11 freshmen at Northeastern were dismissed for violating COVID-19 rules. Their $35,000 tuition won’t be reimbursed.

September 6, 2020 in News by RBN Staff

source: www.businessinsider.com
by David L. Ryan

  • A group of Northeastern students was dismissed for violating the university’s coronavirus rules after they were reportedly caught gathered in a room without wearing masks or socially distancing.
  • Tuition and room fees for the 11 students won’t be reimbursed.
  • The students also won’t be able to take their courses online but are eligible to return to school in the spring.
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Eleven first-year Northeastern students were dismissed for violating the university’s coronavirus rules after reportedly being caught without wearing masks or socially distancing when gathered in a room.

“The students have been informed that they are no longer part of the Northeastern community for the fall semester. They have the right to contest their dismissal at an expedited hearing,” a statement on the university’s website read.

The statement added that the students would have to take a coronavirus test before they leave. In an effort to limit the spread of the virus, those who test positive will have to stay in “wellness housing” on campus until they recover.

“Northeastern and its community of students, faculty, and staff take violations of health and safety protocols very seriously,” said Madeleine Estabrook, senior vice chancellor for student affairs at Northeastern. “Cooperation and compliance with public health guidelines is absolutely essential. Those people who do not follow the guidelines — including wearing masks, avoiding parties and other gatherings, practicing healthy distancing, washing your hands, and getting tested — are putting everyone else at risk.”