2022 – This ONE is It

November 8, 2022 in News by RBN Staff

source:  newswithviews

By Lex Greene

November 7, 2022

The entire future of American sovereignty, security, freedom, liberty, justice, peace, and tranquility hang in the balance of one single election now. The 2022 mid-terms are the most critical elections in the entire history of the United States of America.

This election cycle is unlike any election before it, and it may well be the last sovereign election for a country on the brink. There is only one issue in 2022, displayed in a short list of critical decisions, with basically three competing voter blocs…

The Three Voting Blocs

  • The America First bloc – determined to vote for U.S. sovereignty, security, freedom, liberty, justice, peace, and tranquility, under the Republican form of government guaranteed every State and Citizen in Article IV, Section 4 of the U.S. Constitution.
  • The Global Marxist One World Order bloc – determined to destroy U.S. sovereignty, security, freedom, liberty, justice, peace, and tranquility, in favor of a Marxist Global One World Government wherein we will “own nothing and be happy,” the Klaus Schwab World Economic Forum “COVID19 GREAT RESET,” which today’s democrats refer to as “democracy.”
  • The I Don’t Know or Care bloc – made up of horrifically ill-informed citizens who don’t take any personal responsibility for the current condition or future of our country, often claiming “independent” status or abstaining from political engagement altogether. Others in this group jump back and forth, election to election, trying to vote for people they like, instead of things they stand for, or against. This bloc includes those who claim their vote doesn’t count, so they make it not count, by not voting.

The Key Manifestations of the Single Issue Election

  • The fundamental Right to Life, vs. a Right to Kill
  • Individual Liberty, vs. Collective Bargaining
  • E pluribus unum, vs. Division based on race, religion, economic status, ethnicity, political views
  • A safe, secure, and prosperous nation, vs. a member of a global 3rd world commune
  • Transparent legitimate elections of, by and for the people, vs. an unlawful and unconstitutional selection process
  • A bright future for our kids and grandkids, vs. the end of freedom and liberty
  • Government sanity, vs. ongoing government insanity
  • True science, vs. Fake fatal science
  • Economic strength, vs. economic collapse
  • National strength, vs. national weakness
  • Peace, vs. War

In less than 24 hours, the American People will choose their own fate in the most critical election in U.S. history. I believe it is accurate to refer to the 2022 mid-terms as “a point of no return.” The USA has been intentionally weakened, divided, distracted, threatened, punished, pitted against each other, frightened, dumbed down and drugged up, all for the greater good of the ruling class elites…all political parties.

No voter will be able to vote for the “perfect candidate” because no such candidate exists. Jesus isn’t running for office. More than any previous election, we will have to vote against people, in order to vote for something much more important than any politician, any of them.

Our nation’s Founders were right, they gave us a Republic, if we can keep it. For more than a hundred years now, we have not done a good job of keeping our republic. Through fake history in public schools and communist indoctrination on college campuses, to the steady diet of outright lies spread by our fake news media and parroted on all social media platforms, Americans have lost connection with their foundations of freedom.

We will either vote to regain control of our anti-American government, or we won’t.

The primaries are used to remove bad incumbents from the general election ballot, like Liz Cheney. The general elections must be used to remove bad incumbents who were not primaried out, primarily, democrats that have caused unparalleled death and destruction, record inflation, supply line shortages, unconstitutional mandates, and openly labeled half of all Americans “domestic terrorists” and “insurrectionists.” Party of unity? Insane!

This ONE is it! We either vote out every evil lying Marxist scumbag tomorrow, or we will have crossed “the point of no return.” Throughout world history, freedom once lost, has never been regained.

This ONE is it! You either make a united stand for AMERICA FIRST, or America will fall into 3rd world status, never to return to freedom and liberty any time in the foreseeable future.

A vote against a Republican tomorrow, is a vote for the democrat opponent. If you don’t like the Republican on your ticket, you should have worked harder in the primaries. Now is not the time for divisions within our ranks. Now is the time for all America First voters to vote for America First.

Although the fake media does its best to make every election look like a beauty contest, all about personalities, pretty faces, and smooth talkers, it’s about far more than that! The best we can do is the best we can do. All we can do, is what we have to do tomorrow! Shame on anyone who doesn’t do what we all have to do tomorrow!

Do all we can and pray that it’s enough! Pray, then get up off your knees and take the future into your own hands.

Stand up for what’s right, not who you think is the perfect candidate. There is no such thing!

Last, if we succeed in voting out evil tomorrow, our work has just begun. With new representatives elected, we must begin the process of holding their feet to the fire, to make sure that they do exactly what we elected them to do, every day, every month, every year, until we clean this mess up together.

We must be “forever vigilant” again. The future of this country cannot be left in the hands of a few career criminals we label politicians. The future is ours to make…if we say so!

God Bless America First and foremost!