70% of Long-Term Immigrants Living Off Welfare

December 30, 2018 in News by RBN Staff

source: christianpatriotdaily.com

History is filled with stories of tyrants who hated their own subjects. Herod and Pharaoh are two examples who quickly come to mind for Christians. It doesn’t get much worse than killing first-born children.

But those examples were more like paranoid dictator figures. What would happen if you had an entire class of elites who hated the people they were responsible for governing? It’s difficult to imagine a more hateful policy toward your own people than mass immigration. “Let’s displace your children from their inheritance for people who’ve never bled for our soil.” Yeah, that would be the ticket.

The latest numbers from the 2014 census, analyzed by the Center for Immigration Reform, poke all sorts of holes into the lies from the mass immigration/open borders crowd. If you’ve been drinking the “immigrants are great for the economy” Kool-Aid, you might want to sit down for this: 63% of immigrant households are on welfare in America. For long-term immigrants – those who have been in the country 10 years or longer – the numbers shoot up to 70%. What kind of country would do this to its own children?

The numbers are staggering, and they include green card holders, people in the country on visas (including those disgusting H1-B American worker replacement visas) and refugees. Non-citizens are more than twice as likely as native-born Americans to be receiving food assistance and Medicaid. They’re also more likely to be receiving cash welfare than native-born Americans.

The fact that welfare rates increase the longer they are in America tells us several things. First, once they go on welfare they are likely to stay on it for life. Why work when your stupid host country pays you to not work?

Second, the anchor baby policy is in play. New green card holders are barred from many welfare programs, but as soon as they have a child on US soil, every program is suddenly available to their household.

Third, federal law has been cast aside. No immigrant is supposed to be granted a green card if they are “likely to become a public charge” at any point in the future. Either federal employees are terrible judges of character, or the Immigration and Nationality Act is simply being ignored on this point.

The Soviet Union always struggled with the implementation of socialism because it broke the social fabric, by going against basic human nature and God’s command from Genesis 3:19 that man is to work. Why should a man work hard at the factory if the bloke standing next to him never does anything, and they both get paid the same loaf of black bread at the end of the day?

America’s mass immigration and welfare-for-life policies are a mirror image of the problems the Soviet Union had. If you can trace your family history in America back to the 1600s, and your great-grandfather fought in World War I, and your grandfather in World War II, and your father in Vietnam, and you spent your tour in the Middle East in recent years, how could you feel anything but resentment to newcomers who arrive with their hands out?

The report on the 2014 census also puts the lie to the notions of the “civic nationalists,” the people who think that America is nation based on “ideas.” These are well-intentioned conservatives who look you in the eye and tell you with a straight face that a cannibal tribesman from Papua New Guinea is just as “American” as your own family, so long as he came to the country legally and earned his citizenship papers. (Spoiler alert: A piece of paper is not a man’s heart.)

Here’s the bombshell: “Naturalized citizens,” otherwise known as legal immigrants who obtain citizenship papers, are also far more likely to receive welfare than native-born Americans. Naturalized citizens in New York and Florida are even more likely to be on welfare than non-citizens (but still twice as likely as native-born households).

This is insane. Are our children really expected to pay these people to live here, from the cradle to the grave? 2 Thessalonians 3:10 reads, “If any should not work, neither should he eat.” Biblical charity is to be extended to widows and orphans – those who do not have the social safety net of a family to support them. It’s not supposed to be a federal policy that commits generational theft against our own children.