Once Upon A Glorious Howsomever!

November 30, 2023 in Columnists by RBN Staff




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I just read the very welcome news of Henry Kissinger’s greatly overdue demise earlier today.


This constitutes my brief, heartfelt obituary upon the occasion of the Kissinger thing’s mortal exit from this 3-D Earth world.

I had and have absolutely no regard for that foul creature. Whoever or whatever it was, it was virulently nasty. Cursed is the day that it slipped from its mother’s womb into our human midst.

Dr. Martin Luther King’s words from his famous 1963 “I Have A Dream Speech” came to my mind upon reading the news, but changed a bit to suit the occasion:

Dead at last, dead at last, thank God Almighty, it’s dead at last!

Here, read the Intercept’s analysis of Kissinger’s genocidal life and times:


Quote: Kissinger helped to prolong the Vietnam War and expand that conflict into neutral Cambodia; facilitated genocides in Cambodia, East Timor, and Bangladesh; accelerated civil wars in southern Africa; and supported coups and death squads throughout Latin America. He had the blood of at least 3 million people on his hands 

That loathsome entity promulgated some of the vilest and most savage policies of the past 100 years, and was lauded with a Nobel Peace Prize for its dark efforts, large amounts of money, international fame and great political power. The numbers of people that horribly suffered and died due to its ghastly policies in Southeast Asia, Africa, Latin America and elsewhere run into the millions.

Therefore: good riddance to a fat, toad ugly, repugnant, pompously oleaginous, self-important rat bastard. It had a PhD from Harvard University?

So what? Who really cares.

Hell is empty and all the devils are here.” — William Shakespeare.

I won’t say that Shakespeare is wrong. To be sure, on many days it appears that he is right; but we can be confident that at least on this one occasion, one of the devils, a really bad one, is rapidly hurtling back down to the bottomless Hell Pit where it belongs.

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