30,774,038 Government Employees. What Do They Do?

March 27, 2014 in News by The Manimal

Source: Video Rebel’s Blog

There are 30,774,038 federal, state and local government employees if you count the 4.4 million federal contractors and 2.5 million grantees. Are we getting our money’s worth? America has sent 12 million high paying jobs and 56,000 manufacturing plants overseas. We now have 51.5 million low paying workers who pay few if any taxes at all. 27 million individuals and families with children received an average of $1,330 in welfare payments disguised as Earned Income Tax Credits (EITC.) With our declining wages and employment we might ask ourselves are all those people worth it.

Any government worker who participated in the surveillance and assassination of the journalist Michael Hastings needs to at least lose their job if not serve time in prison. Journalism for good reason is the only profession protected by the Bill of Rights.

The Transportation Security Administration says they have 50,000 employees. TSA has not found one terrorist but they have groped our genitals, stolen our valuables, irradiated us with their machines and shown us the true Face of Arrogance. The TSA claims to be supervising 15% of all American industry. We need to stop them before they start groping us at the malls. Abolish them and let the airlines take responsibility for screening their passengers.

Senator Dianne Feinstein who gave away a $100 billion gold deposit in the southern California mountains to her nearest and dearest friends said that the No Fly List is one of our best lines of defense. The No Fly List and the Slow Fly List are maintained by the Terrorist Screening Center. They do not catch terrorists. What they do is maintain a List of People The Administration Does Not like. The FBI could maintain lists of fugitives from justice and lists of witnesses who need to appear in court or to talk to investigators. The CIA could maintain a List of actual terrorists if there are any not on their payroll. Scratch the No and Slow Fly Lists and the TSC. Let the airlines check their passengers against an FBI database.

The Department of Homeland Security has 240,000 employees and probably that many contractors. They do not do much of anything to protect us. This agency includes the TSA. They engage in Security Theater. They are buying billions of rounds of ammunition illegal to use against enemy combatants. They are buying No Hesitation targets training their agents to shoot pregnant women and children. They would like us to all go to the DHS to secure a work permit. No jobs allowed for people critical of Wall Street. Abolish the entire agency.

The National Security Agency has 40,000 employees and hundreds of thousands of contractors. Angela Canterbury, director of public policy at the Project on Government Oversight, said “There are millions of contractors inside the nation’s intelligence agencies.”  Salon magazine says 500,000 contractors have access to NSA data which includes all of of emails, phone calls, web searches and secret company data worth billions of dollars to competitors. They require both our computer chips and operating systems to allow back doors to give them access. They have servers capable of sending out malware to millions of people like you and me in one minute.

All of this spying is costing us jobs because people overseas do not want the American companies to spy on them for the NSA. The has done nothing to enhance our security. It does harm law enforcement because Israel gets NSA raw data and can use it to alert Israeli criminals in America when the police are closing in on them. Go back to signals intelligence. Get rid of the contractors. Get rid of a lot of NSA employees. Stop paying private companies to spy on their customers. Start a campaign for new chips and clean operating systems advertising No NSA Inside.

The Department of Justice perverts justice. If you pay $100,000 a month to Attorney General Eric Holder’s law firm Covington and Burling, you cannot be prosecuted even if you steal $1.2 billion dollars in clients money. We need to fire the people who pervert justice.

The FBI has taken agents away from investigating Wall Street and put them on anti-terrorism details. They have not done a very good job. They have been paying mentally retarded people from minority groups to do things which result in an indictment and headlines . The courts have thrown out quite a few of these cases. My favorite was the Miami case where they gave a mentally deficient teenager with mental problems an expensive camera, taught him how to take pictures and sent him out to take photos of federal buildings. He didn’t take any pictures because he sold the FBI’s camera for $50 so he could buy food. He was hungry. The FBI got their camera back, sent him out again and arrested him. Nice headlines but a complete waste of time. Give these FBI agents a list of criminals to arrest on Wall Street.

The Securities Exchange Commission does not prosecute the criminals of Wall Street. They do not nothing against well documented cases of front running. Companies are allowed to read incoming buy orders and step in line ahead of them to buy and then sell a fraction of a second later for a profit. They do the same on sell orders. This allows select Wall Street firms to gouge an extra hundred million dollars a day from our mutual and pension funds. That is money stolen directly from our retirement funds.

The CIA brings heroin and cocaine into America by the plane load. They sell these drugs and illegal weapons to favored street gangs. There are 1.4 million gang members in the US. They commit 80% of our violent crime. We need to fire everyone in the Agency who has anything to do with illegal operations. We could do what we did in 1920 which was allow anyone who wanted to to buy opium. That would take a trillion dollars a year from organized crime, the Bankers, the government and cut down the size of those street gangs.

The Materials Management Service fails to adequately regulate offshore drilling. And the US Congress has still not passed a law requiring acoustic blow out preventers to protect reckless offshore drilling accidents  like the BP Horizon disaster in the Gulf of Mexico on April 20, 2010. The health of millions of people is at stake. And we are losing our food supply from the Oceans at a time we cannot afford to pay more to eat. I don’t remember anyone getting fired for taking bribes and allowing oil companies to do their own safety inspections.

The FDA has allowed Genetically Modified Organisms to be fed to human beings even though they are known to cause cancer and to expose the entire human race to extinction. By the third generation the lab animals are all sterile runts.

Flouride has been known to be poisonous to humans since 1893. It has been shown to lower IQs and to cause cancer. Yet it is allowed in our water and in food.

When Campbells soup company tried to advertise that they did not line their cans with Bisphenol A because it was an estrogen mimicker that causes cancer and makes us fat, the FDA stopped them. The FDA needs serious fumigation. Fire everyone in management.

Aspartame is known to cause cancer, obesity, seizures, diabetes, headaches, memory loss and acne. Why are there no warning labels and bans?

Polysorbate 80 is put into vaccines as an adjuvant when it is known to cause sterility. Why not let us decide if we want to be sterilized?

The FDA paid Matthew Hein of the Epicyte corporation in 2001 to splice a protein into GMO corn that causes sterility in both men and women. Why were we not asked if we thought that extinguishing the human species is a good idea?

MSG is known to cause cancer, obesity, hunger, Alzheimers, hives and brain damage. It stimulates our brains to trick us in to eating more. Poor people in America can barely afford to buy food now. Food prices are skyrocketing. Ban MSG.

We should only allow registered doctors and hospitals should do clinical trials not pharmaceutical companies. Test new and even doubtful existing drugs against home remedies. If a new diabetes drug scores no better than vitamin D3 and cinnamon, then insurers should not have to cover it.

The Federal Reserve is not a part of the federal government but they do own every politician in Washington. They printed tens of trillions of dollars they did not tell us about to bail out criminal banks in Europe and Britain. That means that when he hit the next crisis they will have no problem solving tools (i.e. Money Printing) left so we will soon face Hyperinflation. The Federal Reserve should be seized. Fractional Reserve banking which allows a bank to create $10 for every dollar on deposit should be abolished. We do need a non-interest bearing currency like President Lincoln’s Greenbacks.

The Great Society of President Lyndon Johnson was designed to fail. They created hundreds of programs and spent money but the poor are worse off than before due to government action and inaction. They paid teenage girls money to have illegitimate children instead of treating a pregnancy of 14 year-old girl as one addition to her mother’s household. There are children by the millions in America living in 3 generations of poverty, ignorance and illegitimacy. There are corresponding employees at the county and state level to administer these programs. Fire them all or almost all.

Have the IRS give a credit through their employer to any citizen who takes home less than $11 an hour. Any citizen 18 years or older should get $600 to the custodial parent for the first child and $400 for the second child. If a married couple works 40 hours a week, they will take home $22,880 a year each for a total of $45,760 for the two of them. If they have two children, they will get an additional $12,000 a year in child allowances for a total after tax family income of $57,760. That is more than the average after tax income of the average American. I would pay for this by canceling the Food Stamp program and just about every other federal, state and local welfare job. No one knows how many of these people there are. Surely more than 5 million.

We need to rationalize government. Find out what every employee’s function is. Many employees from many different Departments could be combined into a few people at one or two agencies. Food Stamp workers would be replaced by IRS computers. Those armed agents at the IRS should be fired along with those phony tax courts. Let the IRS give criminal referrals to the FBI and the Department of Justice.

Some functions and their employees need to be stopped altogether. What gives the EPA the right to harass a man in the middle of nowhere who wants to build a duck pond? We need to allow people to come forward to file complaints about the EPA and the Department of Agriculture at open public hearings. I would encourage each state to hold hearings from concerned parents whose children were taken from them by child molesters and other criminals who work for Child Protective Services. DynCorp, a known human trafficking company, is allowed for some reason to contract its employees to work at state CPS agencies. The federal government should be able to pull the charter for companies that engage in human trafficking and drug smuggling.

The one Department most people overseas and perhaps a plurality of Americans would like to see cutback is the Department of Defense.The United States has waged war against Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya and Syria based on knowingly false information. Our mercenaries killed 40,000 blacks in Libya after the war was over. We are quite literally paying Al Qaeda to kill Christians in Syria. In Syria our mercenaries have burned hundreds of churches to the ground. Some of these churches were founded in 50 A.D. They gouge out the eyes of priests and behead them. All of these wars need to stop.

I would like to start repairing America’s infrastructure. America has 1,700 dams and levees in urgent need of repair. We need to repair our bridges and our sewers and water systems. I would like to give the states a total of $100 billion a year for repairs and to build schools and other public buildings. The federal government could match that with another $100 billion. If we had a non-interest bearing currency like Lincoln’s Greenbacks, we could maintain a constant ratio of the Money Supply to Goods and Services for sale. This would produce a stable price level and allow us to spend into circulation any increase in the Money Supply which currently is $500 billion a year. I would spend $200 billion on infrastructure. A state with 2% of the population would get 2% of that hundred billion plus another $2 billion in federal grants for a total of $4 billion. I would also spend part of that $500 billion on the incomes policy so all workers take home $11 an hour.

I would also fund Worldwide Debt Cancellation using those troops who until recently were kicking in doors  overseas. Instead I would use our military to invade all of those offshore Bank Havens like the Cayman Islands, Lichtenstein and Dubai to seize the tens of trillions of dollars stolen from us and the people in foreign countries to cancel our debts and fund our pensions. We would need the list of clients and corporations from the lawyers who specialize in hiding money. The Rothschilds have a private bank in the Caribbean that could pay for the British Value Added Tax. I would ask the people of Great Britain and Europe to stop paying their Value Added Tax promising to pay the tax from foreign bank accounts. This will start an instant rebellion and recovery. The next step would be to offer their parliamentarians a cash bonus to resign. This will create instant elections and reform. I would like them to join in our systematic Worldwide Debt Cancellation to include all the nations of Africa, the Mideast, Latin America and Asia.

I would also fund US Debt Cancellation by the money held by the more than tens of thousands of government agencies listed by http://www.CAFR1.com.

If the dollar stops functioning as the world’s reserve currency, we will have to start rationalizing and streamlining our federal, state and local governments. If we fail, we will starve to death by the millions as Americans did during the Great Depression.