians is formed (e.g., de facto amnesty including members of criminal organizations).

4. Assimilation is followed with the barbarians becoming a privileged class. Thus, the great nation is conquered.

Near the end of the book, almost every virtuous cultural tradition, of the great nation, comes under sharp criticism, while every cultural tradition emanating from the barbarians’ place of origin became praiseworthy.

History Does Indeed Repeat Itself

Certainly the relationship between the United States and various countries south of our border parallels Chesterton’s stunningly accurate prophecies by describing what has happened to present day America. Consider the following parallels which strikingly correspond to Dalroy’s view of how empires crumble:

1. The United States fulfills its “Manifest Destiny” mandate by provoking and winning a war with Mexico in order to gain a southern railroad route to California. The great nation was victorious. Dalroy’s first principle is fulfilled.

2. The economies of the two countries bifurcate and the United States begins to enjoy the fruits of its imperialistic labors. The conquered people provides nearly 160 years of cheap labor which helps to fuel the economic growth of the United States. Guest workers and illegal immigrants trickle into the United States. Despite the comparatively low wages, more immigrants come north to experience the bountiful leftovers of their former conquerors. This trend continues to the point in which the original trickle of guest workers and illegal immigrants becomes a raging tsunami of humanity most of whom are seeking to experience the American dream at the expense of their former conquerors. The great nation employed those that it had conquered. Dalroy’s second principle is fulfilled.

3. Average American citizens begin to note the loss of economic standing, culture and traditions. “Special privilege” programs, such as Totalization, deportation instead of criminal prosecution for organized criminal activities, free medical and free education, serve to fully integrate the former illegal aliens into the mainstream of American society. To frame the desired paradigm shift, legal terms such as “illegal alien” become likened to racial epitaphs uttered during the worst days of the old “Jim Crow” laws. The “politically correct police” (i.e., the corporate media) label all Americans who desire to secure their borders, in this age of terrorism, as racists and xenophobic. The alliance has been formed. Dalroy’s third principle has been fulfilled.

4. Illegal immigrant subgroups (e.g., Reconquista de Atzalan, MECHA) begin to proclaim that the takeover of America is moving forward and if the present occupants of this country do not like it; then these “Euros” can “go back to Europe .” (In this scenario, it’s not certain where American citizens whose historical roots lie in Africa, the Middle East, South America, Mexico, Panama, Canada, Asia, the Pacific Rim, the Caribbean, and most of all, Native Americans, are supposed to return to). At what point do we admit that the great nation of America has been conquered and is in the process of being successfully occupied?

Although the Flying Inn is fiction, in reality, its tenets are being realized as nearly every tradition that Americans hold sacred, are coming under attack (e.g., the virtues and value of American citizenship); while everything from the illegal aliens’ point of origin is becoming more praiseworthy by the day (e.g., “We do the jobs that Americans won’t). The propaganda lines have been drawn.

Most disturbingly, the violence once confined to south of the border has reared its ugly head inside what’s left of the United States southern border. What is truly needed to successfully interdict the drug cartels is the stationing of 3,000 heavily armed soldiers for Arizona alone,” Pinal County Sheriff Paul Babeu once said. One other noteworthy scenario in Chesterton’s book is the ominous ending in which the principal Western democracy ends up merging with a Middle Eastern country. Can anyone say “Sharia Law?”

The Worst Danger Is Being Ignored

The immigrants, themselves, are largely not to blame for the present situation for they are no better or no worse than any other immigrant group that has come to America looking for a better way of life. The culprit which led to illegal immigration was NAFTA, in which NAFTA manipulated the economic circumstances in Mexico which forced the exodus of millions of illegal immigrants who were only trying to stay one step ahead of the burning bridge. The Obama administration loves it when we blame the individual illegal immigrant for this problem because it takes attention off of the real cause and who is responsible.

Intended Consequences Resulting from Illegal Immigration

The threat of the Mexican drug cartels is real and we are beginning to see the same level of corruption that has permeated Mexico come north of the border and begin to take hold in the United States. Members of the Nogales, AZ. police have been threatened by the drug cartels for engaging in drug interdiction activities. Del Rio, Texas is more like a Mexican drug cartel run town than it is an American city. The entire legal apparatus has been compromised. According to my insider in the Mexican Justice Department, Del Rio was the distribution point for Obama and Attorney General Eric Holder’s “Fast and Furious” program which put American guns into the hands of the drug cartels south of the border which has resulted in the deaths of three Border Patrol officials. Del Rio is also a distribution point for drugs and child sex slavery rings. The cartels have a foothold in America and it is quickly spreading because we do not control our borders.

As bad as the cartel threat is, the greatest threat to America as posed by the illegal immigration threat, is the fact that “International terrorist groups of Hamas and Hezbollah, are raising funds for their terrorist activities through linkages formed with DTOs in South America, particularly those operating in the tri-border area (TBA) of Brazil, Paraguay, and Argentina,” stated CRS in an April 30 report. Hezbollah and Hamas have also partnered with the drug cartels of Mexico since 2008.

The biggest threat to America is the unbridled access to America being given to known terrorist groups. How many terrorist cells are here? If we attack Syria, will they retaliate against Americans on the domestic front? Nobody knows, except now there exists the possibility of terror attacks which are legitimate and this could be used by this administration for political gain (i.e. establishing the need for martial law).

Ancillary Threats

By giving illegal aliens unbridled access to our country, we are overwhelming many of our institutions. Well over 100 hospitals have gone broke because of the Federal mandate to treat illegal alien health needs for free. Related identity theft has skyrocketed, so much so, that identity protection services are booming as one of the very few growth industries in America. Our schools are overcrowded, our highways are more congested than they should be and water systems in the Southwest are being impacted.

There is also one question that never gets asked, how many third world citizens can enter a first world country, until the first world country becomes a third world country? And why is Obama so hell-bent on getting illegal aliens amnesty and citizenship? The answer to this last question is very simple and obvious for all to see. Most illegal aliens who are given Visa or citizenship status will go on welfare thus greatly swelling the  ranks of 101 million Americans who are presently on welfare and that is what this government wants, a totally dependent and manageable population. Also, these new “democrats,” the new buzz word for fascists, will vote for America to give up her private ownership for guns. This would indeed be very dangerous for a country whose national police force, DHS, is arming to the teeth. This very event would shift the balance of power in this country from the people to DHS. If this is ever allowed to happen, will see lawlessness on a scale which will rivals Somalia and your Obama administration knows this.

Why do you think that Obama is getting countries to block Americans from opening up new bank accounts? It happened in Panama and Peru four years ago and my sources tell me that Costa Rica, Nicaragua and Mexico are next and that the CIA are the ones who are facilitating the shutdown of American financial capital from the USA in an anticipated increase in American expatriation from the quickly deteriorating conditions in this country. You can still leave, but most of  your money cannot.


The NSA can listen to every word we speak and write and the TSA continues to grope the genitals of our wives and children at the airport, all in the name of security. Meanwhile, we admit gangsters (e.g. the Zeta’s) and terrorists (i.e. Hamas) into our country with no questions asked.

Unless we force Congress to impeach the lunatic occupying the Oval office, we are all facing greatly increasing levels of danger.