♥️ “Trance” ~ Mind Control, Human Slavery, and Healing the Nation by Cathy O’Brien

January 11, 2023 in News, Video by RBN Staff


Following video suggested by Dave C., with his comments and guide/notes for viewing…


 “Trance” ~ Mind Control, Human Slavery, Sexual Abuse, Murder, Torture, Political Involvement and Even Disney (The Cathy O’Brien Story):
  [ Especially good, imo, from 25 min on where Disney, etc.,etc. is exposed!
“Knowledge is Power” and  “Secret Knowledge is Secret Power”] – D.
           [BTW, I used to think they were all  mind-controlled ‘mass shooters’ –but eventually I realized that almost all–if not all– of the “school-shootings” were not real ‘shootings’ but were staged  with the use of Crisis-Actors. There are even companies that rent out Crisis Actors for staged ‘shootings’, etc. (Can’t be convicted of murder if it’s FAKE!)]
It may even be that the last real mind-controlled  shooter was Sirhan Sirhan who shot at– and missed– Robert F Kennedy. (The real assassin was  Eugene Thane Caesar– a “Security Guard” hired that very day– from point-blank range right behind RFK. Maybe he too was mind-controlled too–but more likely just a hired assassin.).
Sirhan was visited in  prison by a hypnotist named Diamond to de-hypnotize Sirhan but Sirhan just could not recall the key moments when he fired the gun (all his shots missed and the ceiling panels with the bullets disappeared from the evidence room!). The mind-controller perps must have been “sweating bullets”!
         So you can see the HUGE risk to the perpe-traitors (this spelling thanks to Cath O’Brien’s book Trance-formation of America!) involved in using REAL hypnotized/programmed shooters. They might be DE-PROGRAMMED leading right to the Perps!]d
    @ 1 hr 11 min–> SLAVE-Masks are part of the mk-ultra programming. IQ of children born during covid mask-wearing dropped from 100 average to 78 …

Beautiful ending! “Love is the most powerful force in the Universe”!  
– Dave C.

By Real Truth Real News

Why are doctors and nurses killing patients in their care? Why are people lining up to inject poison into themselves and their own children? This video has all the uncomfortable answers. There was a plan long ago to place the entire world under mind control.

What were the results of the experimentation and practice of social engineering and mind-control during the Cold War? When Project Paperclip was ushered into the United States, coinciding with the inception of the CIA and the National Security Act, Nazi research and trauma based mind-control experiments were brought to the US, initiating Project MK ULTRA. These secret projects were funded through arms deals, drug operations, human trafficking and human slavery. The ultimate goal behind this hidden agenda was to implement mind-control deeply within our government, education, healthcare and media to create compliance in the new world regime. TRANCE weaves Cathy O’Brien’s experience as one of the last surviving victims of MK Ultra and Project Monarch, into the macrocosm of past world events, and the agenda currently unfolding. An eye opening view of our world today and how we got here.

** On February 8th, 1988, a top-level MK-Ultra victim, Cathy O’Brien, was covertly rescued from her mind control enslavement by Intelligence insider Mark Phillips. Their seven year pursuit of Justice was stopped FOR REASONS OF NATIONAL SECURITY.

Article: https://brutalproof.net/2015/10/trance-formation-of-america-by-cathy-obrien/

Cathy O’Brien Books: https://amzn.to/3B6LQoy

Source: “RedPillWorld” on Bitchute